Adam and echo relationship goals

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adam and echo relationship goals

Liverpool's Adam Lallana talks about his amazing relationship with Jurgen I think he has done to everyone,” Lallana told the Liverpool Echo. Xherdan Shaqiri and Charlie Adam share a smile together while at Stoke “I was one of the only ones who helped the team with goals in I have a very good relationship with him so everything is okay.” theliverpoolecho. Adam Latham, 30, scooped up the romantic prize package after telling judges about his relationship with his "lovely Kate". The Kirkby couple.

Create New In the pilot, first thing childhoodfriends, Adam and Derby do when they met eachother is hug each other.

adam and echo relationship goals

Now Derby is not Adam's best student, but it shows they are good friends who have probably haven't seen each other in years. The first time Adam sees and meets Echohe can't stop smiling. Also, the fact that the first word he says after meeting her is her own name. Not to mention that Echo is not exactly a popular girl and Adam still fell for her anyway. Adam's attempt at a Dying Declaration of Love to Echo. The fact that as they all think they're about to die, he says: All the trouble Echo goes through to give Adam all the school experiences he never had, even though she comes off slightly psychotic on occasion.

There's also his reaction to seeing her prom set up and her dress. As well as thinking the prospect of a horse-drawn carriage ride to be quite nice. When Echo's date breaks up with her, Adam steps in to dance with her. Adam also telling Echo that the best thing about the high school experience is that he gets to spend it with her backpedals after and quickly says "you Adam and Echo's flirting in the beginning is both funny and Adorkable.

Until he becomes desperate, Adam doesn't resort to using the pheromones right away because he wants Echo to be genuinely interested in him and not rely on a chemical to do so. Seeing the two holding hands later on and barely being able to break apart when Echo agrees to go to the party for Dang with Adam later on. You just want to melt inside. Echo laughing at Adam when the moths eat his clothes and reduce him to his underwear could be interpreted as she's laughing because she finds it charming and not necessarily because it's degrading to him.

The whole episode is revealed to be Echo's dream.

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Meaning that she subconsciously knew Adam cared about her like that and had a good idea of his feelings for her, suggesting she may have feelings of her own for him. The look the two exchange at the end of the episode just brings it Up to Eleven. The episode ends when Adam turns to everyone and says "Merry Christmas everyone!

Call backed at the end of Mr. Elf when Adam uses the taser he used on Derby to turn on his electronic Christmas tree and say it again. Cue all the students letting out an "Aww! Space, Adams friends tell him they do respect him as a teacher and he agrees to quit his job at the space program. On a meta level, the interactions between Professor A. Orable Adam and Wanda Mary Adam Echo in Adam's movie starring him and Echo, though clearly over the top and cheesy are really freaking charming and moving.

The final interaction between Adam and Cyber!

adam and echo relationship goals

Since Derby designed the Cyberworld, he probably designed Cyber! Echo to have a crush on Adam. Crossed with funny, when Echo says "I'll love you forever! When he says he can introduce her to the rock star, Echo excitedly hugs Adam while thanking him incessantly. While everyone else is puzzled by Echo's poem that curb stomps littering, Adam applauds it. Echo kissing Adam on the cheek and him making up the poem inspired by her right on the spot.

Everyone else is moved to tears by Adam's poem, while Echo applauds it. Byrne to take him and Ivy to the same resort just so he can be close to Echo. Adam doing everything he can to try to find a way in where Echo has been abducted and rescue her.

Echo telling Diego that she can't be with him because she's in love with Adam. Also, the fact that it gives Adam even more confidence to go in and rescue her. Echo's Love Confession also prompts Adam to call out "Now unhand the love of my life!

Echo is also genuinely happy to see Adam when he comes to save her. Plus, the fact that of all people to say that she was in love with, she picked him over everyone else. Echo trying to hug Adam while still chained up as well. When Echo shows Adam her Lady Guinevere costume for her history project, he mistakes it for a wedding dress and rips off his clothes to reveal a tuxedo. He's prepared to marry her right there and then thinking that's what she wanted.

Echo rushed in to show Adam the dress. She was excited for him to see it. Adam trying to sabotage Echo and her partner thinking they're getting romantic is this in hindsight since her partner ended up being a jerk. When Adam enters the room in the invisibility suit, Echo sees the door open and close on its own, but just shrugs and turns away.

Her shrug is one of the most adorable things and major props to Matreya for once again displaying how well her mannerisms fit the character. When Echo starts crying after her history partner rejects her romantic advances and Adam while still in the invisible suit hands her a handkerchief. The fact that he nearly takes the suit off so he can be there for her also counts.

Derby's attempts to comfort Echo after seeing her so upset. Adam pulling the sword out of the stone for Echo, leading to their hug and Almost Kiss. After successfully negotiating the safety of Earth with the aliens, Echo asks Adam what she can do to thank him and he tells her that she knows what he wants. He takes her hands in his, they move forward for a kiss Echo hugs Adam after he says he's getting them tickets to Rock Fest.

During which, Adam also smells her hair. Also, Adam realizing that Ivy is actually fairly smart and wondering why they don't talk more. As annoying and superficial as his sister can be, he still wants a relationship with her. Had she not gotten sick, Echo would have agreed to go out with Adam.

Adam's willingness to go all throughout Echo's body in order to cure her cold. Echo shrugging when she decides to use the cotton swab and then shrugging after she comments on the oddness of seeing the wax replica Derby made of himself before throwing the swab away. Echo saying "I love Adam Young" after he touches the neurons in her brain.

You get the feeling that Ms. Zizzleswift was also saying what she knows deep down to be true too. When the planes fly by the skyscraper and the wind knocks Echo off balance, Adam catches her in his arms. In a sad way, Adam having to declare that he has no romantic feelings for Echo to keep Sasquawk from throwing her off the building. Also, Echo believing before that that Adam did actually have feelings for her.

adam and echo relationship goals

Echo going to great lengths to try to find Adam the perfect girl. Echo finally realizes that she's developing feelings for Adam and considers setting him up with her. The fact that Adam nearly set Echo up with him if not for Derby's big mouth and that finally would have ended the Unresolved Sexual Tension. In a strange way, Derby realizing he's in love with Haley Strauperson. Adam and Echo each tell the other that they hope they find the right one. The fact that after Mr.

Heart gave Adam more of a Stalker with a Crush vibe, this episode, Mr. Love Letter and Mr. First Impression proved his feelings for Echo to be truly genuine and more authentic than they'd ever been before. Slab and Tater are each so moved by the letter that they each carry a copy of it for inspiration. Derby expresses how impressed he is by the letter as well. The love letter itself speaks volumes about how Adam feels about Echo: You are my sunshine and my moonlight.

You are not only the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, you are smart, funny and have a passion for life like no one else. Fortunately Slab is Nigh Invulnerable. Kidd", Adam briefly considers killing Derby to avoid him telling Tater that he's dating Echo, but quickly decides against it. Echo also suggests poisoning people to eliminate the competition for the paintings in "Mr.

adam and echo relationship goals

Never Trust a Hair Tonic: Derby's hair tonic contained clorophyll, which somehow causes the hair to grow to absurd lengths when exposed to sunlight. Echo has a habit of inviting Adam on these, particularly in "Mr.

Switch" staked that claim too. Matchmaker", Echo says that it's possible for two people to go out and it to not be a date and that leads to Adam tricking her into going to dinner with him that night to discuss their plan for Tater and Rachel. Derby shows at times that he may likely be smarter than he constantly appears to be.

adam and echo relationship goals

Echo has a cast-iron Weirdness Censor when it comes to Adam's crush, most of the time. The few times she's shown to have picked up on it, something invariably throws her off again. Echo realizes that Adam might like her and tries to prove it. Unfortunately Adam's up to the same game Younger Man," Sydney pulls this ploy to get Echo interested in Adam. It would have worked, too, if not for the Post-Kiss Catatonia.

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Derby and Haley Strauperson at the end of Mr. Though wouldn't that technically make Adam and Echo the eventual spares that get paired in that scenario? Slab and Ivy at the end of Mr. Hutch of all people, whose parents never threw him a birthday party he was born on Halloween. Picture Day Punch-Clock Villain: When he's not bullying, Slab is actually fairly nice to Derby and the other nerds he picks on. He at many times also treats bullying like it's a job rather than actually who he is.

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All of the cast exhibit this at times, but none moreso than Derby. Real Men Wear Pink: Slab takes ballet, and his dream is to play the Prince in Swan Lake.

At the end of "Mr. First Impression," Adam and Echo are officially dating. Pretty much every guy Echo is with before she's with Adam. Slab presents his nerd-powered grape juice maker in Mr.

Moth", Echo is suggested to be subconsciously aware that Adam is interested in her when it's revealed that most of the episode is her own dream. Most people seem aware of Adam's feelings for Echo, including Ivy, but then that will change in order to have to complicate the plot of an episode. She's fully aware in "Mr. Impossible" in the lengths she goes to keep Adam from tampering with the quiz results so he'll end up with Echo but later on, in "Mr. Double Date", is no wiser for the ware when Echo begins to develop her own feelings for Adam and shares them with Ivy.

To an annoying degree in "Mr.