Afghanistan and russia relationship with ukraine

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afghanistan and russia relationship with ukraine

Mar 28, A presidential visit to Afghanistan would send Putin a clear Additionally, the geopolitical situation has changed; U.S.-Russian relations are at a low point the U.S. in other contentious hotspots, including Ukraine and Syria. May 27, Now, 26 years later, many Afghans see parallels in Ukraine's war against "By invading Afghanistan, the Russians ruined relations with the. sharply since the crisis in Ukraine to their lowest point since the end of the Cold War. While Russia already had solid relations, and engaged in regular.

But "if we hadn't fought, it would have left a heavy burden on our shoulders. Now, 26 years later, many Afghans see parallels in Ukraine's war against pro-Kremlin separatists in the country's east, and are ready to offer advice. If they don't fight Russia to the end for their country, history will condemn them. But there are notable similarities. Both are bordered by historically meddlesome neighbors.

Afghanistan To Ukraine: 'The Enemies Of Our Enemies Are Our Friends'

Both have had territory seized by Russia -- Crimea and potentially Donbas in the case of Ukraine; in the case of Afghanistan, a large swath of northwestern land claimed in an battle and absorbed into Turkmenistan. And both have fought Moscow to defend their native cultures and traditions. Our culture and language would have fallen. In Afghanistan, Soviet authorities clamped down hard on skyrocketing casualty figures in what was meant to be an easy campaign.

By the time the war ended nearly a decade later, the U. The same scenario is now playing out in Ukraine. A newly published report initiated by slain Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov asserts that Russia -- despite continued insistence by Russian President Vladimir Putin that his country is not involved in Ukraine -- has lost at least active-duty soldiers in the conflict.

High casualty numbers were among the reasons for the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan. Today in Russia the presence of Russian troops in eastern Ukraine is kept secret.

Moscow's changing role in Afghanistan's stability

Similarly, the burials of at least hundreds of Russian soldiers who have died in Ukraine have taken place secretly and the places of their deaths have not been specified. Ukrainian mujahedeen The forces of the Afghan resistance to the Soviet occupation consisted of the mujahedeen. They were poorly armed and did not exhibit great discipline, but with time they gained combat experience.

The mujahedeen conducted partisan type warfare and were noted for their fighting spirit. In Ukraine the fighters in the Donbas volunteer battalions are poorly armed as well and also sometimes have problems with military coordination or discipline.

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However, they have high enthusiasm and high morale. Both groups are fighting voluntarily. In Ukraine the volunteer movement has become widespread.

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Weapons The West and several Muslim countries supplied weapons for the Afghan mujahedeen, but generally they were not enough. The Mujahedeen were fighting with Soviet-style weapons that the U. Zbigniew Brzezinski recalled that there were secret purchases of Soviet weapons for the Mujahedeen from communist Czechoslovakia and also that the Soviet military themselves sometimes sold weapons in Afghanistan.

However, the turning point came in when the U. The US, according to Western data, supplied at least Stingers with at least missiles and, according to several sources, may have supplied as many as missiles.

afghanistan and russia relationship with ukraine

These deliveries reversed the course of the fighting. Non-lethal weapons are being supplied — mostly communication systems, drones UAVsnight vision devices and also dry rations, military boots, uniforms, etc. This would help Ukrainian forces destroy tanks, armored vehicles and other armored vehicles used by Russian and separatist forces and could radically change the situation in the war. Isolation and sanctions As a result of the invasion of Afghanistan, Soviet Moscow became isolated internationally.

Afghanistan To Ukraine: 'The Enemies Of Our Enemies Are Our Friends'

Most of the countries of the West boycotted the Summer Olympics in Moscow because of the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. The campaign in Afghanistan wore down the Soviet economy and cost it three billion dollars annually.

afghanistan and russia relationship with ukraine

As paradoxical at it may seem, there was greater cooperation in decision-making during Soviet times, and a trio of influential Politburo members supported the invasion of Afghanistan: What is specific about the current aggression against Ukraine is that decisions are now made unilaterally in the Kremlin. The only thing he waited for was the end of the Winter Olympics in Sochi before occupying Crimea and launching the war in the Donbas. Narcotics from Afghanistan and the Donbas According to many experts, the war in Afghanistan was responsible for massive drug addiction in Russia and other republics.