Akito and leila relationship advice

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akito and leila relationship advice

Leila Malcal (レイラ・マルカル, Reira Marukaru) is the deuteragonist of Code Leila's relationship with Akito can be compared to the likes of Aina Sahalin, Nina . In answer to your question, Code Geass: Akito of the Exiled (Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito) is set during the 1 year gap between the 2 Anime. Lelouch/Kallen Advice? I was overall very disappointed in the last two episodes of Akito in had some insight into the Suzaku/Lelouch relationship during that time. The director, Kazuki Akane, has compared the presence of Julius and Suzaku in Akito the Exiled to that of Amuro Ray in Zeta Gundam.

And wasn't your sister caught up in that incident? My sister became paralyzed from the waist down, but the cruelty doesn't end there; Nunnally also lost her eye sight.

I'm burdened with hatred for my father as well as sorrow due to his condescension towards those weaker than him. Akito, you and I bare a similar pain; we've both lost people we love for reasons we don't know why," Lelouch said. Leila felt a deep sense of sorrow and anger towards Britannia; their corruption that has hurt so many has even effected two children of their own royal family.

Akito started to understand. Lelouch hates Britannia just as much as Akito, despite the fact that he is a Prince Maybe not all upper class Britannians are as bad as he thought. After all, Akito sees Zero as the savior of Japan.

Leila Malcal

She's my girlfriend," Said Lelouch, as he slipped on his Zero mask. We must discuss what it is you wish to speak of. Kallen was surprised to say the least; why was Akito Hyuga, an Ashford student and now revealed to-be an E. From what I've heard, you are one of the only few actual masterminds that can help the E.

U stand a chance in its fight against Britannia," Zero stated. U military and this is my boyfriend, Lieutenant Akito Hyuga. We've come here to ask of your help," Leila said. U is losing its war with Britannia; if they capture the city of St. Petersburg, which is a major strategic military stronghold, we will certainly lose. I want to negotiate with you, Zero, the man of miracles that I've heard so much about," Leila said.

Tohdoh grunted his affirmation. Much like yours, it's agile, excellent in hand-to-hand combat, and can handle almost any situation quickly. When I say top secret, I mean that no one else besides my unit and my own superior are aware of it; in short, a couple dozen people," Leila said. Leila smiled, knowing how much good a single drop of the pink liquid is worth.

And one more thing I propose that the E. U and the Black Knights should create an alliance together," Leila suggested, earning her looks of joyful surprise from the Black Knights. What shall we call it? In reality, Lelouch wasn't expecting the Lieutenant Colonel to bring out her trump card and suggest an alliance treaty so quickly. Leila Malcal is clearly smarter than she is given credit for; Zero values such brilliant leadership.

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Akito trailed behind them as the door closed behind him. I like that lady! Zero wants it mass produced," Rakshata relayed as she studied the schematics for the new Knightmare Frame. All the scientists on her team soon got back to work after hearing what the task is. I believe, if I'm not mistaken, that the Chinese Federation sent it to us," Tohdoh said.

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Also, how come Prince Schneizel never showed up? Zero said that he might attack us in Japan for damaging Prince Clovis' memorabilia," Kallen asked. Tamaki decided to speak up. The douche bag probably pussied out after hearing how awesome my buddy Zero is.

Of course I am! Lelouch was surprised to hear this coming from his new, fearless comrade-in-arms; usually, C. C would be the one to ask such questions. Leila felt rather confused, shocked even.


How was he able to be Zero and have a child at the same time? It made no sense to Leila, who never thought about doing such a thing with her own significant other. Akito looked happy for them. C, congratulations," He said warmly. Even though we just met, I think it is beautiful to see two loving people raise their offspring together," Leila said.

akito and leila relationship advice

He is also shown to have a very twisted personality, due to his traumatizing childhood, the Geass his brother gave him, and his hatred for his brother. Akito is quite intelligent, as he assists Leila in battle planning, and uses his Geass to aid him in combat. His tactical knowledge combined with his fighting skills is one of the reasons he has survived all of his suicide missions.

He can also be very clever in terms of resolving a conflict without violence shown when he subdued Leila's step-brother and fiance Iohan.

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He is very mature for someone his age when comparing his personality with Yukiya and Ryo who are the same age as he is. But after staying with the gypsies in Warsaw, he is shown to have a softer persona and care for his comrades.

akito and leila relationship advice

Character Outline Edit Akito was born in the E. He is an E. Knightmare Pilot with a rank of lieutenant from a special force, called W-0, that consists of boys and girls from Area He is shown to be piloting the Knightmare FramesGardmare and Alexander. It appears that he may be mentally unstable, as he is shown to enjoy battle to the point of blood lust, yet he appears completely calm under normal situations.

akito and leila relationship advice

He has a lack of emotion, not tending to display or express his emotions in any way. He also mentions that he "has died before. Akito is under the effects of a Geass that he appears to control at will, allowing him to savagely kill his enemies in the battlefield.

akito and leila relationship advice

When he used Alexander to ambush and destroy a full squad of Britannian Knightmare Frames, the enemy pilots referred to him as "Hannibal's Ghost". Also, Akito claims to see the spirits of his fallen comrades, and the only reason he is still alive is to kill his older brother Shin Hyuga Shing.

Character History Edit Akito under the effects of Geass. Army's nd Regiment to escape from Narva. Akito was shown fighting the Britannian Knightmares using the Alexander. During the battle there was a red outline circling his pupils, which indicates that he had been previously Geassed. He also managed to destroy all his opponents without any difficulty and, although the military operation came out as a success, Akito turned out to be the only survivor while the rest of his comrades all ended up dead.

Following these events, he joined the retreating troops of the nd Regiment and returned to the western part of Europe. Akito was promoted to Lieutenant and then assigned to escort his superior, Leila Malcal. She also confides in him about her past and how she had felt helpless the night her parents died, as well as how even after being orphaned she was raised in a life of privilege and never learned to be independent, which is why she wants to have the power to live on her own.

After one of the dinners at the camp, she walks the Great Granny to her bed, who says she is a nice girl and offers to read her future; Leila accepts and watches as she does the reading. The Great Granny reveals that she Leila, right after her mother died met a witch in the woods that gave her a great power which she will use to save someone dear to her hinted to be Akito.

During their farewell party at the Gypsy camp, they are invited by the rest to dance with them. Akito angrily leaves the campfire, causing Leila to run after him.

Ayano tries to follow after them, but Ryo blocks her path with a knowing look on his face. In the woods, when Leila catches up to Akito, he reveals to her his fear and hatred of his brother and tells her the story of what happened the night his entire clan was killed by his brother and how he should have been dead; he then proclaims that he will return the favour and kill his brother. Leila then proceeds to hug him and tells him that she is very happy that he lived because she would not have met him otherwise, blushing when he smiles at her.

After their talk, they return to the camp and dance together, but unbeknownst to them the Great Granny was watching them sadly. Later, after they board the plane to leave Warsaw, she tells him that she's going to miss the gypsies, but he doesn't answer immediately, causing her to look away sadly.