Arrow oliver and felicity relationship goals

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arrow oliver and felicity relationship goals

The Arrwoverse has used the CW's relationship formula perfectly, and these hilarious memes prove that it might do it better than And Olicity is often said to be the cause of Arrow's downfall. 15 RELATIONSHIP GOALS. You'll be hard-pressed to find a bigger Olicity fan than Emily Bett Rickards that helps to make Olicity a perfect inspirational "goals" couple. Relationship goals Olicity. Discover ideas about Arrow Felicity. Under the Hood by HiMyNameIsNotSteve An Olicity (Oliver and Felicity from Arrow) fanfic short.

What does Felicity do? She simply listens in silence and there is nothing but empathy on her face. The very next private moment she has with Oliver she is telling him what an amazing person he is and how much she loves him.

Oliver and his son

Then they make love. This perfectly exemplifies unconditional love. Oliver slept with a woman and from that union a child was created.

For me, no life is ever a mistake no matter the circumstances. There has been no wrong done to Felicity in this situation Laurel is another story. I think every woman wants to be the one to bear the man she loves first child. It is not a deal breaker by any means. So she will love his son. The goal is to watch them navigate the challenges ahead.

Will Baby Mama pose challenges? Does it automatically equate to a love triangle? The question is HOW do I make it work?

arrow oliver and felicity relationship goals

We are so use to Oliver embracing darkness and fighting the light inside him we are programmed to expect less than honorable behavior from him. His love for Felicity and her love for Oliver has changed him. He will be embracing his light and fighting his darkness.

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It means, Oliver will be living a more honorable life. Both publically and privately. I think Oliver wants his relationship with Felicity to be different because it is different. In his past relationships, yes Oliver did lie. My guess is honesty is at the forefront because Oliver wants to be a good boyfriend. He wants to take care of Felicity. He wants to be worthy of her.

Is it possible for Oliver to make a mistake? I think out of everyone, Oliver will have the most difficulty adjusting to what being a father means. This will be new territory for Oliver and quite the emotional bomb. There is no greater love than the love a parent has for a child.

As for Olicity, I am taking a very specific viewpoint with them as we go forward. An anonymous internet comedian gave us a pretty good idea of how Iris would react to Barry assuming her identity.

arrow oliver and felicity relationship goals

Felicity went to ask Ray if she can borrow his jet. And even though, technically speaking, he broke up with her, it was Felicity who chose Oliver over him a long time ago. Barry Allen is far from being perfect. Oliver Queen now, but before she settled down, she sure got around pretty well for an awkward computer nerd. Before getting together with Oliver, Felicity kissed Barry and almost started dating him. Obviously, the blonde hacker has a thing for heroes.

As a matter of fact, Sara and Felicity had some pretty cute moments together. We got this covered.

Upon finding out that said fern died, she throws a tantrum accusing McConaughey of killing their love by letting the love fern die. In season three, Felicity bought Oliver a fern, possibly as a symbol of their love.

arrow oliver and felicity relationship goals

Could it be that the entire Olicity breakup was about Oliver not watering a stupid plant and had nothing to do with William? From the very beginning, it was clear that this show would rely on romance subplots and love triangles perhaps more than is needed in a show about superheroes. One of the love triangles we were introduced to in season one involved Oliver, Laurel and Tommy. While Oliver was surviving his five years in hell, his best friend had taken an interest in his ex-girlfriend.

However, Olicity shippers rejoiced when in episode nine Oliver finally popped the question and Felicity said yes.