Bahamas and united states relationship with china


bahamas and united states relationship with china

“Chinese tourists are critical players in the global tourism arena, and our presence tickets for Chinese citizens travelling to The Bahamas via the United States. Robert Sands, Sr. Vice President of Administration and External Relations for. Bahamas-U.S. relations should not be seen through rose-colored glasses. Still, the two countries enjoy friendly relation. The Bahamas benefits. THE $bn Chinese fishing proposal for Andros, which placed the former during the United States ambassador to the Bahamas' confirmation hearing with to the Chinese it would negatively impact US-Bahamas relations.

Rogers promised the Charge, that she would give him a briefing upon their return on September 9th. Despite deliberate attempts at ambiguity in describing the agenda for the Foreign Minister,s trip, it appears that The Bahamas will accede to a Chinese request to close their consulate in Hong Kong and open an embassy in Beijing.

Rogers claimed the China visit was simply to express gratitude for Chinese technical assistance to The Bahamas.

WIKILEAKS reveals: U.S. fears growing Chinese influence in the Bahamas |

C At a meeting with Mrs. Patricia Rogers, the Charge, inquired about the upcoming Bahamian high-level visit to China from August 22nd - September 9th. Bahamian Ambassador to Japan, Sir Sidney Poitier, is to accompany the Bahamian contingent on the Japanese segment of the trip since it is coinciding with his annual trip to Japan. Rogers laughingly noted that he was to be the "star attraction", and the rest of them, including the Foreign Minister, were merely along for the ride.

C Framing it as simply a "follow-up to an invitation", Mrs.

bahamas and united states relationship with china

Rogers attempted to minimize the significance of the official trip. But after further probing, she admitted that one of the purposes of the trip was to reassure China of The Bahamas commitment to their bilateral relationship.

bahamas and united states relationship with china

Rogers indicated that the Government felt that it needed to continue to solidify Chinese confidence due to "lingering distaste" left from the fact that The Bahamas maintained diplomatic relations with Taiwan, including permitting a Taiwanese Embassy in Nassau, until Rogers and Ambassador Leonard Archer both made a point of expressing gratitude towards the Chinese for their technical assistance in The Bahamas.

Rogers insisted a new convention center for The Bahamas.

bahamas and united states relationship with china

A Chinese offer to build a massive convention center in the Cable Beach area of New Providence Island has been widely rumored to be on the table. Rogers also mentioned that Bahamian officials were to participate in a christening and launch of one of the Clipper Group ships.

bahamas and united states relationship with china

The company, she obliquely noted, had decided to register many of its ships on the Bahamian ship registry, and this would be a reciprocal gesture of appreciation.

C When asked by the Charge, as to what the Bahamian officials had arranged with their Chinese counterparts for the visit, Mrs.

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Rogers paused and said that the visit was to be very informal and denied that any agenda of discussion topics had been agreed to. Responding to the Charge,s skepticism that a major visit beginning in only two days remained so unfocused, Mrs.

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It is important for The Bahamas to maintain close relations with China. This does not mean, however, that we should say yes to all Chinese ambitions on our archipelago. The Chinese have invested billions in this country in recent years through the Baha Mar development, a port project in Abaco and roadwork near the airport in New Providence.

The bulk of that money was invested in Baha Mar. The resort development at Cable Beach is at a standstill.

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The Bahamas expected the opening of the resort, first projected for Decemberto lift the fortunes of its residents. The unemployment rate was last measured at Furthermore, Baha Mar owes tens of millions of dollars to Bahamian businesses.

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Some of these companies are in hardship because they bet everything on this project and that money is now frozen in a dispute. Ingraham realizes how important it is to preserve the goodwill between our countries. He wrote the Chinese in the hope of doing just that.

If the bank does not some type of foreclosure will result, as Baha Mar has no more money.