Blood brothers eddie and mickey relationship marketing

Comparisons of Edwards and Mickey - GCSE English - Marked by

blood brothers eddie and mickey relationship marketing

The play 'Blood Brothers' was written by Willy Russell who really show the The area that both Eddie and Mickey live in also contrasts the difference of class. For the readers/audience of Blood brothers, we see Mickey and Eddie's friendship and as their relationship develops, we notice that they appear more alike. for GCSE English Literature about the themes of Willy Russell's Blood Brothers. In the play, the friendship between Eddie and Mickey is initially strong despite their easily and form strong relationships even if their parents don't approve.

This in turn leads to his imprisonment, depression and the desperation in which he pulls a gun on his best friend and brother.

Blood Brothers key quotations

The sense of dramatic sarcasm is a point of humour throughout the play. However, this is also a reminder of the Mrs Lyons superstitious curse, and the knowledge of knowing what is going to happen.

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In the beginning of the play, Mickey appears as a childhood hero figure for Eddie, who is in fear for Eddie as Mrs Lyons is an overprotective mother and would hate her child to act like a low class child. As the play continues, we watch their natural bond unfold, and as their relationship develops, we notice that they appear more alike. In contrast to this we see Eddie becoming the role model towards the end of the play as he holds a good job and is considerate of Linda when Mickey distances from her.

blood brothers eddie and mickey relationship marketing

We then see the brothers grow apart again as Eddie leads a good life and Mickey falls intro stress and depression. Low class, soft-hearted, good natured and easily influenced. From this absolutely bubbly kid with no care in the world, to a completely broken person.

The other Johnstone twin, who is given away by his mother, and who grows up in the privileged Lyons household, is a very proper, sheltered, self-conscious boy. In the first half of the play, his role is played almost to the point of a clever yet immature child. In a way, they both want to be like each other, but for very different reasons.

We see that Eddie has been brang up into a well-spoken, middle-class boy, whereas his twin remains a working-class hooligan. However, when Eddie returns to the Johnstone household we see a change that suggests he is going back to his roots. It is also possible to suggest that fate is working to bring the brothers back together. Mickey, the twin that was kept by Mrs. Analysis Mickey demonstrates his loyalty to his friend and sees their relationship as permanent.

Friendship is clearly very important to Mickey as he views his new friend as an extension of his family. Uneducated How is Mickey like this? Mickey is less educated that Edward.

blood brothers eddie and mickey relationship marketing

He swears and uses slang and does not know what a dictionary is. Do you know any more words like that? Yeh, I know loads of words like that.

blood brothers eddie and mickey relationship marketing

Analysis Whereas Edward knows about things like dictionaries, Mickey knows swear words and speaks with a strong Liverpudlian accent. He is more streetwise than his new friend. Evidence I thought, I thought we always stuck together. Johnstone in this extract? Lyons in this extract? Why is the narrator in this scene?

Blood Brothers: Mickey and Edward

What does he add to the atmosphere? This must be 5 months later. She is greeted by the people she owes money to. They take back the stuff she has bought on credit, despite her protests.


She invents the lie that twins secretly separately will die the day that they learn they are twins. This is directed at Mrs J and emphasises that the secret cannot be kept forever.

The mention of a rosary suggests that Mrs J is a Roman Catholic. How does the writer develop the idea of debts to be paid?

blood brothers eddie and mickey relationship marketing

How has your opinion of Mrs. What is the role of the narrator in this scene? In this section we see: Find a quotation to prove this. Why do you think this decision was made?

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Why not use a child actor? How are they similar? What is the effect of this? Why has the writer included this detail? Answer the following questions: How do his lines link to the theme of fate? Answer these questions in full: Why is it mentioned that Sammy burnt the school down?

blood brothers eddie and mickey relationship marketing

This shows it means a lot to him. His connection to Mrs. J and Mickey is stronger than he will let on and even after 7 years he will risk his whole school career rather than give up his precious photo and locket.

She is obviously going mad. He also ends up being suspended. Answer these questions in your book. They immediately become friends again. The writer also brings out the problems and anxieties of being a 14 year old boy. What is the dramatic irony in the song? How does this meeting echo their first meeting at the age of 7?