Citizen relationship management and government kenya

Functions of National Government

citizen relationship management and government kenya

Increasing Citizen Demand for Good Government in Kenya⇤ . administration of India's National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, as almost none of the Mexico, in an inverse-J shape; a relationship that does not depend on measures . Region: Nairobi. Reporting to: Head of Enterprise Client Relationship Management This position is opened to Kenyan citizens only. If you fit the required. about citizens and services, and many government organizations are using CRM (Customer. Relationship Management) solutions to deliver these capabilities.


It could increase voter awareness, which could lead to an increase in citizen participation in elections. It is convenient and cost-effective for businesses, and the public benefits by getting easy access to the most current information available without having to spend time, energy and money to get it.

E-government helps simplify processes and makes government information more easily accessible for public sector agencies and citizens. For example, the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles simplified the process of certifying driver records to be admitted in county court proceedings.

In addition to its simplicity, e-democracy services can reduce costs.

citizen relationship management and government kenya

E-democracy One goal of some e-government initiatives is greater citizen participation. Through the Internet's Web 2. Blogging and interactive surveys allow politicians or public servants to see the views of the people on any issue. Chat rooms can place citizens in real-time contact with elected officials or their office staff or provide them with the means to interact directly with public servants, allowing voters to have a direct impact and influence in their government.

These technologies can create a more transparent government, allowing voters to immediately see how and why their representatives in the capital are voting the way they are.

citizen relationship management and government kenya

This helps voters decide whom to vote for in the future or how to help the public servants become more productive. A government could theoretically move more towards a true democracy with the proper application of e-government.

Government transparency will give insight to the public on how decisions are made and hold elected officials or public servants accountable for their actions. The public could become a direct and prominent influence in government legislature to some degree.

Paperless office Proponents of e-government argue that online government services would lessen the need for hard copy paper forms. The United States government utilizes the website http: Speed, efficiency, and convenience[ edit ] E-government allows citizens to interact with computers to achieve objectives at any time and any location and eliminates the necessity for physical travel to government agents sitting behind desks and windows.

Many e-government services are available to citizens with computers and Internet access 24 hours a day and seven days a week, in contrast to bricks and mortar government offices, which tend to be only open during business hours notable exceptions are police stations and hospitalswhich are usually open 24 hours a day so that staff can deal with emergencies.

Improved accounting and record keeping can be noted through computerization, and information and forms can be easily accessed by citizens with computers and Internet access, which may enable quicker processing time for applications and find information.

On the administrative side, access to help find or retrieve files and linked information can now be stored in electronic databases versus hard copies paper copies stored in various locations. Individuals with disabilities or conditions that affect their mobility no longer have to be mobile to be active in government and can access public services in the comfort of their own homes [43] [44] as long as they have a computer and Internet and any accessibility equipment they may need.

Although Internet-based governmental programs have been criticized for lack of reliable privacy policies, studies have shown that people value prosecution of offenders over personal confidentiality. The previous concern about developments in E-government concerning technology are due to the limited use of online platforms for political reasons by citizens in local political participations. In the development of public sector or private sector portals and platforms, a system is created that benefits all constituents.

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Citizens needing to renew their vehicle registration have a convenient way to accomplish it while already engaged in meeting the regulatory inspection requirement. On behalf of a government partner, the business provides what has traditionally, and solely, managed by government and can use this service to generate profit or attract new customers.

Government agencies are relieved of the cost and complexity of having to process the transactions.

citizen relationship management and government kenya

The self-funding model creates portals that pay for themselves through convenience fees for certain e-government transactions, known as self-funding portals. Social networking services and websites are an emerging area for e-democracy.

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Proponents of e-government perceive government use of social networking as a medium to help government act more like the public it serves. National values, goals and ideology: Kenyans shall formulate and adopt a core set of national values, goals and a political ideology supportive of Visionthese will include acknowledgement of the significance of God to the Kenyan people and an affirmation of the religious, cultural and ethnic diversity of Kenyans.

It will also affirm the indivisibility of Kenya as a nation and her commitment to democracy and the rule of law. A viable political party system: Kenya aims at a political party system that will be guided by policy and ideological differences rather than region of ethnicity.

citizen relationship management and government kenya

Founding of political parties on religious, linguistic, racial, ethnic, gender, corporate or regional basis will be prohibited. All political parties will be obliged to subscribe to a legally-binding Code of Conduct.

citizen relationship management and government kenya

There will be a clear definition of circumstances under which a party may be de-registered or reinstated. The delegation of state functions to or the use of state resources by political parties will not be permitted.

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Political parties will be required to publish their manifestos before participating in elections. Public participation in governance: Kenyans shall appreciate the values of tolerance and respect for differences in opinion in a competitive society. Legislature, the Executive and Judiciary institutions are independently functioning in a manner that enhances the implementation of Vision Vision uses devolved funds to strengthen decentralization of development projects at the community level.

The agency works closely in collaboration with public and private sector, civil society and other relevant stakeholder groups. The projects are original large-scale initiatives that look beyond their immediate locality.

Flagship projects form part of the national development with complementary projects being undertaken in line with the medium-term plans, the budget outlook paper, and the medium-term expenditure framework. During the life of the Vision, strategies and action plans are expected to be systematically reviewed and adjusted every 5 years in order to respond to the changing environment. Following the expiry of the ERS in Decemberthe first part of Vision is now being implemented under the plan.

On July 23, the Ministry of Information and Communication launched the National Broadband Strategy, with the stated goal "Broadband connectivity that is always on and that delivers a minimum of 5mbps to homes and businesses for high speed access to voice, data, video and applications for development.