Darth sidious and vader relationship questions

darth sidious and vader relationship questions

The relationships of Palpatine from the Star Wars universe. When Anakin finally became Darth Vader, Palpatine finally unleashed the final phase of Darth. Isn't Vader supposed to challenge and defeat his master before he's older and weaker? When he finally kills him it's relatively easy. Doesn't. Also he kept trying to make vader get over his emotional problems so he .. I actually think life is a lot like Palpatine and Vader's relationship.

darth sidious and vader relationship questions

I learned from the mistakes of my forebears. I used those who were not Sith to achieve my aims. Darth Maul was a loss, but Darth Tyranus He was a proton torpedo.

He served his purpose and was gone It seems that Sidious "used" Tyranus to achieve his aims, and possibly we could even infer that Sidious didn't consider Tyranus a Sith if we interpret Sidious' words to be reflective of his exact intent, which I think we can.

I'm sure there is argument here, but this reply isn't the place for it. I think this portion provides a nice comparison of how Sidious compared these two apprentices of his.

  • According to Ian McDiarmid, Yes.

He says he used Tyranus, yet at the same time he says that Maul was a loss, which to me reads that Maul was more to him than an asset to be placed into service. Perhaps this is evidence that Sidious did care about Maul and possibly clarifies the Legends content.

I have no idea how to compare this to Vader. Of what I've read, the child Anakin was of immediate interest to Sidious, and he did treat Anakin in close to a paternal manner. We know that he was manipulating Anakin, though. We have Legends and Canon content that gives us both extremes or at least an appearance of polar emotions toward Vader. In some of what is available, Sidious hated Vader for getting burned and actively sought replacements, which never really worked out for him.

We also know that Sidious highly valued Vader. Sometimes they seem to genuinely refer to each other as "friend" and "old friend," but there are plenty instances when the term is sardonic in nature.

One perhaps-canon source that may be of benefit here is something that Dave Filoni and Sam Witwer said in a Hollywood dot com interview about reviving the character of Maul for the television series, The Clone Wars.

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They confirmed that what they were saying was reflective of what George Lucas wanted, hence why I said "perhaps-canon. Maybe they can survive, maybe they can amount to something.

That ultimately leads to Darth Vader. Put him out of his misery. It seems that Lucas brought back Maul so Sidious could see that there was a reason to spend time on an apparently broken apprentice; so he wouldn't leave Vader to die. Perhaps this could be understood as Sidious caring about the person more so than caring about immediately finding a replacement.


As such, Gallius Rax had the marked distinction of becoming one of the few if not the only person in the galaxy to truly be considered Palpatine's friend. Their friendship was such that it also eventually led to Rax's promotion to Admiral in the Imperial Navy. However, after the existence of Darth Sidious was revealed to the Jedi Order, Mace resolved to keep a closer eye on the Senate and by the final days of the Clone Wars, he began to realize that Palpatine was not what he seemed.

After Palpatine was revealed to be the Dark Lord of the Sith, Mace tried to kill him only to be stopped and literally disarmed by Anakin, which enabled Palpatine to kill him.

darth sidious and vader relationship questions

Yoda Yoda got along well with Palpatine. However, by the final days of the Clone Wars, Yoda began to realize that the Chancellor was not what he seemed. He decided to kill the new Emperor.

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He failed but managed to gain an insight about the Banite Sith and escape. Palpatine never bothered to look for him.

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His not looking for Yoda proved to be the mistake that would destroy him because Yoda would go on to train Luke Skywalkerwho brought about the event that would undo Darth Bane's grand plan; the return of the Jedi Knights. Obi-Wan Kenobi Obi-Wan did not think much of Palpatine even after the existence of Darth Sidious was revealed, being the first to realize that the Chancellor was too good to be true. However, Obi-Wan began to become alarmed by Palpatine's increasingly dictatorial authority.

These insights later saved his life. After Obi-Wan went into exile, Palpatine, unlike Vader, made no attempt to find him due to regarding him as not worth it.