Elijah and hayley relationship counseling

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elijah and hayley relationship counseling

"I had him and his wife for couples counseling last week, remember? "Hayley, you know that I didn't marry Elijah for his money or his family. His relationship with Buffy edged into romantic and they also had a lot Sure, we can tell ourselves that Hayley and Elijah have found each . Sarah is in pursuit of her Bachelor's Degree in Substance Abuse Counseling. But when it comes to The Originals duo Hayley and Elijah, the decision is Because as exciting as the chase of relationship may be, the.

Annabelle would claim that this was her way in which was able to express her daughter's natural glow but truly, she had other motives. I want people to look at me and not take me for a sex object. Whether I am good looking or not, I am getting into law school, for that is the only way I can be respected as a woman in this family and in this city.

I want to be strong, just like my father was.

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Eventually, Hayley found herself getting a scholarship at Harvard Law School. For some reason, she thought of it to be more as a pity gift, since the people there knew about her father's reputation and the fact that he was now gone. They offered her a chance out of pity, Hayley thought but she didn't care. She was going to prove how tough she could be as a young woman. She took the scholarship and moved away from New Orleans, getting in touch with her mom recently only for her to brag about her love life.

She had a total of 7 lovers.

elijah and hayley relationship counseling

She married 3 of them and then ended up divorcing them all. Hayley couldn't help but roll her eyes whenever her mother made her comments on the phone when she was supposed to be studying, "I was always a good mother to you!

elijah and hayley relationship counseling

And now you leave me in the hands of obnoxious and traitorous men! I never deserved this kind of treatment! I honestly can't wait until you do become a lawyer. I want you to represent me in any case I need and take down these bastards! Andrew Philips questions about the way the divorce was finalized and the way Hayley Marshall, the daughter of the late Jack Marshall had did it again and had won a very important case, among others.

Andrew Philips smiled and let out a loud laugh, grabbing Hayley by the waist and saying, "How do you think I might be feeling when I have the best lawyer in New Orleans by my side? She did a fantastic job and that company she works for should be very proud of her! Her black suit matched her perfectly as the woman asked, "How does it feel to know that you have the other lawyers of this city at your feet?

elijah and hayley relationship counseling

I think that every lawyer anticipates differently than others and has different methods of winning their cases. The only thing I can tell you is that I worked hard to be where I am now. I wouldn't call myself the best.

Elijah and Hayley

I am sure there are lawyers out there who might be able to take me down but even if they are…they're rare. Philips and the paparazzi laughed at her sass.

It has been an incredible journey and now you may rest easy knowing that you can have your life back again. Philips on their own on the streets. Marshall that you handled all of that beautifully…I adored every moment of it. The press…the judge…even my wife. The way you speak your mind amazes me. I must say that I would have won far less if I had chosen any other lawyer in this town to represent me.

You thrive in this town, just like your father before you. He was a great lawyer but I don't want to be seen as the daughter of Jack Marshall. I want to be known as Hayley Marshall. You should change your last name. I like this one. Think of how this sounds, Hayley Philips. Has a nice ring to it don't you think?

Philips, you just divorced your wife and now you are asking me to marry you? Why don't you agree to be lovers? We could make quite some magic together, sweetheart. You are beautiful, smart, sexy…" Hayley started to get annoyed and spat, "Dr. Philips, I agreed to represent you knowing that you would understand what business is. Even if the divorce has been finalized, I refuse to go out with you. Now, if you'll excuse me…" "But why not? Now, if you'll excuse me…I have to get going.

Good luck from this day forwards! Plenty of guys have hit on her and clients too, but much younger clients. Philips took the cake. This was the reason she wasn't even interested in finding a lover, just one night stands whenever she felt like she would explode with stress.

But it was strictly against her policy to start seeing and sleep with her clients. She wanted everything to be kept professional.

Looking at her watch, Hayley whispered, "Shit. She wanted to keep fit, knowing that with so many cases which had piled up on her desk, she needed a break now more than ever. Hayley Marshall stepped into the gym with her hair tied into a ponytail and her gym clothes on. Her gorgeous porcelain and flat belly was showing, but she didn't care. Taking a huge gulp from her water bottle, she headed over on the treadmill, where Cami was already waiting for her.

They really missed each other and this Friday, right before the weekend, they could finally take a break from their jobs and actually start focusing more on their lives. Camille was 28 and one of the best in her domain of couples counseling, just as her best friend was in law.

elijah and hayley relationship counseling

You were all over the TV! What happened to the gorgeous Dr. Philips you always admired? You were the one who made the suggestion to your client. You never did tell me what happened with that.

You've been stressed out, working hard and I had to deal with all the emotions of people who are on the brick of divorce. I swear that I do, but it gets tiring sometimes. I can't say it's the same type of job as yours but still…" "Any job gets tiring at some point, Cami.

We just have to know how to deal with it. Your job is to get people divorced and my job is to keep them from divorcing. So…as I was telling you about Dr. And what did you say? He has tons of money and I wouldn't be surprised if he would have sewed my company if I was rude to him in any way. As charming as he can be, this guy is dangerous. That is so disgusting. So like I said, it can get much worse, but still.

I have a strict no dating the client policy, no matter how charming or dashing he may be. Elijah is older than you, by the way. The hypocrisy shines in you today Cami Mikaelson. That's only 4 years older than me. We really had so much in common and But why are you going in the past tense? What exactly are you hiding from me? What would I be hiding? I personally don't believe in that. You should be able to know that person inside and out in order to fall in love, but anyway…the two of you got married after 3 months of dating.

That's a short time. I didn't say anything…" "Yes, you did. What exactly do you want to know about my marriage to Elijah? I simply asked if something is wrong. The two of you didn't know each other that well before your marriage and as a couple's therapist, you should know better than I do how that can affect relationships.

Why don't you trust me with this truth?

elijah and hayley relationship counseling

What's going on with you and Elijah? He has been so caught up with work and so have I…we haven't really had many moments together. So I guess he spent a lot of time searching. He didn't tell me that. Cami broke the ice by asking, "So has Elijah found an assistant for your mom? It's some girl named Katherine Pierce. Elijah tells her he's just glad she is in one piece and talks about the witches and that it is time both Hayley and Sophie are unlinked.

Rebekah then comes in and drags the dead girl behind, asking who they have to kill. After Elijah and Klaus found Sophie, they made her help Hayley and Elijah took Hayley to the pool to slow the temperature until the witch Davina unlinked Sophie and Hayley. Hayley was no longer under the spell that would've killed her child. When he arrived back at the Mikaelson mansion, he discovered Hayley was gone and called Rebekah if Hayley was with her, Klaus then came and told him that Marcel had been here.

Elijah then knew she had been abducted by Marcel. In BloodlettingElijah and Klaus confronted Marcel at one of his fight nights, where vampires would fight for the chance to get closer to Marcel's inner circle. Elijah threatened Marcel, saying that he and Klaus would kill everyone there, starting with Marcel, If he did not hand over Hayley to him.

When Marcel revealed that he hadn't taken Hayley, he allowed a witch to perform a locator spell as a show of good faith to the Original siblings.

Elijah and Klaus tracked her to a truck where Klaus recognized the scent of Tyler Lockwood. Elijah found Hayley in the woods, having escaped from Tyler and she told him that Tyler had abducted her to test a theory on her baby.

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He had discovered that her baby's blood could create hybrids, but Hayley informed him that the werewolf Tyler had turned into a hybrid had seemed sired to her rather than Klaus.

Hayley also brought up how the only reason Klaus had wanted to protect her was so he could eventually make more hybrids. However, when they found Klaus, who had fought and defeated Tyler, Klaus was furious with his brother's accusation.

Enraged by what he saw as Elijah's betrayal and jealous that he would always be seen as being lesser since he was only Elijah's half-brother, he bit Elijah with his hybrid bite, leaving him and Hayley a parting gift.

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Later, Elijah told her that the bite wouldn't kill him and Elijah realized he may have been too quick to condemn his brother. Immediately afterwards, they found a bible left at the doorstep which included a family tree side with a list of names, including a name corresponding with Hayley's birth date; Andrea.

Hayley looking after Elijah. She refused to leave him even then, when he begins to have hallucinations. Elijah quickly apologizes her for it. Hayley tries to grab by Elijah's hand but he retracts it. One moment after, he gently puts his hand over hers.

While we absolutely love Emison, there is one couple that will always remain stuck in our hearts. Maya was definitely rough around the edges and she had her fair share of issues.

But she was real. A wish we were all granted when the two women were able to overcome many of their differences. The only consolation we can take from the devastation Maya left behind is that Emily was able to be completely true to herself and find happiness with Alison. Haylijah Sure, we can tell ourselves that Hayley and Elijah have found each other again in the afterlife but we still have to admit this one was heartbreaking.

The Originals had us taking what felt like one hit after another with this ship. In fact, we may just stay in a perpetual state of denial so feel free to join us there. We fell in love with the two of them right there. Their relationship was full of obstacles and there were times it was an all-out battle just to be around each other.

But those moments where they were together had us all swooning. But we all had to suffer once again as Elijah later got his memories back and had to relive the death of Hayley through them. Klaroline Oh, our Klaroline hearts! The Originals maimed us with the loss of Haylijah and then added insult to injury with Klaroline. At first, it was a tease and then it was something we convinced ourselves was all in our heads. We told ourselves they never meant to go that route and were chasing a pipe dream.

But then we would get an evolutionary moment and our hearts would be soaring once again. Photo via The CW It was a tad on the torturous side, but we persevered through it. We found comfort in those that supported the ship as we did and the connection Klaus and Caroline had. Every moment, every word, and every look was loved by us all. These two always seemed to be chasing after each other. Was the final season a disservice to fans? We never moved on from them, regardless of their other relationships.

We went with both. It was a prime opportunity to send the show off with two couples who deserved each other, and we got neither. Gail was one of the most difficult characters on the show to get to know. She felt severe pressure from her family and always seemed to be pushing herself too hard.

When she decided to stop doing things for her parents and start doing things for herself, we all rejoiced. Photo via ABC Gail became one of our favorite characters and then she got even better when she met Holly.