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This is a list of fictional characters in the television series Chicago P.D.. The article deals with the series' main, recurring, and minor characters. Contents. 1 Main characters. Hank Voight; Antonio Dawson; Erin Lindsay; Jay Halstead . It causes a rift in his relationship with Lindsay and he moved out of their. Not even Erin Lindsay, who'd had him wrapped around her finger for the better into Brady; the girl's home, the assignment is to pose as a counselor. .. stealing a couple more kisses before disappearing to the kitchen to. "Chicago P.D." star Jesse Lee Soffer talks about Jay Halstead and Hailey Following his recent ill-fated undercover relationship with Camila, Hailey has supported Jay at work and even pushed him to get therapy for his PTSD. break -up, not to mention his earlier heartbreak after Lindsay left Chicago.

Instead; he saw it as a distraction, one he was more than happy to nip in the bud whether she'd asked for his advice on the matter or not. Because Hank Voight knew best, always; and he'd let no one tell him otherwise. Not even Erin Lindsay, who'd had him wrapped around her finger for the better part of nearly two decades now. He'd developed some sort of hero complex over the years though, one that made him feel like she had this debt to work off.

That she owed him some part of her for all he'd done and it was something he'd never seemed to have a problem reminding her of or throwing in her face from time to time.

If she'd ever really stopped to consider it, in some ways; he was no better than Bunny. Due to all of this, he'd constantly leaned on her for support and as an accomplice to his various misgivings and questionable plots and practices. She'd show up every time he'd ask her to. Regardless of what was being asked of her she'd resolve herself to do nothing less than her best, tucking her tail between her legs when she hadn't adhered perfectly to his every whim while vowing to do better next time.

It was then, when she was at her most weak, that he'd draw her in with an 'atta girl' that would keep her on the hook as it always did. It would be the constant that found her rising up to take it again next time, and every single time after that.

It was what she'd been groomed and conditioned for her entire life. She'd put herself through that process with him, her mother, and countless others throughout her decorated personal history. She'd take it from all of them, time in and time out, because above all else; Erin Lindsay craved love and validation. But now, for the first time in her entire life, she'd found someone willing to give her both; yet expected nothing in return but the same reciprocation of devoted adoration.

She'd put in her time off request for those five days she was already dreaming of spending in that cabin with Jay two days ago and she usually heard back relatively quickly, but things between her and Hank had been tense at best lately. It was because of this that when she'd gotten in to work that morning, she'd asked Platt if she'd gotten her time off approved. The older woman had made a face and said; "Huh? That request was pulled by Hank yesterday. You've been detailed to undercover.

It wasn't lost on her that this all aligned to her asking for time off for the first time in forever. Hank had rolled his eyes and scoffed when she'd mentioned the trip and had made some snide remark about how she was wasting this poor sap's time. She'd never feel the need to explain or validate her feelings for Jay to anyone, but she couldn't deny that Hank, this person she loved more than anyone else up to the point where she'd fallen for Jay, had an almost almighty affect on her in a way that would have her doubting even the surest thing.

He did want to protect this girl at all costs, he had since the moment he'd first lain eyes on her dimpled face after he'd gotten her to smile finally after the shitty circumstance she'd found herself in that had prompted their first meeting.

But, whether he knew it or not, he'd unknowingly used and abused her in many of the same ways Bunny had, even if his had been completely unintentional. But his love for Erin, strong as it was, was no match for his stubborn need to be heard, to be right, and to have his opinion held in the highest esteem. That stubbornness would have him taking a malevolent approach to the duration of their conversation.

We needed a female for the job; you're a female. Burgess is too green. We need to send someone into Brady; the girl's home, the assignment is to pose as a counselor. It's right up your alley. These girls are addicts, runaways, troubled in tortured ways Kim can't even fathom… I think you can relate to them a little better than a suburbanite and former flight attendant. He'd walk out of his office, effectively ending their conversation, and into the bull pen and she'd have no choice but to follow because he'd start to outline the details of the case.

A girl from the home had been found dead and the medical examiner would say that she'd been deceased for at least thirteen hours, but somehow, she was marked present for the morning's head count.

Erin would be going in as a counselor who would live at the home and work closely with some of the girl's who'd previously shared a dormitory with the deceased. The girl's body had contusions and sexual evidence would suggest she'd been prostituting herself. Hank wasn't exactly sure how long she'd be in there but she'd work to gather intelligence that could help them figure this all out and hopefully stop the trafficking of young women they feared Brady may have become a front for.

Adam would pose as her boyfriend and he'd bring her lunch twice during the week to check in with her, get information, and give her any they'd come privy to on the outside.

She'd be fuming when the team briefing had ended and she'd escape outside to the stairs leading up to District 21 to call him with the disappointing news. There'd be no rage or anger at her from him, only disappoint that his plans to whisk her away would be slightly delayed.

I have the entire summer and the cabin is ours when we want it. You do your thing, babe. When we have time to get up there, we'll go, no rush. And I know you are, but you really don't need to be. You're a bad ass, Erin. And you're really good at your job. You're going to have tough cases that require all your time more than just right now, I'm going to have to get used to it. I have to go and get ready to get introduced in and I won't have my phone or any way to contact you for the next few days until this case gets solved or blows up.

But… I…" The words would be tempting to say but not this was; saying them for the first time over the phone didn't seem right. The answers to the case would come to fruition on the night of the fifth day and Erin would find herself back at the district to fill out paperwork after the team had successfully come to Brady to close the case and pick up the three people, two women and one man, who were responsible for trafficking the girls out as prostitutes in exchange for favors and a cut of their money.

She'd been on an adrenaline high when she'd ridden back with Ruzek and Atwater and as soon as she'd gotten to her desk, she'd turned on her phone, which had been left there since she'd gone undercover, and she'd have just enough time to text him before Hank was summoning her into his office: He's a nice, college educated guy who is going to lead a quiet life taking his kids to soccer games on Saturdays and camping trips in Indiana. He's going to want a wife who goes to PTA meetings and takes turns hosting family Christmas parties in the foyer of his townhome… that's not your life.

That's never what you imagined for yourself. She'd ignore the rather stinging way he'd just described all of that. And what is your hang up on this any way? You don't even know this guy. Is that that problem? Are you upset he didn't come up and ask your permission to court me in some antiquated show of misogynistic bullshit?

That isn't it at all. But; this is just another of your passing fancies. Another of the things you get yourself wrapped up in and…" His eyes would study hers with an almost wickedness. You find a way to replace one addiction with another and this guy; playing house, pretending you're someone you aren't?

It's just the latest manifestation of that. I don't mean to sound harsh, kid. But, you know I'm always going to tell it like it is. This guy had been distracting you from your job whether you think he has or not. I can't have detectives in this unit who aren't one hundred percent focused on their job one thousand percent of the time. If you're more interested in shacking up with him and taking days off at a time to go away with this person you barely even know to visit Wisconsin, then by all means, go.

When you get back, we can see about reassigning you to a less demanding unit or maybe even back down to a uniform beat that will allow you time to doll yourself up for nights out at fancy restaurants and little jaunts to family cabins. There are a lot of men who promise pretty girls they can give them the moon; but very few of them can ever deliver.

In fact, he'd rise from where he'd been leaned in front of her and walk towards the door which he'd promptly open and clear his throat to let her know he was done with privacy and if she didn't want a lot of her dirty laundry aired out, she should keep her mouth shut. Her voice was louder than it should be when she stood up. You think you can control my personal life now too? Doing what's best like I always have. You have worked hard to get where you are. Lots of police officers with more experience under their belts are still killing themselves to get assigned to a unit like this.

I'm just trying to put it into perspective for you. She didn't say anything else, just looked at him with another heart stopping glare before she was storming out of his office, grabbing her shit from her desk and bolting out of there. Hank's words would be in her head as she drove out of the parking lot and she wouldn't even pretend that she was going to go anywhere but his place when she'd found herself peeling out of there.

She'd take the long way there though, because she wanted enough time to analyze and process exactly what came next. As she sat at a stop sign on a relatively abandoned street she'd find herself lost in the swarm of thoughts and feelings Hank's confrontation had left her with.

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Even though she'd had so much conviction against assigning validity to his harsh words when she'd been stood there in front of him when his office had felt more suffocating and smaller than usual, uncertainty still found her now. Was Jay her latest addiction? The newest thing she'd found to let consume her? Was it selfish of her to let him fall more and more in love with her each day when she knew there was some truth to Hank's sentiments about the things he'd want for himself that she might never be able to give him?

They echoed her own doubts, the ones she'd expressed to Jay at the very start of all this. She wasn't even sure when she'd started driving again but she'd know she had because she'd find herself pulling in front of his place and she'd made up her mind how this would play out. There was no world where she could quit this man cold turkey, ever. She'd already been without him for a week and she'd ached in all kinds of ways over it; but none of that pain was felt more strongly than the one in her heart.

Regardless of this, she'd bring herself up the stairs and she'd plan to tell him they could have tonight—she wouldn't deny either of them that pleasure; she'd never have had the resolve to any way. But, after that; they'd need to cool things off. That idea would send her up the stairs before she lost her nerve and she'd rap rather impatiently on his door to beg entrance, lest she find her resolve gone given any more time for quiet reflection over it.

Jay Halstead's Apartment It wouldn't be the time that did her in, though. It would be his soft smile as he opened the door and the way his hands had come to her face to pull her in for a hungry kiss without so much as a hello that she'd faintly recall hearing just before his lips had crashed against hers. He'd shower her with kisses and she wouldn't find it in her to stop them. His hands roamed appreciatively over her body, and each place his hands left would be tingling in the absence of his touch.

She'd take a deep breath and a quiet observation of everything; the smells from the kitchen, the sound of whatever Indie rock band he was playing on that vintage 8-track record player of his that he still bought for and played all his new music on. He'd sworn to her that music just sounded more pure when it was played from a record.

Tears would threaten in her eyes because she knew what she was about to say would completely damper the extremely tender and incredibly sweet moment they'd just shared. But before she'd find the words to do that, he'd speak again, drawing himself away from her to look at her. It should be done in…. It's lasagna… my mom's recipe! That would be what undid her resolve completely and she was done pretending that she could keep him at arm's length or that he didn't matter a thousand times more than her Unit right now despite how much she loved her job, partner, and teammates.

Erin Lindsay didn't need a man to get her the moon. All she needed was the 8-track player, the facts about Victorian flower languages, the tender kisses, the cooking of his mom's lasagna. Scratch that, he was all she needed. Jay's whole face would be aglow with the way her eyes had caused his own to light up and he'd close the space between them once again and pull her in for the most tender, slow, purposeful kiss ever exchanged by any two people it seemed.

He'd break it only when he realized he'd yet to reciprocate those words that he'd been longing to say since the very second he'd laid eyes on her it seemed now.

Her jacket would hit the floor with a thud and she'd will her shirt to follow suit; his hands would help it off and their lips would find each other again with insatiable need as they found themselves bumping clumsily into furniture and walls as they couldn't be bothered to part from one another to more easily move this to the bedroom. She'd be halfway out of her pants when the timer would go off interruptedly and he'd tug those jeans down anyway and trail his fingers over newly exposed skin with promises of to be continued.

She couldn't bare the thought of ruining this night he'd so thoughtfully put together so she'd keep the looming thoughts at bay as she let her bra become another lost item on the floor and she'd replace it with one of his t-shirts and that would be all she wore. She'd slip into the bathroom but opt to skip the shower; hoping they'd end up in there together after dinner.

But, she'd splash some water on her face, tie her hair up, and then come back out to find him with plates fixed waiting for her on his couch. However, both are made when the leader finds out that his younger brother had been seen with police, figuring out it was Jay.

He kills the brother and his men grab Jay and take off. The team desperately chase Jay when they find out something is wrong but Jay is gone by the time they get there. Intelligence is then sent a CD containing a clip of Jay being tortured.

Jay Halstead/Erin Lindsay -- Dirty Little Secret

Voight is upset to see this and a subsequent phone call sees the men ask for all of CPD's CI files in exchange for Jay's life. Ruzek immediately accepts the demands when the phone call ends and says it isn't a matter of debate, but Antonio tells him that most of the CI's are his and that he can't have their blood on his hands. Ruzek accuses him of wanting Jay dead instead but Alvin breaks up the fight. The team make fake files but the trade-off has to be by a female officer.

Alvin calls Erin and tells her about it and she wants to do it. Erin comes to the station and demands she be the one who goes, but Voight refuses to let her but she's insistent so she ends up going. She exchanges the files but first demands to see Jay, who has not been brought to the trade-off, so Erin goes with them to see him while the team watches. She goes to the house and Jay is brought in bruised and very injured.

She stays with him but the fake CI files get caught and the men are about to kill Erin and Jay but they fight back and the leader ends up getting killed by Erin. Erin returns to Intelligence afterwards. Later in the season, Lindsay and Halstead get back together. Voight, previously against relationships in Intelligence, states that he no longer cares for that policy, mainly concerned with Lindsay's well being, which he entrusts Halstead with. Season 4 In season 4, Halstead tells Lindsay "Cases come and go, bosses come and go, jobs come and go, but I don't want you to come and go" and asks her to move in with him.

They then decide to move into the apartment Lindsay already owns. Later once Lindsay and Halstead started living together they admit their love for one another. Dawson tells him that knowing the cop Jay has became made the decision easier to leave the unit. He said that he wasn't proud of the person he was in the past, and that even though Erin may think that he's moved on, he hasn't, and he needs time to sort his problems out, like his marriage to Abby.

They both avoided each other in later episodes until Jay told her they shouldn't have to act like that around each other. They remained on friendly terms later, and Jay joked about a married couple that couldn't live together without fighting and so had to live across each other and how their marriage was perfect because of it, and suggested the idea to Erin, who laughed it off.

In Army of OneBunny got back in touch with Erin. Jay told her he was suspicious of Bunny, and Erin said she would sort it out herself. However, during a case, Erin lashed out at an offender when she threatened him with a gun.

Jay wasn't happy with the arrangement, and Olinsky told him Voight should've done it long ago. Jay then asked Voigjt how long the arrangement was going to last, and Voight told him not to ask him that again if he wanted to keep his job. Later on, Erin was called to a review board. Will told him they weren't even together, and Will said now was the only time he felt it was right because she was in trouble and he should be there for her.

Will gave him the ring. He couldn't propose when he met her, and planned on doing it at Molly's that night. However, Erin had taken the job in New York and didn't go. Jay called her, and she was on her way out - she held onto his Army Tag and rejected the call, implying she wouldn't meet him before she left.

Season 5 In ReformJay has a hard time moving on with the fact that Erin has left. He is told by Voight to let it go and move on, because Erin has. During a case later on, Jay shoots a man and then finds a young girl bleeding out.

They take her to Med and Will tells them there is a chance she'll make it. However, investigation then showed that the bullet Jay shot the man with went clean through him and a door and then hit the young girl. Jay is devastated to hear this, and insists he hit a man. This is proven difficult to prove, and Jay is branded a "racist" as a video of him punching a black man goes viral.

The alderman behind it admits he doesn't know the true story, but doesn't care. This is until they finally track down the offender. Voight spends a lot of time trying to convince Jay not to worry and to go home, which he refuses to do. Jay then finds out that the young girl has died, and feels extremely guilty. Voight then takes part in a side deal with the Alderman to make sure Jay's bad image is erased, which no one else knows about. Jay then went to see the young girl's mother later that night with a necklace the girl left behind.

Later on in Season 5, Jay was shown having nightmares and impulsivity issues, which angered his partner, Hailey. However, things worsened when Jay went undercover and began dating the sister, Camila, of the man Intelligence was trying to capture.

He kept using his alias until a woman died outside a nightclub that he and Camila were at. He lied and told Voight that he was just undercover trying to get more intel, but hadn't officially put it in the books. Hailey wasn't convinced but went along. This was until plans to arrest Camila came about. Convinced that she was innocent, Jay called her and told her to leave town, even telling her he would go with her.

However, Hailey and Voight found him and convinced him to help bring her in. She was partially innocent, but her relationship with Jay would've ruined his career. Hailey convinced her to not say anything about their relationship in exchange for her freedom.

Voight then told Jay he had to go therapy sessions and was on desk-duty until further notice. He went back into the field in Captive when Kevin was kidnapped. In Chicago Fire Halstead worked undercover in a sting to take down a ruthless landlord who threatened to burn down Molly's and Game Day.

This resulted in his being shot in the shoulder, but a successful take-down. However, after he revealed he was moving to Intelligence, Dawson ended the relationship. Freddie is offended by a joke made by Herrmann and stabs him and runs off.

Jay's brother, Will, is the attending with Dr. Things go sideways when Rhodes slightly delays in treating Herrmann, leading to a complication. Severide and the rest of 51 push on getting answers, leading them to ask Jay to ask Will whether Rhodes made the right call. Jay asks Will, who tells him he personally thought that Rhodes delayed treating Herrmann.

Jay tells Severide, who calls out Rhodes in front of everyone. Rhodes is upset and figures out it was Will and they argue. Will tells Jay their discussion was confidential, to which Jay replied he never explicitly said this. Will tells him he won't make that mistake again, while Jay replies he also won't be passing on information from crime scenes to him anymore. Will was out "partying" according to Jay, who was deployed.

Jay says that unlike Will, he came home. Olivia believed Will was connected to the brutal murders of young women and saw him as a suspect because he'd been around the areas at the time. Voight, who was also not happy with the suggestion, didn't tell Jay this, who only found out after Will was ambushed by the string of questions when he was brought in to "help".

Jay was furious, extremely protective of his brother and demanded Will be taken out. Will tried to say he would help and was ready to answer the questions but Jay didn't let him, and forced him to leave and not say anything.

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In Divide UsWill had a small argument with Ninawho was feeling ignored, and Natalie, who was upset after she told Will they were more than friends and he said they were "good friends" then. Will felt like he needed to give more time to Nina, and cancelled going to a game with Jay they'd planned, so he asked Natalie to go with him.

She rejected him at first but agreed to go. He asked Will if he was okay with that, and Will looked uncomfortable with it but said it was fine. Jay saw it and said he'd tell Natalie he can't come. He tells Will he needs to sort his life out, referring to Nina and Natalie. Pat Halstead Jay wass estranged from their father, Pat Halsteadfor reasons which have yet to be revealed and had not spoken to him for almost two years, as he stated in " Get Back to Even"which changed in Generation Gap.

In Generation GapJay phoned Will to come home to where their father was. When Will got there, Jay was by their father's side, laying on the sofa watching TV. He told Jay he didn't need to call Will and he was fine, and Jay said "you missed two days of work.