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I would hope if and when Eve and Roarke become parents (and an The issue about babies arose again and Nora posted the following on Facebook: .. another pet. ot's just after the relationship between eve and roarke–. Roarke. That one name conjures to mind power, wealth, intelligence, danger, and see her become someone else's problem, then return to a normal, Laney resists, but as their relationship deepens she's tempted to reveal. Explore Vicki Otis's board "In Death with Eve and Roarke" on Pinterest. I'll preface by saying Roarke is going to be almost impossible to cast, She handled the controversy with her failed marriage really well and has remained .. We were both supporting an event focusing on health issues relating to African- Americans.

Peabody is very happy with him, but as she states to Eve once, she's fine living with him - marriage is very far off. McNab frequently refers to Peabody as "She-Body", but Peabody herself worries about her weight and, in particular, about the size of her ass. He is particularly good with computers though not as good as Roarke. Ian is also a very flashy dresser, wearing bright, spangly clothes and earrings who, in Eve's words, "prances" rather than walks.

Feeney describes him as a known candy thief, and he has been caught at least once pilfering candy bars from Eve's office. His relationship with Delia Peabody begins as a rocky one.

At first he infuriates her, and they have exchanges much like bickering children. He repeatedly calls her "She-Body", which she finds annoying. That said, their bickering masks a deep attraction which they finally act upon. They begin to date at the same time as Peabody is dating Charles Monroe. Unaware that Delia is not actually sleeping with Charles Monroe, Ian is incredibly jealous. His jealousy peaks in Betrayal in Deathand he fights with Peabody and breaks off his relationship with her.

The two are subsequently miserable for several books. After having a fight with Charles Monroe, however, in Seduction in Deathhe gets back together with her. Eventually, in Visions in DeathPeabody tells him the true nature of her relationship with Monroe. In Purity in DeathIan was temporarily paralyzed and tried to break up with Peabody to spare her being stuck with an invalid. She told him where he could put that idea and remained with him, his body waking up again shortly after.

He then confessed that he loved her, not wanting to miss the chance to tell her again. Delia does eventually tell him that she never had a romance with Charles, but not until Visions in Deathin which she enjoys Ian's suffering.

They are living together by then, in the same building as Mavis and Leonardoand have exchanged proclamations of love for each other. Detective David Baxter[ edit ] First Appearance: Vengeance in Death Another detective from Eve's division, Homicide.

A very able police officer, he begins making regular appearances in Conspiracy in Death. He was originally a member of the anti-crime division, but transferred over to Homicide well before his first appearance.

He enjoys teasing Eve about anything he can, usually relating to her relationship with Roarke and associated changes; despite this teasing Roarke views Baxter as a solid cop and easygoing person. This did not, however, prevent a short altercation between Roarke and Baxter in Conspiracy in Death: Whenever Eve has a fairly large team for a big investigation, she brings Baxter in.

He is a bachelor and is described as being good looking; however, he has not been romantically tied to any particular person. Baxter enjoys playing the field.

He is nicknamed "Horny Dog" by Eve and the other members of her unit. He admits in rare moments that he's very fond of Trueheart, often referring to him as "the kid" or "the boy. Baxter almost always referred to as such is badly stunned in the end of Survivor in Deathbut with no apparent lasting damage. Rapture in Death Chief Medical Examiner Morris is the medical examiner Eve requests on all of her high-priority cases.

He is probably of mixed race background, as he is mentioned as having 'oddly exotic almond-shaped eyes', and sports a small tattoo of the Grim Reaper on his left pectoral. He is a snazzy dresser much like a rock star; he has a long black ponytail which he often ties back with fasteners that match his clothes.

He plays the saxophone and sometimes plays gigs at various clubs.

Innocent in Death (In Death, #24) by J.D. Robb

He listens to music while performing autopsies and calls Eve his prize pupil for her quick-witted deductions. He plays a major role in 's Promises in Deathas the victim of the central case is his girlfriend Detective Amaryllis Coltraine. Morris also reveals that he had an older brother named Jin, who died when he was a boy and whose death led to his choice of profession.

Minor characters[ edit ] Consists of characters who typically play small roles and will go many books without occurring again; however, they may play larger roles on the rare occasion. Listed in order of appearance.

Roarke's Relationship With Eve

Naked in Death Charles is a licensed companion LC who is good friends with the first victim of the series, another LC. Eve is friends with him, although she mostly disapproves of his profession - in turn, he doesn't approve of hers. He starts dating Delia Peabody in Holiday in Deathbut after a very short time they quickly become good friends.

However, Delia doesn't tell anyone about their friendship and for several books, all other characters think they are in a sexual relationship. Louise Dimatto and immediately falls in love with her. She has no problem with his profession and the two eventually move in together. Charles served as an informal sort of consultant in the same book. In Strangers in DeathCharles decides to retire as an LC and instead decides to start a career as a sex therapist.

He also asks Louise to marry him and she accepts. They marry in Kindred in Death in the grounds of Eve and Roarke's house, with Eve and Roarke as a bridal attendant and best man, respectively. Naked in Death Eve's third victim in "Naked in Death" is the owner of a cat.

As her family does not want to keep the cat, Eve takes him into custody.

eve and roarke relationship problems

She keeps him in her apartment, without knowing his name. When the murderer of the book has Eve at gunpoint in her apartment, the cat brushes past his leg, distracting him and giving Eve the leverage she needs to fight back. Eve thus names the cat "Galahad", after the Arthurian knightbecause he was her "knight in shining armor". He does something similar in New York to Dallas. The cat is Eve's, Roarke's, and Summerset's pet: On occasion, Eve has had bad dreams from which she wakes up to find Galahad trying to wake and comfort her.

On other occasions when Eve falls dead asleep, Galahad sits on her butt. When Nixie, the title character from Survivor in Deathstays at their home, she stays mostly with Galahad, as he comforts her. Eve mentions later in Memory in Death that the cat has been neutered. The cat makes minor appearances in almost every book. He is described as a fat, heavy and lazy gray cat with dual colored eyes, one green and one gold. Roarke gave Eve a stuffed toy which is a smaller replica of Galahad, because she had never had a doll.

Galahad was initially unsure of it but now Eve has returned to the house to find that Galahad has been playing with the toy, a fact she finds slightly disturbing. Naked in Deathbut her first name is revealed in Glory in Death Anna Whitney is the commander's wife; unlike her husband, she is whitealthough their interracial marriage has never been explicitly pointed out. They have several children together.

Anna mostly terrifies Eve because she is extremely put together, an extremely efficient hostess, and combined with her marriage to the commander, can highly intimidate Eve as well. That said, she is to all appearances a devoted wife and mother. In Glory, Eve finds out that she has given large amounts of cash to the top suspect because he was in gambling debt. In Origin in DeathCommander Whitney specifically calls Eve because his wife has asked him to ask her to keep her plastic surgery details out of the case, a request with which Eve has no difficulty complying.

Anna Whitney however understands being a cop's wife and in several books, excels at supporting and comforting the spouses and families of cops who have been killed or have lost family members.

In Kindred in Death she fulfills this role and also states that, whilst she finds Eve difficult and abrasive at times, she respects her abilities and would have used every influence she had with Commander Whitney to have Eve assigned to the investigation had the father of the victim not already requested her. Caroline Ewing Caro [ edit ] First Appearance: Naked in Death Roarke's administrator, nicknamed Caro; she is his right hand at his company.

Caro is an extremely efficient and capable woman; the only time she asks Roarke for his help is in Divided in Deathwhen her daughter is framed for murder. Other than that, she serves as his assistant, appearing briefly in many of the books.

Richard and Elizabeth were unaware that Sharon had been molested regularly as a child by her grandfather, nor did they know that Richard's sister had suffered similarly.

In Vengeance in DeathEve is delivered a message from the killer via a very young boy with a cat, who is abused by his mother and spends his time out on the streets. Roarke finds this information out, and arranges with Child Protective Services for the boy to be placed with Richard and Elizabeth.

They eventually adopt him. They are seen again in Survivor in Death when Nixie Swisher's guardians refuse to take her in, following the deaths of Nixie's family and their daughter As Nixie's only remaining relatives are unsuitable or do not want to accept custody of her, Roarke and Eve again contact the DeBlasses, who come to talk to Nixie and then take her into their custody. They are accompanied by the little boy from Vengeance. In Kindred in DeathRoarke reports that Nixie is settling in well.

They return in Thankless in Death as guests at Thanksgiving and at Eve and Roarke's award ceremony, where Nixie tells Eve that she is thankful for her, as she found justice for her family. Wilson Buckley Crack [ edit ] First Appearance: Glory in Death The owner and proprietor of a club known as the "Down and Dirty": His nickname comes from the sound that heads make when he rams them together. He becomes friends with Eve after initially mistaking her for a potential stripper. He is described as being very dark-skinned and large in stature, with a face that a mother would have trouble loving.

He tends to favor a loincloth type dress, and silver clothing. After some initial meetings where she would pay him for information in both Glory and Immortalhe occasionally helps her out by letting her have private meetings with other cops, informants, and Nadine Furst in his club's back rooms.

He typically refers to her affectionately as "skinny white girl. After this, Crack says that she will never pay him for another favor again Origin in Death. Eve seems just as fond of him as he is of her, and invites him for Thanksgiving with her and Roarke. Eve's bachelorette party is at Crack's club in Immortal in Death. Chief Harrison Tibble[ edit ] First Appearance: Glory in Death The new Chief of Police in his first appearance, replacing Chief Simpson who he referred to as a "corrupt, pie-faced fucker"Tibble is a thirty-year veteran who rose through the ranks with Commander Whitney.

A huge man, standing around 6"6' and weighing around lbs, he is well respected both by his officers and also by politicians and journalists. He implicitly trusts his contemporaries like Whitney and Feeneyand shares their opinion of Dallas. Eve respects and admires him, and also secretly admits to being a little afraid of him. Immortal in Death Leonardo is a famous clothing designer and Mavis's husband, marrying her in Born in Death shortly before she delivers their daughter, Bella Eve.

He is an enormous man 6' 5" according to Immortal in Deathpossesses Native American heritage, detests violence and is very peaceful. In Conspiracy in Death he is described as having the spirit of a seven-year-old boy on the first day of school.

They currently live together in Eve's old apartment. He designed Eve's wedding dress; Eve is very fond of him and approves of him as a good match for Mavis. Immortal in Death Trina is a beauty technician introduced as a friend of Mavis's and Leonardo to assist with Eve's wedding preparations. She later promises Eve free consultations for the rest of her life when she clears Mavis of murder. The only consistent description of Trina is that she has impressive breasts, as much like Mavis she changes her appearance in almost every scene, never mind book.

She appears to stand alongside Anna Whitney as one of the very few people Eve is scared of, as Trina considers Eve's hair to be "hers" once she's worked on it, and has more than once given Eve a temporary tattoo for cutting her own hair. Mavis and Peabody also take great delight in forcing Eve into treatments. Eve does accept that Trina always makes her look like herself, and has at times used her as an expert consultant with suspects who use disguises or enhancements.

Trina's reputation is such that she works at high-profile fashion events, for Nadine Furst on her "Now" show and for Roarke at his high-end salon. He has an egg shaped head and thinning black hair as well as spider-like fingers. He is not above, and indeed often seems to expect, bribery in exchange for quick lab work. This, and his somewhat oily personality contribute to his unaffectionate nickname. Nonetheless he is highly respected for the quality of his work, and is fiercely loyal to his staff, a trait he shares with Eve.

He appears, albeit briefly, in most books after his first appearance.

Innocent in Death

James Jamie Lingstrom[ edit ] First Appearance: Ceremony in Death Jamie shows up as the grandson and brother of one of the victims in the book; he's a teenager who attempts to break into Eve and Roarke's home in order to express to them his desire to find the truth about what happened to his family.

His computer skills are such that he surprisingly passed over the highly secure perimeter and into the yard, though Roarke quickly catches him. Much to Roarke's annoyance, he sneaked over the garden wall with the help of a modified portable gaming system, one that Roarke in fact manufactures. He hero-worships both Eve and Roarke. In the end of Ceremony in DeathJamie kills the murderer of his sister with an athame ; Eve takes the blame and pretends she did it in order to spare him from a murder trial.

In Purity in DeathRoarke brings him in as a technical assistant due to his very good computer and programming skills.

He makes another appearance in Kindred in Death: Vengeance in Death Kelly is an old friend of Roarke's from his childhood and adolescence in Dublin. He and Roarke reconnect when Roarke returns to Ireland for the wake of one of the murder victims, and is now the owner of The Penny Pig, a pub that Roarke used to frequent.

He still has connections with people that will no longer talk to Roarke now that he is married to a cop, and so is occasionally asked to unofficially assist with investigations. He is fond of embarrassing Roarke with stories from their past, and frequently tells Eve that he will be waiting for her when she comes to her senses and leaves Roarke. Conspiracy in Death The most naive character in the series; like his name, he is a young, honest, innocent, and enthusiastic young officer in Witness in Death he thanks Eve for giving him the mission of standing outside in the cold all night long.

He has a single mother whom he loves very much, and who makes a brief appearance in Witness in Death when he is badly injured by other police officers while chasing a suspect. It is also mentioned in this book that he is twenty-two. But oh, you say, people have babies all the time! They adjust their lives, they make it work.

It would be so funny to see her trying to cope with a baby! For a scene or two. I have to think of the big picture here. Consider the soap opera a moment.

eve and roarke relationship problems

We have baby time for a few episodes. Think about it, how could they show all the latest fashion if the star has a maya wrap ring sling around here with a drooling baby… Not going to happen.

Also consider the structure of the series, the timelines. Each book normally takes a handful of days in book time, and the next book closely follows. How many of you are really interested in reading about a pregnant Eve for the next few years?

Yes, I could zip through those months of gestation. Not interested in doing that either. So, no babies, not now. No charming orphans of any age. No pregnancy scares, no miscarriages, no foundlings, no street-wise kid who needs a good home. Did I leave anything out? If so, fill it in, then answer no. Now onto the kindly grandmother. One of the main elements, for me, of the series is how Eve made herself. She came from monsters, yet she made herself courageous, strong, decent.