Feng shui love and relationship area of rectangles

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feng shui love and relationship area of rectangles

Feng Shui Love / Relationships / Marriage -Umbrella Moreover, don't have anything cold in your bedroom or relationship corner, either figuratively or literally . You can have pink heart shapes, wall paint, carpet, accent pieces, etc. I am not. Feng Shui Q & A: Missing The Love Area Of My Home! attached floor plan of my apartment, the love and marriage sector is vastly missing. THIS will get you started) Unless you live in a perfect square or rectangle, there. Feng Shui Your Missing Love & Marriage Area strong metal, water and wood element shapes in your Love area feng shui decor and cures.

It can also cause problems for all members of the household since another person's bad mood affects everyone.

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If a person's energy level is compromised, or sickness or disease is already present in the body, then the effects of long term projecting sharp energy could be more debilitating. As you can see from the graph, a projecting sharp corner can be anywhere inside your home or any section of your bagua feng shui map.

It can be caused by different circumstances. If it is rounded off, then there is no problem. It's only a problem when it's pointedly sharp. Look around your home. There are probably some sharp corners that you have never taken notice of.

Be sure not to sit for long with a sharp corner pointing directly at you.

feng shui love and relationship area of rectangles

Once the bed is positioned harmoniously, consider the bed itself. Does the mattress get turned regularly?

Feng Shui Relationships / Love / Marriage

Is the mattress, frame or ensemble in good condition? Think back to where you got the bed.

Feng Shui For Love, Relationship, Marriage & Romance: How To Attract Passionate Love

When you think about the energy of its arrival, does it sit well with you? Now consider the bed coverings. Are the sheets comfortable?

Relationship Area

Is the doona warm enough for the weather? Are the pillows supportive and plentiful? Cushions and pillows enhance romance.

Since the bed is the feature of the love room, clutter underneath is particularly detrimental to relationships. Are the colours inviting and to your taste?

Lillian Too advises the NW and SW sectors should be well-lit, uncluttered, and attractively decorated. A well-appointed NW will support the yang energy husband of the home. A toilet in this corner is highly inauspicious and should be moved.

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If it can't be moved, hang a wind chime made of six hollow metal rods outside the toilet area. If the breadwinner's kua number places the NW as an auspicious location, this overrules the negative aspects.

If possible, open up storage area as part of another room. Chi energy stagnates in storage areas and not an auspicious room for the NW. L-shaped and other irregular shaped homes are typical examples of missing corners.

feng shui love and relationship area of rectangles

In other words, if a home isn't a square or rectangle shape, it will have missing corners. The only missing corner exception is a step construction three or more segments. For example, when the NW corner is missing, so is the husband. The causes can be abnormally long working hours or infidelity.

feng shui love and relationship area of rectangles

The biggest danger is he could leave the family and begin another one.