France and nigeria relationship gone

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france and nigeria relationship gone

As improved France-Nigerian diplomatic relations spurred trade “Thirty- seven per cent of France’s billion Euros aid goes to. France-Nigerian diplomatic relations are improving by the day which brought " Thirty-seven per cent of France's billion Euros aid goes to. Pages in category "France–Nigeria relations". The following 4 pages are in this category, out of 4 total. This list may not reflect recent changes (learn more).

Then, after graduation, France offers excellent opportunities for her alumni to relate and therefore benefit their future career. We live in a world that has come closer as a result of globalisation and technologies.

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Nigeria is surrounded by French-speaking countries. We believe that a critical number of staff trained in France will support our internationalisation plans. French is the major language of diplomacy and we see important advantages in FUNAI as a centre of excellence.

france and nigeria relationship gone

We believe that we are emerging as a noted place for the study of French Language in Nigeria. Despite our young age, we rank among universities with the most robust collection of French literature and books in Nigeria and we have plans to establish a French Village here in FUNAI," the VC stated. While it is obvious that FUNAI is laying the foundation for a green campus that is able to contribute to climate change adaptation and mitigation, over 5, trees have been planted in the last one year and currently all street lights on the FUNAI campus are solar-powered.

The management of the institution had decided to make all new development green-compliant. The visit of the French Ambassador to FUNAI did not only capture agreement in education, it also gave the opportunity for the ambassador to highlight other achievements in the area of trade and economic policy of the French Government.

France-Nigerian diplomatic relations are improving by the day which brought trade increase between the two friendly countries to amount to over N billion 1. Efforts are also being made to develop more economic exchanges to the benefit of both nations. But relations sharply nosedived in when the Nigerian government accused France of deploying troops into the Bakassi peninsula to take command of Cameroonian forces during a period of heightened tension between Nigeria and Cameroon.

What France means to Nigeria

A claim French authorities vehemently denied. Geopolitical Rivals No More Franco-Nigerian relations have however significantly improved in the past decade and a half.

Bilateral relations are now marked by pragmatic cooperation. Nigeria and France are geopolitical rivals no more. The French troops spread across five countries in the Sahel — as part of operation Barkhane — are what stand between Nigeria and the chaos in Libya. They are also what keeps Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb at bay.

Nigeria and France: Geopolitical Rivals No More

French intervention in the Central African Republic in December saved that country from collapsing into genocidal bloodshed. The humanitarian and security crisis that would have spawned from uncontrolled chaos in CAR would have undoubtedly strained Cameroonian and Chadian resources to breaking point, and inevitably impacted on their ability to meaningfully take on Boko Haram. The past few years has witnessed a remarkable rapprochement and an unprecedented alignment of views on regional security.

We then extended our efforts to the whole Sahelian countries, which is built on the same model as the Multilateral Joint Taskforce to combat Boko Haram. Our soldiers were overwhelmed, our neighbours were not cooperating, and the Western nations did not intervene. That was when France rose to the occasion. Then President Francois Hollande hosted the regional summit on security in Paris inwhich brought together then President Goodluck Jonathan, and his counterparts from Benin, Cameroon, Niger and Chad.

They pledged to share intelligence and co-ordinate action against the terror sect, which defined the later successes gained by the Nigerian Army over the insurgents.

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Back to the Lagos BRT. The mega city and former Nigerian capital territory is estimated to have close to a 22 million inhabitants. It is the most densely populated city in sub-Saharan Africa; and therefore had set out to reduce congestion in the city, which affects both the quality of life of its residents and the economy, by launching a BRT system — a first operational example of an integrated and coherent approach to improving public transport in sub-Saharan Africa.

The infrastructure deficit is made manifest in the fact that Lagos, with an annual growth rate of six per cent has an infrastructure network and transport services sized for a city of about six million inhabitants that is, its population in the s. Diversify the economy and improve competitiveness; and Promote sustainable cities. Yet, that is not what I think is at the core of the French legacy for Nigeria.

france and nigeria relationship gone

To me what we can take from them are beyond funds and technology. It is courage and vision — a determination to be a regional fulcrum of strength, against all odds.

France does not have the kind of financial backup that would easily enable it transit to a cleaner energy in the stipulated time.