Gintoki and kagura relationship memes

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gintoki and kagura relationship memes

Kamui is a male character from the anime called Gintama, Kamui may have loved Kagura And Kouka but he hated his father. I also want Kamui to repair his relationship with his father. . Just give some gintama memes. Kagura (神楽, Kagura) is a member of the Yorozuya and the main female protagonist Their relationship seems to be of a "father/daughter" or "older brother/little Quotes. (To Inoue) "I like to fight. That's the Yato instinct, I can't go against it. Explore Chumma T's board "Gintoki and Kagura" on Pinterest. | See more See more. Gintoki & Kagura Image Boards, Manga Anime, Love, Samurai, Funny Memes, . The best father and daughter relationship i've seen so far in an anime.

Kamui really loves for his mother and sister even if he doesn't show it.

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The love he had for them was something he should have had held very deeply and no matter what should he had abandoned them. Love is the ultimate power that everyone should know.

gintoki and kagura relationship memes

Love can make you want to protect, betrayal Kamui may have loved Kagura And Kouka but he hated his father. He put the blame of his Mother's illness on his father.

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Because of that he challenged Umibouzu to a fight so he could prove that he is strong enough. In that fight Kamui manages to torn off Umibouzu's hand while the old man giving in to his instincts almost killed Kamui. But before Umibouzu could kill Kamui Kagura stepped in.

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She pleaded her Dad not to kill her brother. That particular doing of Kagura shows exactly what kind of bond they shared. Kamui would always protect Kagura while Kagura would always protect Kamui. And that broke the relationship they had. It's easy how simple words and little acts can break a bond so strong that it would take it years to be repaired.

gintoki and kagura relationship memes

Many years have past since the death of Kouka, the baldness of Umibouzo and that faithful day when Kamui left Kagura. In the present he sees Kagura as a weakling.

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He tries to kill her. He doesn't know how much stronger she actually is. And that she might be stronger then him. Now don't get too triggered I will explain what I mean. Kamui may be strong in physical way but mentally he is still a child. He has isolated himself from his family while Kagura has been with her 'family' for long time.

Let me just say this first: He will beat the crap out of you if you take away his dessert, will always make cheeky quips, and will do anything for money.

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However, he cares about his comrades. In this instance, Gintoki sacrifices his comfort in his own home to get back Sadaharu from the prince, and allow Kagura to keep him in their abode. Sadaharu serves as a family member to her, but Kagura does have living family. After all, Kagura only began working at Yorozuya in order to get enough money to get a ticket home. Her goal is right in front of her. However, Kagura finds that after spending so much time with Gintoki and their other teammate Shinpachi, she has in fact made a new family that is always there for her.

gintoki and kagura relationship memes

And, in the latest episode of Gintama, Kagura supposedly finds a boyfriend. Said boyfriend is a hideous Amanto prince. Just like her father, he is obviously not happy about her getting a boyfriend, and does not want to let her go.

Gintama Relations

He reluctantly allows her to go on a date, tears of blood falling down his face trying to force a smile. It can be said that Gintoki is like a father figure to Kagura, since her own father is never around.

However, because they are closer in age, Kagura is able to relate to him on a closer level, leading some to compare the two to a brother and sister.

gintoki and kagura relationship memes

Gintoki knows more about Kagura than anyone, even her own father. The two have a level of understanding that crosses family.