Gohan and pan relationship tips

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gohan and pan relationship tips

Gohan decided that he wanted train Pan himself to make their Trunks had confessed his love for her and they started a relationship. Videl gave her a few tips that helped her land a few punches and kicks but Gohan was. (Vìdeo) Aprenda a desenhar seu personagem favorito agora, clique na foto e saiba como! dragon_ball_z dragon_ball_z_shin_budokai dragon ball z budokai . Gohan & Pan Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Akira, Dbz Gohan, Goku And .. didnt know about Trunks background, they always had some kind of connection Dragon.

They only say two figures but could see the one was Trunks. They looked over at the other figure, she had nice jet black hair, with a figure that any girl would die for. The thing that made them mad was she also had nice big boobs and they had size like b 38 when she had like a D 38, and all of it was real.

The girls walked back to Bra's room and went to sleep. Marron and Bra set it up so they could tell Pan whats been happening and that they wanted her to join there plan. The three girls walked in to the coffee shop sat down and each got one cup of coffee. But before Bra could answer Marron did "Trunks has been screwing some hoe for the pass week every night.

Pan froze 'How do they know? Marron answered Pan's question "Find out who Trunks is screwing and my favorite plan get Trunks and Marron together. She walked into a ally and flew to a waterfall her and Trunks always go to for peace. On her way there she was crying.

Pan reached the waterfall to see Trunks sitting on a rock a little bit away.


He heard something so he turned around, his world shattered, just seeing Pan cry was enough to make him mad. Trunks ran over to Pan and sat in the grass with her calming her down, when she was not crying anymore he decided to ask what was wrong.

Why where you crying? I hate seeing you cry. I'm sorry i just don't want to lose you. Trunks ran his fingers though her hair, that always calmed her down. A few minutes later Pan walked in Bra's room and sat on the bed. Marron asked her "Pan why did you run of like that? I never knew you had a crush on Trunks. While Pan went across the hall into Trunks room. Pan got in the bed and tried to start a conversation- Pan- "Hey, babe. Pan- "Trunks, its hard to be away from you, its like my heart hurts.

I would do anything for you Panny. Not one of your sisters plans have ever failed. Marron walked in small shorts and a half a shirt. I'm trying to sleep.

gohan and pan relationship tips

And your the only other person. Trunks- "Pan you can come up now. Pan- "Are you tired? Cause I'm the total opposite. He walked down the hall and opened his door, Vegeta looked over to Trunks bed to see a naked Pan along with Trunks that was also naked. Vegeta's jaw dropped 'I can't believe my own Son would have a secret relationship and not tell me. Trunks and Pan sutured around the Trunks sat up and looked at the door, he saw his father.

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Trunks quickly pulled the covers over there naked bodies and looked at his father again. Pan and Trunks got ready and went downstairs and into the gravity room. They walked in, Vegeta got off the wall and walked towards them, between them and shut the door. Pan and Trunks went inside, that party was already started. Technically they are also royalty, as Gohan and Goten's grandfather and Pan's great-grandfather The Ox King is, well, a king.

That makes Gohan and Goten princes and Pan a princess. Not that the royalty of Fire Mountain is that important, so score this one for Vegeta's family. In your face Kakarot! Now fetch me a glass. So often they look younger than what they really are because of art styles and this is especially true in DBZ what with Saiyan lifespans being longer than humans and all that. This case is especially evident in the case of Trunks.

For the most part, Trunks looks the same in Dragon Ball Super than what he did in the Cell Saga, aside from his clothes. In reality, he is 31 years old! Born in Age and it being AgeTrunks is now a full adult! We get that he shouldn't have grey hair or anything like that, but it is worth noting that he is oldest Saiyan child in the franchise. He's even older than Gohan!

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We see an android who gains energy from eating people through a giant vacuum-like tail, a pink blob monster as old as time who can absorb people through his very flesh, and a snake who is a princess that lures men off a giant road located above Hell. All that is okay, but apparently, the bottom of a kid is too much. When Vegeta fights off the Great Ape form of Gohan in the Saiyan saga, the battle ends with the monkey boy crushing the Prince with his mighty ape form.

In the original Japanese version of the show, Gohan is appropriately unclothed, because unlike the Incredible Hulk, Dragon Ball Z's clothes obey logic. Not in some of the English dubs, though, as some of them cover up Gohan's baby booty with a piece of blue fabric from Vegeta's clothes.

It just would have been more obvious if Chi-Chi got her way in naming her child. In the DBZ episode "Memories of Gohan," the Son family and friends are celebrating Gohan's 11th birthday when we see a flashback to Gohan when he was a toddler. This was still before he was given a name by his parents so Chi-Chi attempts to name the child Einstein.

Unfortunately for her, Gohan cries at that name. His grandpa the Ox King tries to name him, but that doesn't go well either. Only when Goku suggests the name Gohan after his adoptive father that Gohan is happy.

Gohan (Extended Universe)

That's why it's funny to some of us when we get afraid of bees, spiders, or other creatures that we are clearly much stronger than. It's illogical, but we fall for it anyway. It seems this also carries over to Saiyan children who can destroy planets.

It isn't picked up upon anywhere else in the franchise but is fun to think about anyway.

gohan and pan relationship tips

Trunks tells Goten that "I have a problem with dogs. Now I have a desire to see a husky go Super Saiyan. Darn you, Bio Broly! Not only was he pushed relentlessly by his mother to become a great scholar, but when he wasn't hitting the books he was hitting his uncle, alien despots, or artificial life forms square in their stupid faces.

Because of this, Gohan never really had the chance to make friends with people outside of the Z-Fighters. When he goes to high school, Gohan is obviously socially awkward due to his upbringing. Heck, his relationship to Videl was antagonistic at the start and only got better when Videl blackmailed Gohan into giving her what she wanted.

gohan and pan relationship tips

Maybe Gohan would have done better if he actually met anybody his age before high school! Imagine having to experience that. No wonder why Gohan fell for the first girl who looked at him aside from Bulma and Chi-Chi. Vegeta, Yamcha, and Master Roshi are all seen as "heroes" by us the audience but they couldn't be described as pure of heart for various reasons. Gohan is one of the few characters in the series that has been irrefutably proven to be pure of heart.

I doubt Vegeta's kids are pure anything. This can be seen via two pieces of evidence.

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The first is in the Saiyan Saga when he bounces back the spirit bomb from his father Goku. That was when he was a young child though so that isn't really impressive. However, he is seen riding the Nimbus Cloud when he is an adult. Going through all the stuff he did and still being pure of heart shows how awesome Gohan really is.

They usually just gorge on anything in sight, leading to giant muscles and even bigger grocery bills.

Goten is an exception to this rule, however. Perhaps it's because he had a more "normal" upbringing than either his father or brother, but this Saiyan child knows what he likes and it's something very simple and cheap.

It's called Pocky, a snack in Japan, but can be found in North America as well.