Hitsugaya and hinamori relationship quotes

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hitsugaya and hinamori relationship quotes

incorrect-bleach-quotes Momo and Toshiro This is one of the strongest relationships in this list and will stay one of my favorites for years to come,. 6. Shizuo. So lets discuss hitsugaya and hinamori's relationship, together. I think right now their relationship is kind of brother-sister. It seems like they. Toushirou Hitsugaya and Momo Hinamori must be vacationing on the island Gin and Matsumoto Bleach Art, Bleach Manga, Avatar Manga, Bleach Quotes.

Meanwhile, Ichigo, who is known for his desire to protect everyone, is usually primarily focused on one or two people— Rukia Kuchiki and Orihime Inoue. I think it is hard to read Bleach and not think Hitsugaya fosters some romantic feelings for Hinamori. She is his driving force, his reason to become stronger.

hitsugaya and hinamori relationship quotes

It is with Hinamori that we first see, in the manga, Hitsugaya smiling. He is softer with her, more gentle and relaxed, than with anyone else. Yes, yes, yes can these things be because she is his friend. However, that is not usually how Kubo writes.

When Matsumoto is in danger a character who is arguably just as close to Hitsugaya as Hinamori we never see Hitsugaya go ballistic. He shows concern, and later against the Quincies, horror, but he never loses it. No other character has been shown to make Hitsugaya completely lose his cool facade in battle. Also note that Aizen, who is the puppet-master of Bleach, constantly uses Hinamori to get at Hitsugaya.

He does not select a single other character to use against the 10th Division captain. He uses Hinamori to blind Hitsugaya from the underground proceedings and later, uses her to completely demoralize and destabilize him as well. He does, you can note, use this tactic on another person. He kidnaps Orihime so that Ichigo will leave Karakura Town undefended.

The correlation between the two acts is huge. The parallel between the two pairings is a strong indicator of how Kubo writes romance; the boy is willing to do anything to protect and save the girl and refuses to give up on her no matter what. I feel like this negates, to a point, the sibling-like relationship that many people imagine for them.

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They are even his initial reason to fight. However, when Ichigo rushes off to a fight or situation not directly involving them, he rarely reflects back to them at all. Out of sight and out of trouble means out of mind.

He is just not consumed with their well-being. They start off being his reason to fight but eventually his reason comes to be all of his nakama, especially Orihime.

Not Rukia simply because when he does show concern for her in battle, Renji scolds him and says that to want to protect a warrior in battle is an insult to that warrior. Another canon couple that the two are remarkably similar to is Renji and Rukia. Childhood friends, slightly estranged after their induction into Soul Society, with the guy seeming to pine over the girl. Renji and Hitsugaya both keep close eyes on their respective counterparts.

Both girls seem to be ignorant to the attention. Which brings us to the question: Even if Hitsugaya is in love with Hinamori, does she love him back?

The simple answer is no.

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I do not think, as I stated before, that throughout the probable course of the manga that Hitsugaya and Hinamori become romantically involved. Hinamori loves Hitsugaya, non-debatable. She has known him as a smart-mouthed, somewhat bratty child. She is also, for a good portion of the manga, in love with the facade Aizen has presented to her. And before there is any hate-posting about this fact, I would like to remind everyone that Aizen fooled everyone, with the exception of Shinji.

Hinamori he worked especially hard on. He singled Renji, Izuru and Hinamori out as academy students for his schemes. He later admits Renji was too hard-headed to easily manipulate and so he eventually reassigned him to Byakuya and out of his way. Izuru he gave to Ichimaru and Hinamori he manipulated for literal years.

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He carefully isolated her feelings to involve only him, making him become her focal point. This, along with the natural feelings of loyalty you see displayed between all of the captains and vice captains, makes Hinamori an easy pawn. She has been obsessed with Aizen since the academy, and he has only fostered these feelings until they became all-consuming.

Meanwhile, Hitsugaya has not fostered his relationship with her. He has seen her affection for Aizen and subsequently backed off, watching her from a distance. So while her relationship with Hitsugaya has become somewhat estranged, her relationship with Aizen is extremely close.

The only person that gets away with calling his informal name Is Hinamori Momo.

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He does have a very caring side to him, as shown in his relationship with his childhood friend Hinamori, of whom he's always felt a need to protect, even though he's smaller than her. This though makes him very vulnerable since everyone knows this and it can be taken advantage of. Hitsugaya always protects and cares very deeply about those close to him.

You can see this in his relationship with his vice captain Matsumoto Rangiku. She is very easy-going and would normally be a type he hated, but they are actually quite close. He spent his early life living together with his grandmother and his childhood friend Hinamori Momo. Hitsugaya was feared by everyone in the district except for Momo and his grandmother, and he was considered as a person who was cold as ice.

He pondered a lot about this since he hadn't done anything at all to them. One day Hinamori was chosen to be a Shinigami Death God and left the district.

hitsugaya and hinamori relationship quotes

This departure made Toshiro very lonely. He bumps in to her, falls to the ground and she yells at him for "not being a man and crying about it". Later that night Toshiro had a very realistic dream with a huge, serpentine dragon calling out to him. He'd always had strange sensations but this one was something else entirely. He wakes up in cold sweat, and the first thing he notices is how cold it is in the room.

Secondly somehow Rangiku is standing there! She tells him that he needs to learn to control his apparent power, otherwise it would kill his grandmother.

hitsugaya and hinamori relationship quotes