Jiyeon and eunjung relationship goals

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jiyeon and eunjung relationship goals

Has no relation to the manga of the same name; Loveless is named after the poem Genesis Backhanded Apology: Surprisingly, Eunjung does this to Jiyeon . Eunjung might didn't even realize, but the chance to be Jiyeon's Jiyeon decided the safest would be to keep their relationship hidden from everyone. .. as you probably know that since I guess you're doing it on purpose. Eunjung made an appearance as a guest on the August 7 episode of MBC's “ Quiz to Change the World,” and mentioned the relationship between Jiyeon and .

Having had survived tough times long time ago, the present time is very precious and valuable to her. She stood in front of the camera giving off a mature and feminine feel to her, she was full of anticipation and excitement. Your thoughts on this photoshoot.

jiyeon and eunjung relationship goals

This is my 3rd photoshoot with BNT. Photoshoots are always fun. Last time I took the photoshoot with pilates as a concept, but this time it feels like a fashion pictorial, it was a pleasant and fun experiment. And the song has been out. That solo track charted no. Do you regularly check the charts?

Fans send it to me. They let me know of the news through weibo or instagram. How was the reaction to your solo track? The song itself is very calm and lyrical. I think that I had quiet promotions matching with the mood of the song, but it was also an opportunity in which I personally got to upgrade myself.

Eunjung & Jiyeon Sweet moment (cut) from T-ara J News

I felt that standing alone on stage is really something. For T-ara, I think having had funky and exciting music and having tried out various concepts, including funny ones that are hard for girl groups to digest, is our own charm. For T-ARA, what comes to mind first when seeing girl groups debuting. Seeing how restless and nervous they are, we can relate a lot to them. We want to encourage them and pat them. Even if we stay apart for a while, it still feels like we only saw each other yesterday.

If we just work hard and silently then there will be a time where we can be likeable. Rather than having any deep thoughts, I think our job is to just silently carry out with any work given to us.

In contrast, do you find it tiring to think that the public still carries hate for T-ARA. Her name is Hahm Eunjung, but many affectionately call her Baekgu From my memory, she has short hair, a face that intoxicated hearts, a shy smile, a high spirited way of celebration and also countless of times where she has injured herself; as well as the countless of times where she showed her strength and determination.

Because she is just too strong, because she is just too perfect. The first ray of light in Seoul will always shine down upon her face; the passion for dance will always be burning in her being. Yet ultimately, that time is too long, and on that very day, Hwayoung left, and it is as though that was the beginning of a period of suffering.

Hwayoung left, and unlike the way geese return during the spring season; she only left behind memories, memories that left me disappointed and anxious; memories that left her Eunjung bitter suffering.

Ever since she was young, Eunjung had a very carefree and cheerful disposition, and when she was just two years old, she had already pierced her ears. Thankfully, because of the support from your parents, you did it. For the lady who is only but 24 years old, 17 years is in fact a long period of time in her life, and the many things that happened within this period has serve as memories for us to remember.

InEunjung went around many MV filming sites, and for the girl who had been filming dramas ever since a young age, a short MV filming is nothing difficult. At the same time, Eunjung also stepped into CCM to began the tough life of a trainee.

Be it becoming an actress or a singer, Eunjung had never done it in a careless, haphazard way. At that time, they had no audience, no fans, no glory, what they had, was only determination in realizing their dreams. No one knew, no one could have imagined; that as a leader, Eunjung became especially important, and the troubles she went through were especially difficult.

Teaching Hyomin, caring for Jiyeon, listening to each members opinions…, it was as though she had a never ending set of jobs. Perhaps, from that moment, her initial dream became insignificant, no longer important; from that moment, the burden she had to carry increased in weight.

It became a reality. At the start of the year, magnificent staging and thank you speeches filled with tears, they were all there.

Coffee House was the first drama that had Eunjung starring as the lead role.

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For more then 10 years, Eunjung had constantly been acting as supporting roles and made many cameos. Genesis's degradation has him coughing up a lung sometimes, along with blindness and hastened aging. More recently, Jiyeon has acquired this too. Qri, who goes from a real threat leaving Eunjung unconscious up in the mountains to being practically comedy relief with her death threats. Genesis is mean and puts other people down, but is also desperate to prove himself.

Especially when he's revealed to be a failed experiment, it destroys his psyche.

Eunjung and Hyomin talk about relationships and going public

Played straight with Jieun, the counterpart to Aerith Gainsborough, bright and cheerful and first seen while growing flowers in a church before healing Jiyeon, a complete stranger, by singing.

It Sucks to Be the Chosen One: Neither Jenova nor Hylia are exactly the best bosses to have, but at least Hylia's continual use of Eunjung's reincarnations is to preserve people's free will.

However, even she notes that her manipulation isn't right. It becomes worse when you realize Hylia knew why Jiyeon had gone to Jenova, but withheld this information from Eunjung every time her reincarnation came to her. Last of His Kind: Jieun is the last Cetra following the race's decay following Jenova's original attack.

Named exactly as such from Final Fantasy VII, and acts as the source of life as well as both the dwelling and persona of the Goddess Hylia. BoA seems to have an affinity for light, using it in spells as well as her Eidolon's final attack. Hyomin likes Eunjung and Hwayoung likes Qri, but both Qri and Eunjung like Jiyeon, who likes Jieun, who may or may not have liked her back but is unfortunately dead.

Oh, and Soyeon and Boram are paired together. Cetra Eunjung sings to get a flower to grow, and Jieun sings in order to heal Jiyeon's injuries. Soyeon, whose full-Hollow form has powers involving singing, in a sort of twisted version of Cetra powers.

Yeul, a memory who waits in Valhalla for Eunjung. Qri's zanpakuto Muramasa allows her to create illusions. They're visual based, though, seeing as the Hollowfied Essai could smell out where Qri really was. Cantha, where the trees start constricting around the group as they travel. Hwayoung, who had known about the experiments on Jiyeon from the start, helping Shinra keep track of her, and later helped her transplant Shisui's eyes under duress.

Mind Rape Jiyeon does this to Hojo after awakening Sharingan, which she uses to rip through his worst memories. Every Uchiha can technically do this, and it is heavily implied that Uchiha Shisui can take this to whole new levels. The Good Ending is also the Hidden Ending, because it's placed strategically at the end of the last author's note.

My Death Is Just the Beginning: Jiyeon falls into the Lifestream to save Eunjung, but she is reborn because of her strong will. Unfortunately, her time there completes her transformation to evil.

Neck Snap Qri does this en masse with her zanpakuto, cleanly snapping necks from a distance. Jiyeon reaches new levels of badass by snapping the neck of a mook. Turns out Hwayoung turned to Jiyeon for the power to "resurrect" her deceased sister, Hyoyoung. In the end, it turns out it is all a Zero-Approval Gambitwith Hwayoung making the best of a bad situation and doing the rational thing — pretending to give in for the chance to assassinate Jiyeon.

When the Mandalorians attack Elona, other nation don't do anything because they're still safe. The definitive example is Soyeon, who doesn't even understand the concept of holidays and birthdays. Boram tries to remedy this. Assumed to be the reason Genesis leaves Jiyeon alive after their first fight. Later it is shown that he kept her alive for her eyes because he was going blind. Many people have alternate forms.

Genesis uses a Hollow Mask when the tables turn. Soyeon has a full-Hollow form, Melody of Anguish. The never-ending cycles, which lead into the next.

jiyeon and eunjung relationship goals

Genesis continually molts, and Jiyeon also has this to a lesser degree. Plot-wise, this is degradation. Symbolically, this is decaying effect Jenova has on the mind and morality. Jiyeon's Eidolon, which as a side-effect gives her the ability to perform rousing speeches.

Both Jiyeon and Genesis are borderline pyromaniacs. Oddly, sweet Boram's zanpakuto Suzumebachi Hornet revolves around poisoning people in various ways. She is upset about this revelation until Soyeon has a philosophical moment. Jiyeon and every Uchiha, using their Sharingan. This is later revealed to be a byproduct of Jenova's power to absorb from death, and Jiyeon is essentially a cannibal. Protagonist Journey to Villain: Rather than a Start of DarknessLoveless follows Jiyeon's fall from the time she was the main protagonist, after which Eunjung, the secondary protagonist, is promoted to take her former friend out.

Heavily implied that Kreia can see the past and future. Jieun is confirmed to be able to do this, as she saw her own death. BoA, who at first seems a wonderful person with no flaws whatsoever until you find out she helped with human experimentation.

She truly regrets it though, and she does her best to teach Eunjung not to be like she was. The poster, which implies Qri will end up joining Jiyeon. It ends up being Hwayoung who joins Jiyeon, and Qri remains on the good team.