Living relationship in indian society and culture

Live-in relationships are against Indian culture

living relationship in indian society and culture

Live – in relationship, a common trend in the western culture and is now a . moreover in india live-in-relationship is legally accepted still the society will not. Adding further variety to contemporary Indian culture are rapidly occurring changes A young person anticipates that parents will arrange his or her marriage. India is a very open and modern country,though we are traditional and stick to Why is a live-in relationship considered "bad" and "immoral" in Indian society?.

Legal Status of Live-in In most western countries there is a broader understanding of the idea of a couple in a relationship, which is evident in their legal recognition of prenuptial agreements, civil and domestic union of couples etc.

However, it is not the same in India. Therefore, live-in relationships are legal in India. Difference between marriage and live-in relationship Marriage: The institution of marriage is a socially and ritually accepted union and a contract between spouses that institutes rights and legal obligations towards each other. In light of the diverse culture in India, separate laws have been formulated which lay down the procedure and guidelines for proper execution of marriages in various religions.

Marriage laws have been created to provide remedies for disputes arising out of marriage in different religions. In addition to the law of maintenance under personal laws, Section of the Code of Criminal Procedure also provides for maintenance if the wife is cannot maintain herself. Women can also seek extra-maintenance apart from the maintenance received by her under any other law as per Section- 20 1 d of the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act.

There is no law binding the partners together, and subsequently, either of the partners can walk out of the relationship, as and when they wish to do so. There is no legal definition of live-in relationship, and therefore, the legal status of such type of relations is also unconfirmed. The right to maintenance in a live-in relationship is decided by the court by the Domestic Violence Act and the individual facts of the case. Though the common man is still hesitant in accepting this kind of relationship, the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act provides for the protection and maintenance thereby granting the right of alimony to an aggrieved live-in partner.

Protection against exploitation of women and children in live-in relationships Maintenance of lady partner The right of maintenance is available to wives under all personal laws in India. However, none of the religions recognises and accept live-in relationships.

Live-in relationships now acceptable norm in society: SC | India News - Times of India

Since no remedy is granted to women involved in a live-in relationship, Indian Courts have widened the scope of maintenance under the Criminal Procedure Code. Therefore, Section- of the Criminal Procedure Code has been provided to give a legal right of maintenance to lady partners in or out of a marriage. Domestic Violence The Domestic Violence Act was enforced as an attempt to protect women from abusive physical, mental, verbal or economic marital relationships.

Therefore, considering all this even the Supreme Court in a couple of cases has allowed live-in relationships to be covered within the ambit of the law specified.

Children out of marriage Partners living together for a long time may have kids together. However, live-in couples are not allowed to adopt kids as per the Guidelines Governing the Adoption of Children as notified by the Central Adoption Resource Authority.

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In case of dispute with respect to custody of the child, you may also consult a Child Custody Lawyer. Legitimacy and inheritance rights of children Inheritance rights of children are mentioned in Section- 16 of the Hindu Marriage Act, where the legal status of legitimacy is provided even to illegitimate children those born out of marriage for the sole purpose of inheritance. Therefore, inheritance rights have been granted to children born out of a live-in relationship.

These rights are available in both ancestral and self-bought properties. Custody and maintenance rights of children The position on the maintenance rights of children out of marriage varies in personal marriage laws. You also introduce your partners to your families, close friends etc. You become more responsible and independent.

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Take sometime to know and understand each other thoroughly. Even moving in together is a big step and both of you should really want to do it. Else, it is not going to work.

Make sure that you cover your asses. Live-in in India is still taboo, and parents will never, ever approve of it. Else, keep it a secret. The responsibility on each one doubles as both of us have to constantly take care of each other.

You get a real taste of marriage. So, basically, think of it as an internship.

living relationship in indian society and culture

Romance blooms and you get comfortable in each other's physical company. Since physical compatibility is as important as emotional compatibility, you plan romantic weekends, romantic dinners and other things.

living relationship in indian society and culture

You get comfortable in each other's skins. You understand that great sex is not the only thing in great physical compatibility. Both of you might tend to drift apart from your other set of friends. All the dinners, movies, getaways will generally happen with your live-in partner.

living relationship in indian society and culture

So, your friends might feel a bit left out. Your privacy is reduced. There might be some times that one of you will want to do some activity and other would be interested in something else. You will need to strike a fine balance between both your and your partner's needs. Though the rate of acceptance is now increasing but a large part of the society is yet to come to terms with it. Its been more than one year and we haven't faced any issues in Pune.

living relationship in indian society and culture

From the safety point of view, it is of utmost importance to choose the society carefully, not too family oriented and a progressive society would be advisable. Also, try to maintain zero communication with the families around you, they can get nosy. Avoid doing anything to attract attention. In big cities like Delhi, Mumbai etc, its not much of a hassle in the terms of what people will think, what reactions you get from them and everything.

The difficult part comes in when you try and make it work in some small towns or conservative states. I lived with my girlfriend in Punjab, and believe me, its a nightmare!

Live In Relationship in India - A Closer Look

People cannot digest a 'Live-In' in that state. You wont get a house easily at all, then you get all the nearby aunties murmuring about you the whole time, eyes diverting to you at the local marketplace, even in the social get-togethers you are treated somewhat differently!

We told our landlord, who was very conservative, that we are married.

living relationship in indian society and culture

People in neighborhood did not bother much whether we are really married. But it created a lot of issue with BF's family when they come to know about it through some third person. Our marriage plans are still pending due to all this issues. Suppose you spend lakhs of rupees in marriage ceremony and find out that you are so incompatible that divorce is the only way, to end your misery. You can easily separate after a 'live-in'.

Divorces are very messy and time consuming. It is like an Internship, where you come to know whether your future life with your present partner is going to be 'prison of inescapable torment' or a 'heavenly bliss'. There is great danger of exploitation and other disadvantages. However it is a lesser evil than plunging head on into marriage with an unknown stranger, even if he or she is well known to you as a boyfriend or GF.

The real nature comes out only after you live together for long time. My landlord looks at me as if I am some fallen women, but hey that is not new. People do that when I go to discs and even when I am stoned. I live in a slightly rural locale in Delhi so all the housewives and shopkeepers they give me a look of, you are a disgrace to society and all.

But on the plus side you get to know the person very well, you would have never known even with years of courtship.