Luxury tours to india and nepal relationship

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luxury tours to india and nepal relationship

Our entire product range of luxury tours are fully inclusive. which is an important connection that helps to break down barriers, creates lifelong. Bespoke India Holidays specializes in providing personalize Luxury India Tours. Our Luxury India Tours, India Luxury Tours packages are unique. Or, create your own private India tour package today by the help of our top travel in India & Nepal to create some of best vacations and tour packages to meet the . The people of India know the value of human relationships and that's why .

Since then, inspiration has continued to take flight. Would you like to experience a different side to Africa but have no idea where to start in planning the ultimate trip? Does a voyage of 27, miles, 21 days, 7 countries sound like an attractive prospect? Our story began in Switzerland 90 years ago, where local legend Antonio Mantegazza bought a row boat to transport tourists over Lake Lugano. Our passion is to take you to the must-see places that set your imagination on fire.

With the help of our knowledgeable friends, your Local Guides and Tour Directors, we constantly unearth new local secrets to make your adventure as awe-stonishing as possible. Connect with a new world of people, places and experiences; ignite your travel imagination and feel alive. Our holidays range from the luxurious to the adventurous, and are planned by our expert consultants. Created to inspire, educate and encourage travellers to understand responsible tourism by providing culturally immersive experiences, supporting local communities and projects.

We specialise in showcasing the hidden, lesser known side of a destination, whether it be an exciting itinerary in one of the planets far reaches, or exploring the more common travel routes, with a twist. Crystal Since the beginning, Crystal has been the standard-bearer for excellence in luxury travel, remaining the undisputed choice among the savviest world travelers.

Today, we are redefining it altogether, expanding the possibilities for our guests with choices, experiences and luxuries unmatched in the industry.

luxury tours to india and nepal relationship

By Ocean, River, Yacht and Air, each Crystal Experience is designed to showcase the world and its wonders in the most remarkable ways. We focus on giving the best training and support to our crew, specially craft our itineraries to allow us to travel at a relaxed pace and allow the freedom and flexibility to explore the region and be as active as you want.

Our story began more than 90 years ago, when a young Swiss Antonio Mantegazza began transporting tourists across Lake Lugano on his rowboat, sharing stories and revealing local secrets along the way. On that lake, Globus was born. After 90 years curating travel wonderment, our passion for curating the perfect trip remains. At Globus, we have the experience and local knowledge to craft immersive adventures that make you feel alive. Expect to see all the major sites, but then go deeper, to the beating heart of every new discovery.

Let us connect you with a new world of people, places and experiences that will ignite your imagination. It is an experience to be treasured, a journey of a lifetime, through fascinating countries which are as amazingly diverse as they are breathtakingly beautiful. Our passion for Asia and the vast interesting mix of cultures, traditions, cuisine and landscape speaks volumes for the knowledge, friendliness and general reputation of our staff in Australia and throughout Asia.

luxury tours to india and nepal relationship

When booking your holiday of a lifetime, you deserve the best. We believe travel is about more than a vacation. Gazing on the mighty limestone peaks of Halong Bay in Vietnam; inhaling the aromatic steam rising from a bowl of steaming hot miso ramen noodles in Sapporo, Japan; treading the well-worn path through the jungle to witness the sunrise over Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

All of our tours include War Historians personally selected by Mat McLachlan, all experts in their field. Their expertise and knowledge will bring the battlefields to life.

Whether travelling solo or with family or friends, join one of our escorted group tours so you can share the moving experience of visiting the battlefields with other like-minded travellers. Guided by our leading War Historians, our group itineraries not only include comprehensive battlefield touring but also include local experiences such as wine tasting, city sightseeing and traditional cuisine.

We work hard on every aspect, so you can travel with confidence knowing your trip has been well researched and planned. Our staff travel to every destination we sell, so you know you are speaking to professionals familiar with the local area, allowing for personalised planning of your experience. Our service goes well beyond a booking too!

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Please take your time to read through the following, as it breaks down further why you should be travelling with MW Tours. On The Go Tours A fabulous choice of holidays! Our tours are always accompanied by knowledgeable English speaking local guides and we include lots of authentic local experiences and distinctively local means of transport too. A Railway Adventures tour is more than just a holiday. From a pioneering expedition grew a pioneering company with a driving mission: Local staff in each of our destinations enrich thousands of journeys each year, but our mission remains the same.

Our extensive personal experience in and around Africa will help make the most of your opportunities there. Nobody expresses this better than our guests themselves. We can think of no higher testament to our trips and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Then a painted elephant walks past and a market stall reveals a thousand flamboyant saris. Trying to describe this experience to friends verges on the impossible: It would take years to see it all, and even longer to understand it. On one hand it remains a poor nation, yet the blossoming economy is helping to power a sophisticated tourism market.

Gone are the days when visiting India meant having to rough it.

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Five-star hotels are decorated with inimitable style and panache, a network of tourist-tailored domestic flights dramatically reduces travel time, and the government is feverishly investing in positioning India as an upmarket travel destination. Grandeur should be expected, after all, India has been offering aristocratic opulence since long before the nation was conceived.

Yet India supplements this omnipresent charm with an outstanding collection of attractions and paradigms.

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Spiritual cities submerge you in mesmeric culture, always ensuring immersive experiences with local people and lifestyles. Richly diverse landscapes provide a stage to explore, from the Himalayan Mountains to the beaches of Goa, and from the endlessly green tea plantations to deserts and salt pans crossed by camels. Charming ancient cities cover the country, each absolutely unique and serving up wondrous temples, shimmering forts, and a sublime blend of architectural styles.

Like Hindu god Brahma, there are so many faces to discover. Go trekking, ride elephants, practice yoga, watch birds, meet holy babas, track tigers, meditate, indulge, experience, and jump in to the most enchanting show on our planet.

luxury tours to india and nepal relationship

The Colored Cities of Rajasthan: Rajasthan revels in its ambiance of ancient glory, infusing the architectural wonders with endless slices of cultural heritage. Rugged forts and spectacular palaces grab the attention revealing relics from centuries of warrior narratives and regal prosperity.

luxury tours to india and nepal relationship

Nestled between these iconic destinations are mountain retreats, camel market towns, elephant tours, dance troupes, and a continual immersion in eminent wonder. Varanasi is the oldest and most riveting, the centerpiece of Hindu culture where smoke infused ceremonies are performed by babas, and dead bodies are symbolically burnt at the entrance to the river. The Taj Mahal and Ancient Agra: Few buildings ignite the imagination like the Taj Mahal, the white marble mausoleum built by a Mughal emperor for his wife.

As the sun crosses the sky it brings subtle shades and wizardry reflections to the traditional domes; each hour displays another compelling reason to stay and take more photos.

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The Beaches of Goa: Framed by palm trees and endless white sand, Portuguese flavored Goa has long been a luxury beach retreat. Everything runs on a wonderfully laid-back rhythm, the encompassing tranquility providing an idyllic antidote to any travel fatigue. The Northern Tea Plantations: Northern India is elevated and cool, the fresh mountain air cultivating thick green landscapes of tea plantations and indigenous forest.

You may recognize the names; places like Darjeeling have long exported their unique flavors around the world.