Mrs hughes and mr carson relationship tips

Downton Abbey: 'Does Mr Carson expect a full marriage, in the physical sense?' - Telegraph

mrs hughes and mr carson relationship tips

The final series of Downton Abbey will explore Mrs Hughes the housekeeper's sex life, says actress Phyllis Logan. The cast on the delicate nature of the Carson and Mrs. Hughes relationship. Mr . Carson and Mrs. Hughes have always been downstairs allies--but in Season 5 will they take the plunge into something more? Holiday Gift Guide. “Mr Carson is a lonely man, he can't be friends with people upstairs wasn't a fan of the idea of Mrs Hughes being in a relationship with Mr Carson as Without spoiling it for viewers, the year-old Logan hints: “As the story.

Contributors control their own work and posted freely to our site. If you need to flag this entry as abusive, send us an email. As the final season of the popular BBC drama, Downton Abbey, hits American airwaves, I think many of us on this side of the pond feel a tad sentimental.

I know I do.

Why Downton Abbey's Mrs. Hughes And Mr. Carson Are The New It Couple - Role Reboot

After all, I've spent the last five years experiencing the ups and the downs of both Downton's elite and its most humble. I've both loved -- and, yes, dare I say it, even despised -- some of its characters. For me, the storylines that have stood out the most over the years are those of love and marriage.

So with that in mind, I give you five lessons Downton teaches us about marriage. Always argue in a British accent Let's face it, everything sounds better in a British accent. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert recently proved it. This leads me to believe that arguing in such an accent could mean one of two things for American marriages. One, we'll at least sound a bit more refined in the heat of the moment, that is if we go with a Received Pronunciation accent, rather than Cockney.

Think upstairs Downton, versus downstairs. And two, it's possible that many arguments will end in laughter. After all, who can stay serious and angry when using words like "kerfuffle" and "tosh. At least, for me. I can't even fake a British accent. Just ask my undergrad theater professor about the Shakespeare scenes I attempted way back when.

That said, I can do a fairly good Scarlet O'Hara impression. But I have a feeling if I go Southern Belle during an argument, my husband Ted may just turn to me, hopefully with a wink in his eye, and say, "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.

Don't keep secrets, they always have way of revealing themselves Should I list the number of Downton Abbey characters who have attempted to keep some sort of secret from someone, only to be found out eventually?

Even the Dowager Countess is included in the list of secret keepers. Her romance with a Russian Prince comes out several decades after the fact. While secrets in any relationship aren't ideal, secrets are especially damaging when they're between spouses.

So if a secret doesn't have to do with a birthday, anniversary, or Christmas gift, don't keep it from your partner. As seventeenth-century French dramatist Jean Racine once wrote, "There are no secrets that time does not reveal.

It's these things that build trust, not secrecy. Teamwork makes for a richer life "You've lived your life, and I've lived mine," Matthew tells Mary in season 2. You know, until Matthew was killed off in a car accident so actor Dan Stevens could pursue other things. Yes, I'm still a little bitter about that. It wasn't uncommon for Matthew and Mary's initial ideas on how a problem should be solved or a conflict addressed to be drastically different.

She is friendly and welcoming when he comes downstairs to say hello to his former co-workers. Carson as they mourn together. Thomas Barrow later tells her about his homosexuality.

She reveals to Carson that Thomas is not the first person she has known "of that sort. Edit Mrs Hughes, like Mr. Carson, does her best to keep up the work pace while the family is in Scotland, but does ask him to let them have some fun. Mrs Patmore talks to Mrs.

mrs hughes and mr carson relationship tips

Hughes about Jos Tuftonbut she advises caution, and is not pleased to see him trying to impress other women at the Thirsk fair, then sees him kissing other women as well as stroking one's bottom. She later reveals to Mrs Patmore what she saw, but is surprised Mrs. Patmore is glad to be away. They both start laughing. She then swiftly fires Edna, whom she was suspicious of for a while.

Elsie Carson

Edit Mrs Hughes, like Mr Carson and Tom Branson, is unhappy about the fact that Edna Braithwaite has returned, and is certain that they cannot have her back. But Carson determines they cannot speak out and resolves they should keep an eye on her. Mrs Hughes nonetheless feels that Edna's return is "a ticking bomb.

Desperate, Tom confides in her on Mary's advice to find someone he can talk to after she sees him feeling guilty and ashamed and he does not tell her. She and Tom then confront Edna, where she reveals evidence behind Edna's scheme and threatens to ruin her if she does not leave and keep quiet.

But after Edna leaves the room, she admits to Tom she wasn't certain Edna was not pregnant, but now is. She asserts to Carson following Edna's departure from Downton they were "mad as hatters" to let her back in the house. When she finds Carson's old colleague Charles Grigg has fallen on hard times, she steps in and helps him when Carson would not, and encourages him to let his old wounds heal.

Eventually they do, and she even takes a picture of Carson's old love Alice Neal and frames it for him.

mrs hughes and mr carson relationship tips

He thanks her, clearly very touched, after they talk about it later. She is the first one to know Anna was raped by Lord Gillingham 's valet Green until Anna tells Maryhaving found her afterwards. Anna swears her to secrecy, but Mrs Hughes tries to get her to mend her relationship with John which has soured because she is avoiding himand will not hear of Anna thinking of suicide which she plans on doing if she turns out to be carrying Green's child.

Unfortunately John, who by now has been convinced he is at fault for Anna's behaviour and that she no longer loves him, overhears the two women talking and tells Mrs Hughes he will leave unless he learns the truth. She stops him and assures him Anna still loves him, and decides to tell him so he would stay, feeling John's departure would finish Anna. But she swears Green is not to blame despite John's suspicions.

Later he tells her nothing is settled after Anna was confident John believed her. Mr Carson refers to her as quite a plotter when she wants to be. She replies it is a skill all women must learn.

mrs hughes and mr carson relationship tips

When Lord Grantham has to go to America to help his in-laws, she knows he will take John with him and insists to Mary that Thomas should go instead, because John needs to be with Anna. When Mary asks why, Mrs Hughes has to reveal the truth of what happened to Anna, but once again remains silent as to who was responsible.

She confronts Green in the boot room after he returns with Lord Gillingham. Green tells her he and Anna were both drunk, therefore they are both to blame.

But Mrs Hughes steadfastly reminds him he alone is to blame, and warns him to watch himself. Edit She also discovers a ticket in John Bates's coat indicating he went to London from Yorkand did not remain in York like he claimed. She reveals the ticket to Lady Mary, insisting that they can never know what happened that day in London. When Mary insists they cannot keep the secret no matter what they feel, Mrs Hughes insists that they cannot ruin Bates because Green, in her words a vicious, vile monster, is gone from the world.

Mary only destroys the ticket after Bates retrieves a stolen letter that would cause a royal scandal.