Naruto and hinata relationship fanfiction

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naruto and hinata relationship fanfiction

You can find some of the best stories on the net that have Naruto and Hinata as the oldest princess, with a troubled relationship to her father, is given the job to. Feb 18, Hinata found out, and Naruto finds himself slowly falling for her. They end up having a secret relationship that crossed the line of love and. Apr 19, Relationships are slowly built from the ground up and it is something that you simply do not rush into. Naruto was flattered after hearing Hinata's.

Naruto was looking away whistling an innocent tone, before everyone looked at him with suspicion, before they all broke up in laughter again. They all had tears in their eyes as they laughed, it's been way too long since they could all relax and laugh together as a family.

As they finished they chilled in the living room for a bit, until it was all time to go to bed. Naruto tucked in Himawari with a good night kiss on the cheek, before he went to do the same to Boruto, despite his constant protest that he's too big for it. As Naruto tucked, his son in bed, Boruto asked "Tousan, do you think we could go fishing tomorrow.

You never go back on your word. Naruto walked up and gave his son a kiss on the head, that he wouldn't have been able to get away with if he was awake "I know and I will keep it. Naruto walked in and was greeted to the wonderful sight of his wife, wearing a see-through lavender dress, her twins on full display and two swollen nubs showing she was aroused as she laid on the bed waiting for her husband to claim her.

Naruto jaw dropped at the sight her silky black hair was dripping wet from a fresh shower and she had snow white pale skin that contrasted perfectly with her lavender underwear. She gazed at her husband with wanton desire in her lavender eyes. Naruto gulped as he felt the all too familiar stir in his pants and gave a slight growled as he succumbs to his own lust, that wanted nothing more to hear her scream her name in passion, it had been far too long since they last had some intimacy.

Naruto crept his way to his wife like a predator stalking it's pray, oh the irony years ago, she was the one stalking him and now she loved the power trip she had every time she saw her husband's eyes clouded with desire for her.

She didn't need to chase after him now instead he was the one chasing her. Because I was thinking about us, maybe having an another child! The sudden suggestion brought her husband back to his senses and out of the daze he was in, but he was still left wanting her and knew that he couldn't deny her anything she wanted when she was half naked and oozing sexuality.

naruto and hinata relationship fanfiction

I mean I haven't really been father of the year since I became Hokage. Naruto remembered the time, it was the first time someone whole heartily believed in him, the first time someone supported and it was the first time his wife gave him the strength to keep moving forward, it was then that he fell in love her.

As her husband nodded Hinata continued "You are my proud failure, you may fall down, you may make mistakes, but you always get back up and make it right, you did that with Boruto and you will do it for our future children. Naruto gave a chuckle as he felt his desire stir at seeing his wife show her claws and exactly why he falls in love with her and he knew he lost this round.

It's a good thing you're always here to knock some sense into me. Hinata brought her hand, up cupping her Naruto-Kun's cheek and stroking his whiskers like she did all those years ago on the battlefield where he almost gave up hope. As the two broke apart Hinata looked at him with pleading eyes.

Having missed the sweet taste of each other for so long.

naruto and hinata relationship fanfiction

As the two broke apart, breathing heavily as sweat begin to form on their brow, Hinata breathed out "Good, because I need you now AHHH! It's been far AHH!

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As the dress fall to the floor Naruto kissed his wife with hunger and they continued their battle of tongues while Hinata wrapped her bare legs around his waist and arms around his neck as her husband carried her off to bed to claim her.

A very pleased and satisfied Naruto was lying in bed on his side, his skin was sweaty and boiling to the touch, his hair was dishevelled after the hours of making sweet, sweet love to his wife gorgeous wife.

In his arms was an equally if not more so pleased and satisfied Hinata, her sweaty skin was sticking to his, her long midnight blue hair was a dishevelled as it spread all over the bed and her lover. Both were still attached at the waist as close as humanly possible, loving every second of them being connected with their soulmate.

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Naruto's hand was stroking Hinata's exposed stomach lovely and his wife gave a sigh of content from his minstrels. As Hinata closed her eyes, her blond lover started speaking, "You know, sometimes I wish, I never became Hokage.

Feeling the jolt and the slight, but almost fatal Gentle Fist strike Naruto went to explain. Hinata sighed, knowing her husband, still felt guilty for how his job took him away from their family too much and would probably always feel guilty about it. All this was my real dream and what I always truly wanted, I would give up being Hokage any day, to enjoy living with my family, to always come home to someone, to you means more to me than anything else.

If I could do it over I would make sure I returned your love sooner my Hime. There was no chemistry, no spark between them, absolutely nothing.

In all the years she had known him, Naruto had not shown even the slightest sign of attraction towards her. As much as it pained her to admit it, they were friends and nothing more.

If history was any indication, that would be all they would remain. You're face is really red! Snapped from her reverie by the loud, intrusive voice, Sakura's attention was then drawn to the sight of Naruto, delicately brushing Hinata's bangs away from her forehead and placing his hand gently against it.

The poor girl could only stammer uncontrollable in response. Kiba, who had finally given up arguing and agreed to leave Akamaru outside, took a seat across from Sakura. He shot her a look of disbelief upon noticing the typical scene before them, unable to comprehend how one person could be so dense. Hinata squirmed uncomfortably at the man's ministrations, apparently struggling to remain conscious. Maybe some water will help cool you down.

Naruto's only acknowledgement was collective grunt of apathy from the group, who were otherwise ensconced in their own conversation to notice. Out of the corner of her eye, however, Sakura could've sworn she noticed something unusual about Naruto's demeanor. His eyes to hold a mischievious air, as he led Hinata to the restroom, a look not unlike the one he would get when he was scheming.

Sakura wrinkled her nose in confusion. Could Naruto and Hinata have both been in on something they weren't aware of? One of Naruto's pranks, maybe? No, that didn't seem likely. While the two bonded that would be far too out of the ordinary. Hinata didn't seem like the type to waste her time on immature jokes like Naruto's. She was a Hyuuga and had been raised much better than that.

They didn't have a lot of time. Sure, it wasn't exactly the most intimate of settings, but the two rarely had a moment alone together, and every second they could harness was crucial. Normally, under different circumstances, Hinata might have considered the gravity of their current situation and stopped. After all, they were currently standing in the middle of a public bathroom, one that anyone could really walk into at any moment, maybe even one of their friends!

However, the fervent caress of Naruto's soft, warm lips against her neck was more than enough to distract her, as she bit her lip to muffle the moan that was threatening to erupt from the back of her throat.

It wasn't long before she found herself backed up against the bathroom wall, as the weight of his bare chest pressed firmly against her own, and his strong, tanned arms surrounded her.

In that moment, as far as they were concerned, right here and right now was the only option. They had decided to keep their relationship secret, for a number of reasons. The main one being, if word got out to Hinata's father, Hiashi, he would kill Naruto.

Several other men had already suffered similarly horrendous fates for even looking at the stoic man's precious daughter in the wrong way. Her cousin, Neji, on the other hand, was fortunately, less of a problem. He was Naruto's friend.

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Naruto had earned the older man's respect, and even offered him a much more free, optimistic outlook on life. If he were to find out about their relationship, he would at least give the blonde a five minute head start. They were both very socially awkward people, in completely different ways. But when they were together, there was something about it that just seemed They found comfort in one other. Hinata found a great sense of confidence and strength in this man, who continued to battle on through his life in spite of the many adversities he had faced.

While Naruto felt as though he could open up to her and reveal the doubts and insecurities he felt about himself, allowing for once, his normally upbeat facade to crumple away. His teeth gnawed hungrily at the zipper of her jacket, fighting to expose more of her luscious, smooth skin, as his hands Oh god, his skilled, talented hands, explored every nook and crevasse of her lower body, gripping at her shapely hips, running teasingly over her curvaceous backside.

She could feel her knees growing weak as she melted in his arms. The mind-numbingly pleasurable torture ceased however, at the sudden and very much intrusive rapping of knuckles against the wooden door of the restroom.

Naruto's eyes widened notably and his hands stilled, as his neck turned in the direction the sound had come from. Hinata, her hair unkempt, eyes still hazy with desire and clothes only half covering her body, could only shrug in response.

Just give me a minute, teme. And he knows I'm here now anyway, so I'm going to have to open the door.

The stall was the best option. He hastily scrambled for the door handle and pulled it open clumsily. Leading Hinata inside, he lowered the toilet lid, before allowing her to sit down upon it. He never goes in one if he can avoid it. At her obvious hesitance, her face was framed reassuringly by a pair of callous yet gentle hands. A soft blush dusted Hinata's features, as his lips brushed softly against her forehead in a short, chaste caress.

Naruto then released her and headed to the restroom door as his friend's impatient knocks grew louder. What the hell were you doing in there? Sakura's already left, she wanted me to tell you she said goodbye. That was nice of her. Hinata heard Sasuke sigh through a low, frustrated breath before speaking once more. I resent having to play messenger boy for you two.

You broke up months ago! It kind of ended on bad terms. It was a typical gesture of his, one often elicited by uncomfortable situations.

You're still friends aren't you?