Neal caffrey and peter burke relationship goals

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neal caffrey and peter burke relationship goals

Neal Caffrey is the main character of the USA Network original series White . ( Pilot | Season 1: episode 1) The relationship between the two of them is characterized by mutual respect and mistrust. With Neal, Peter. Outside observation: It didn't "fit" into the show's original narrative. When White Collar began the focus was Neal and Peter's "relationship" and Neal's hunt for. Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay Talk WHITE COLLAR Series Finale, What This In the explosive series finale, “Au Revoir,” FBI Agent Peter Burke (Tim of the Pink Panthers and himself, with his goal being to permanently rid himself How was shooting the last episode and doing those last couple of scenes?.

Other evidences found indicated that James was a corrupt cop as well, and Ellen, who had been James' partner, had been forced to arrest James. She—along with Neal and his mother—was later placed into Witness Protection as a result of her involvement in the case.

Neal was then raised under the belief that his name was Danny Brooks, and that his father was a police officer who died heroically. As he was often late for school, Danny attempted to solve this problem by setting the school's clock 30 minutes behind schedule, but the plan was thwarted almost immediately.

Danny then made another more intricate attempt by barricading the roads in order to reroute the school buses to pass by his house. He exclaims that "[that plan] actually worked," as it lasted a few days. Later, he "got smarter" and forged his own bus pass. After that, he states that "[he] was never late again. June states, "A pool hall in St. Must've been full of hustlers. Louis is later confirmed to be where Neal—as Danny Brooks—spent his childhood. It is implied that learning the truth about his father is what started Neal down the criminal path.

Diminishing Returns Little else is known about Neal, other than the fact he didn't finish high school, and that his extensive knowledge of art and history is apparently self-taught. Sometime after arriving in NYC, he meets Mozzie. He and Mozzie target a CEO named Vincent Adlerand through Adler, Neal adopts his signature clothing preferences, encounters a fractaland meets erstwhile lover and fellow thief Alexandra Hunter and long-time girlfriend Kate, for whom he chose to sacrifice the con-job for and instead invest in Adler's company.

Soon after, Adler disappears and is revealed to be a conman as well, taking hundreds of millions in US dollars and leaving all of his employees—including Neal and Kate—jobless and without pay. Forging Bonds Broke and unemployed, Neal chooses to tell Kate about his true profession.

After this, Neal, Kate, and Mozzie begin running scams together, until the day Neal tries to cajole Kate into leaving for Europe. When Neal mentions Copenhagen to her, Kate gets upset and reveals that she knows about the music box job that Alex had told him about when they first met.

Unfortunately, the job fails without her, forcing Neal to leave Alex in a French hospital where she was presumably arrested and escape back to New York.

Forging Bonds Upon his return, Neal discovers that Kate is hiding from him and eventually starts doing bigger cons and forgeries, trying to catch her attention. The FBI eventually track her down and realize that Neal has no idea where Kate is, so they set up a trap for him to find her. This is how Agent Peter Burke eventually catches him. Forging Bonds Season One Neal is in SuperMax and nearing the end of his four-year sentence when Kate arrives and tells him that she is leaving him, and that their meeting was to be her last visit to him.

Confused and hurt, Neal attempts and fails to dissuade her, wherein he hatches a month-long plan to escape prison and convince her not to leave him. Successfully pulling off the plan, Neal goes to her last known address and finds it empty. Later, Agent Peter Burke arrives to arrest him once again, and a dismayed Neal willingly goes with him.

Before they leave, Neal sees a fiber on Agent Burke's shoulder, and an idea hatches in his mind. Neal makes Agent Burke promise to visit him in prison if Neal tells him what the fiber is. When Agent Burke makes good on his promise, Neal present his idea—a shift in his sentence from jail-time to full-time consultation for the FBI.

Agent Burke states that he's aware that Neal wants to get out of prison to look for Kate, which Neal does not deny. Soon after Peter leaves him at the motel, Neal—while miserably browsing in a thrift store—befriends a rich widow named Junewho was donating her late husband's designer suits.

Neal is taken on as a boarder in June's townhouse. He acquires not only a more than comfortable residencebut also a new wardrobe of expensive suits, shoes, and hats—which become his signature look. It is later revealed that someone with an FBI ring was forcing Kate to find the music box that Neal was rumored to have stolen. However, Neal hadn't stolen the box, and claimed that the person who'd ever come closest to it was Alex Hunter.

He then enlists Alex's help to find and steal the box, hoping to get Kate back that way. He finds out that the man with the FBI ring is Agent Garrett Fowlerand that Fowler himself had been blackmailed into finding the music box as well. Upon giving the music box to him, Fowler reveals that Kate had made a deal with him—Neal's freedom and new identities for the both of them in exchange for the music box.

This prompted Fowler to begin Operation Mentorwhich is says is "all about [Neal]. Season Two Because of the actions he took to acquire the box for Fowler, Neal is sent back to prison.

Agent Peter Burke seemingly pulls some strings to get Neal his consulting sentence back, and Neal agrees to it once more, but with a different agenda—he was going to find and get his revenge on Fowler, who he believes blew up the plane to kill him and Kate.

He finds out that Fowler had gone underground, and in order to lure him out, Neal contacts Alex Hunter once again. Alex, however, does not want to help because someone is after her—the same someone who had been after Neal for the music box. Their plan to steal the music box becomes two-fold: The plan proves successful, but Neal is unable to extract revenge on Fowler because of Peter Burke's intervention. He is later grateful for Peter's actions when they find out that Fowler hadn't been the one to 'pull the trigger.

It is later revealed to Neal that the man who killed Kate and was after the music box was Neal's former employer, Vincent Adler, who turns out to be the son of a Nazi soldier involved in hiding a U-boat full of Nazi treasure. To a similar effect, Alex Hunter admits that she is the granddaughter of Gerhard Wagnerwho had been the U-boat's radio operator. Wagner created a mathematical equation—called a fractal —that was meant to lead him back to the sunken U-boat.

He placed it inside the music box, which was the reason why both Adler and Alex were after it. Neal and Peter eventually find the treasure, after which Adler has them escorted out of the ship and brought to a drydock. With orders to flood the drydock, Adler's men leave Neal, Peter and Alex there to drown. However, Alex reveals that she has a knife in her bra, and Neal uses it to free himself and his companions.

Later, they are able to find Adler, who admits to Neal that he killed Kate just as the warehouse full of the U-boat treasure explodes. Enraged, Adler blames Neal for blowing up the treasure and aims a gun at him, but Peter arrives in time and shoots him first, killing Adler and saving Neal.

Season Three When Neal arrives back at his apartment, he finds a key and an address, in which he discovers that the supposedly blown-up treasure.

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Mozzie had apparently swapped the treasure for the items in Neal's art studio, allowing Adler and the FBI to believe that the treasure was destroyed. Mozzie is excited and begins to make plans for him and Neal to leave New York, though Neal is reluctant to leave because of his friends and Sara, who he is dating.

Eventually, Neal realizes that Peter suspects him of stealing the U-boat treasure, and discovers that a piece of the burned art had been salvaged. He replaces the burnt piece with a new one that he makes out of the colors from one of the older paintings from the treasure to convince Peter that the piece of burnt art was part of the destroyed treasure.

For a while, this placates Peter, until Neal hears about the manifest Diana has apparently found in the wreckage, meaning that if any of the treasures on the manifest surface, Peter will know for sure that the treasure didn't burn. Mozzie wants proof of the manifest, so Neal breaks into Peter's house while Peter and his wife Elizabeth are out.

neal caffrey and peter burke relationship goals

However, Neal realizes that if he tells Mozzie that the manifest is real, they can sell whatever wasn't included on the list and flee the country, making New York a distant memory. It would also mean that Neal could no longer return to NYC. Reluctant to leave, Neal lies to Mozzie and tells him that the manifest didn't exist. Matthew Keller Matthew Kellera long-time rival of Neal's with dubious ethics, later appears, believing that Neal had the treasure.

This is the exact amount of a Degas painting Mozzie has been wanting to fence, but is on the manifest. Neal is then forced to admit to Mozzie that the manifest exists, which makes Mozzie angry at Neal for lying to him. After retrieving the fenced Degas and replacing it with a forgery, Mozzie declares that his partnership with Neal is over. Soon after, Neal discovers that in order to force him to give Keller the treasure, Keller has kidnapped Elizabeth and revealed to Peter that Neal did have possession of the missing treasure and had willingly hidden it from him.

Enraged, Peter angrily confronts Neal, who earnestly tells Peter that he would give everything if it meant getting Elizabeth back. Mollified, Peter goes with Neal to the warehouse, but finds that Mozzie—in his anger at Neal—had moved everything.

Desperately, Neal goes to contact Mozzie and tell him that Elizabeth had been kidnapped. Mozzie returns to help save her, and Keller is then caught and sent to prison. Neal's relationship with Peter and Mozzie eventually heals and strengthens, and when Peter's mentor Agent Kramer comes to sabotage Neal's communal hearing, Peter attempts to thwart it.

However, Kramer finds evidence of Neal's theft of a Raphael painting, which turns out to be stored at Ellen Parker's home in Roosevelt Island.

Peter helps cover for him and enlists Sara's help, where she tells Kramer that Neal helped her recover the painting and had been in processing for a few weeks now. Unsatisfied, Kramer later returns with US Marshals to arrest Neal under bogus charges of public endangerment, at which Peter gives Neal the signal to skip town.

Neal then returns to his apartment in June's townhouse, cuts his anklet, and hops on a plane with Mozzie. Neal, his mother, and Ellen were placed in witness protection.

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Gloves Off Season 4: It is through Adler that Neal met fellow thief Alexandra "Alex" Hunter when she attempted to steal information from Adler. The two ended up spending the night together after their first encounter.

He fell in love with Adler's assistant, Kate Moreauwho eventually became his girlfriend. Before Neal could complete the con, Adler figured out Neal's true identity and his con and ran off with a billion dollars, leaving all of his employees—including Neal and Kate—jobless and broke.

Adler left only one dollar in the account Neal was after and a password that was an anagram for "Nice Try Neal". After this, Neal, Kate, and Mozzie began running cons together. Neal refers to Vincent Adler as "the man who made me who I am today. Kate got upset when he mentioned Copenhagen, because she knew that Alex Hunter had contacted him about a job there.

She accused Neal of trying to con her, instead of simply telling her that. She stayed in New York while Neal left for Copenhagen. Upon his return, Neal found that Kate was hiding from him and started doing bigger cons and forgeries, trying to catch her attention.

The FBI tracked Kate down and, realizing that Neal had no idea where Kate was, they set a trap for Neal by leaking her whereabouts and waiting for him to go to her.

Forging Bonds Season 2: He spent three years chasing Neal before finally arresting him. Neal sent Peter birthday cards each year while he was in prison. Burke is considered the only man capable of catching Caffrey. With Neal, Peter follows the motto "Trust but Verify," which means he checks Neal's tracking information every day to see where he's gone when he's not at work The Portrait Season 1: However, Peter does consider Neal a partner, a friend, and one of the cleverest people he knows Pilot Season 1: Together they form a remarkable partnership.

Neal Caffrey uses his criminal background to go undercover while Peter Burke keeps the investigation focused and on-track. Season 1[ edit ] During White Collar's first season, the duo is assigned cases ranging from art theft to jewelry heists to recovering stolen jade elephants.

Despite reservations on Burke's part regarding the sincerity of Caffrey's aims, as well as Caffrey's occasional mistrust of Burke, the two build a sincere friendship in addition to their effective partnership.

However, on several occasions Burke is convinced that Caffrey was behind the crimes that they are investigating. Neal, meanwhile, keeps secrets from Peter, especially when it comes to tracking down Kate Moreau. However, Neal's private investigation eventually requires Peter's help. When Neal is set to run away with Kate in finale, Peter intercepts him at the airport and asks: When Burke is suspected of planting evidence, Neal assists him in an intricate con to prove his innocence Burke's Seven Season 2: Neal Caffrey becomes torn between the need for revenge for Kate's death and the justice Burke insists on within the legal system.

When Neal Caffrey goes undercover with a thief looking for that one last score, he wonders if he's seeing an older image of himself. At the end of the season, Mozzie swipes a lost cache of art amassed by the Nazis known variously as the U-boat, music box, Nazi, or Nazi sub treasure. Unfortunately, Peter Burke suspects Neal as the true perpetrator of the theft when he spies a piece of Neal's painting among the debris.

The scene shatters the relationship between Neal and Peter. Under the Radar Season 2: Their differences, however, must be set aside when Burke's wife is kidnapped by Caffrey's nemesis Matthew Keller.

neal caffrey and peter burke relationship goals

The view out that window, stepping off the elevator Monday morning. I have a life here. The season mainly focuses on Neal's Father, James, who comes back to New York to hunt for a box hidden within the city. It is Later revealed that the box contains information on either James or Senator Pratt, the new antagonist of the series, Season 5[ edit ] Peter is about to be prosecuted for murder, which could end his FBI career even if he were acquitted.

Elizabeth urges Neal to save him at any cost. Neal is contacted by the Dutchman, Curtis Hagan Mark Sheppardthe man he helped Peter convict of forgery in their first case together.

Disillusioned, Peter tells Elizabeth he wants to stay in his current position closer to field work; she agrees but wants to keep the job in DC.

A bitter Neal asks Mozzie to circumvent the new anklet. After Mozzie leaves, Neal recognizes and confronts a man who has been following him. He is then grabbed from behind and thrown in a van, without his anklet. Mozzie[ edit ] Mozzie, often called Moz short for Mozart, is Neal's partner in crime and a close friend. Mozzie was orphaned as a baby and raised in an orphanage in Detroit.

His love of literature came from the man who found him and ran the orphanage, Mr.

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Mozzie started his criminal career by running cons on bullies, then running numbers for book makers until he became the brains behind the most successful and notorious book maker, "The Dentist of Detroit. Mozzie is a conspiracy nut and at one time believed that his parents may have been spies and that was why they could not raise him. Mozzie first met Neal after Neal got the better of him when Mozzie was pulling the "Find the Lady" con in the park not long after Neal moved to New York.

Though the plan eventually failed, their friendship has flourished. Mozzie is the one who beckons Neal to a life of indulgence, wealth and pleasure, at the same time as FBI agent Peter Burke is pushing Neal toward respectability. During the second season, Mozzie becomes much more involved with the investigation into Kate's murder, discovering the identity of the last person Kate spoke to Fowler and breaking the code of the music box.

In the season finale, unbeknownst to Neal, Mozzie steals the treasure linked to the music box and plans to share it with Neal. This causes Neal a great deal of trouble during season three, as Peter suspects him of the theft. He is not the only one: Neal's old competitor, Matthew Keller, comes to claim the treasure as well.

neal caffrey and peter burke relationship goals

Mozzie wants Neal to leave the country with him, but Neal is unwilling to throw away his life in New York. They are finally forced to flee, because of a D. Art Crimes agent with a yearning to make Neal his asset. Neal and Mozzie take refuge on the non-extraditing island of Cape Verde, living a lavish lifestyle in a seaside villa, until brought back to New York by Agent Burke. Mozzie goes back to the basics of street cons after Neal is allegedly declared dead.

Alexandra "Alex" Hunter[ edit ] Alex is an old accomplice of Neal's. He first met her when he worked for Vincent Adler under the alias of Nick Halden, and she was attempting to steal information on Adler.

Alex can tell Neal is not really who he says he is, and the two end up spending the night together the first day they meet, even though Neal is currently pining for Kate. Afterwards, Alex tells him about the music box for the first time. They work together again to steal it in Copenhagenbut the con goes wrong and Alex ends up in the hospital, where Neal leaves her. The next time they see each other, he is out of prison and needs her help tracking down the music box again, which he plans on giving to Fowler in exchange for Kate.

Though at first wary of his connections to the FBI, Alex agrees to help him, and they concoct an elaborate theft to steal the box. However, she double crosses him at the last minute and runs off with the box for herself.

She later changes her mind and returns it to Neal, admitting that she doesn't want this to be goodbye, implying that she still has feelings for him. After Kate's plane blows up, Alex goes underground for a while to avoid the mysterious people who are searching for the music box, later resurfacing to assist Neal in an FBI investigation. He helps her get out of the country along with a valuable Matisse that she stoleand before she leaves for Italy, Alex gives him a piece of the music box and kisses him.

They later see each other again in the Season 2 mid-season finale "Point Blank". Alex has snuck back into the country, still hiding from the people searching for her and the music box. Neal offers to help get this target off her back, sending her to steal the box again, this time from FBI Agent Diana Barrigan's apartment, and donate it to the Russian Heritage Museum, finally ending her involvement with the box. This time, she gives Neal her number before she leaves.

This is directly after the realization that she is the granddaughter of the man who received the final transmission from the Nazi submarine that Adler is looking for, and that the fractal in the music box leads to. She explains that her grandfather encoded the fractal into the box with hopes of someday finding the treasure for himself, but died before he could.

He did manage to indirectly give Alex the code to open the submarine hatch, and she uses this knowledge to help Peter and Neal get in. After a near-death experience at the hands of Adler, Neal and Alex, relieved at being alive, share a kiss, which is seen by Neal's current girlfriend Sara Ellis. Alex and Sara later meet, and Alex quickly realizes that she and Neal are involved.

Alex gives Neal her blessing and one final kiss goodbye, as well as likening him to the Nazi treasure: Kate Moreau[ edit ] Kate is the driving force behind the majority of Neal's actions throughout the series.