Overanalyzing relationship and other problems

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overanalyzing relationship and other problems

Over Analyzing Relationships – Stop Looking for Problems The first way to stop over analyzing your relationships with others – and things in life in general is. 3 Ways To Stop Over-Analyzing Your New Relationships Like A Crazy Person well, you can get clingy and make the other person feel suffocated. Worrying that there is a problem often creates one whether there was one. Being in a relationship that you hope will lead to something long-term can be both when it's becoming a serious problem and can shatter even the strongest relationships." In fact, too much overanalyzing can cause anxiety in your relationship. 2You're Always Asking Others For Advice On The Same.

There are three important steps to standing up to this inner critic: Take note of what the critical inner voice is telling you and when it comes up. Are you having mean thoughts toward yourself, attacking your performance at work? Just keep your head down and maybe no one will notice you. You deserve a break. Just have a drink and settle down. Look at you just lounging around all night. You never finish anything.

Dating Advice: 10 Things You’re Over-Analyzing In Your Relationship

That is why it is so important to catch on to these thoughts. Think About Where These Voices Come From When you become aware of the specific thoughts you have toward yourself or others, you may start to see a pattern.

Do you often feel more critical of your spouse when he or she brings up a certain subject? You may be surprised to learn they actually have very little to do with you and your real feelings in your current life or in the current situation. For example, did someone treat you like you were stupid or incapable as a child?

Were you taught to fend for yourself or not to trust others? All kinds of attitudes your parents or important early caretakers had toward themselves and toward you can seep into your consciousness and manifest themselves as your critical inner voice. Understanding where these attitudes come from can help you to separate them from your real point of view, while having more compassion for yourself. Stand Up to Your Critical Inner Voice Journaling is a very helpful way to track what your critical inner voice is telling you.

overanalyzing relationship and other problems

One very helpful exercise Dr. It also paves the way for you to then respond to these voices from a more realistic and compassionate perspective. Firestone recommends that you write down or verbalize a reply to each of these thoughts the way a friend would talk to you, i.

As you come to know your inner critic, you can see how listening to it can influence your behavior. Pay attention to how your critical inner voice perpetuates that cycle of overthinking. Have that third piece of cake.

overanalyzing relationship and other problems

Keep him at a distance. Although the voice may get louder at first, like an angry toddler throwing a tantrum, eventually it will quiet down, as your real self is strengthened.

Learning to control or focus your attention can enhance an inner sense of calm and lead to increased self-awareness. With this awareness, you are better able to understand and take power over your behavior.

overanalyzing relationship and other problems

I can take a perfectly normal circumstance and analize, critique, and dissect it into all its parts until it no longer makes any sense whatsoever. And I know I am not the only one who suffers from this type of thinking.

Maybe anxiety has something to do with it. All of the what-ifs vying for attention every few seconds. It can be exhausting.


But more than that, it can be damaging to you and the one you are in a relationship with. If you are an over-thinkeror have been in a relationship with an over-thinker, you know what I am talking about. From my personal experience, the fastest way to damage a relationshipor your own well-being, is to over-think everything.

You see something, or you hear something that makes you form a question in your head.

Are You Overthinking Everything? Here's How to Stop!

Or you go back to something that was said or done in the past, and you focus on that. Suddenly, you are entering the over-thinking zone, and you are ill-prepared. Over-thinking will catch you off guard most times. The mind works in curious ways. It will divert all attention to things you would rather ignore and force you to deal with something until a resolution is reached- or until you pass out and remember it in the morning.

You only see the things that are a small part of something much bigger. When you mention the little things that trigger your over-thinking response, when you ask questions in regards to why your partner went out for pizza instead of going for the usual burger joint with their friends, when you ask why it took 35 minutes to respond to your text instead of the usual immediate response- you are focusing on the trivial instead of the important.

overanalyzing relationship and other problems

Over-thinking leads to blame- one way or the other, you or them.