Pmdd relationship stories and advice

Living in Darkness with PMDD |

pmdd relationship stories and advice

You support Cheeky Minx by reading, sharing and tipping stories more About a year into our marriage, I stumbled upon the term PMDD. . Read next: Relationship Advice: Helping Women Get Over a Breakup Faster. That's not to say your relationship won't benefit from the advice in this post if .. live without such distressing bursts of horribleness end of story. The following are just a few real stories from real women, whom have been, or are I had a bad child hood due to my father and 2 bad long term relationships. I am in counseling to deal with " me", Yasmin, vit b, calcium, magnesium, ect.

But with PMDD the symptoms are debilitating.

Living in Darkness with PMDD

Women who suffer with it truly cannot function on any level and some feel there is no end in sight. She said it is not clear what causes PMDD, but they are investigating how chemicals in the brain are affected during ovulation.

Treatment includes birth control pills and anti-depressants. Juntunen has chosen no medication, but is now aware of when the symptoms take control. Medicine is helping Levinson, but even more so is just knowing her diagnosis.

pmdd relationship stories and advice

She now watches the calendar very closely and fills in her diary. It helps her control feelings and thoughts during those very difficult days each month. For her it is working. However, they are generally more severe and debilitating and include a least one mood-related symptom. Symptoms occur during the week just before menstrual bleeding and usually improve within a few days after the period starts.

My College Story: Learning to Live with PMDD

This is her brain chemistry being disrupted due to the hormonal shifts taking place in her body. During a PMDD episode it can take all of her concentration simply to focus on the basics of getting through each day. If you come at her with anything resembling a major decision, it could overload her brain and cause a meltdown. So if she asks for space during that time, please give it to her.

Dealing with anybody on a short fuse can be challenging. If she snaps at you, or does something that irritates you, don't lose your temper and fight back.

pmdd relationship stories and advice

It won't do any good, and in most cases will only make things worse. Just discreetly take a deep breath, maybe say a prayer, and ignore whatever she just did that bothered you.

Relationships & PMDD

Do not enable immature behavior. Being emotional does not excuse inappropriate behavior, any more than being drunk excuses offensive behavior. She at least has an explanation for it—a biological explanation.

Real Stories - PMDD Adultery and YOU

Stay calm and leave the room if you have to, until she settles down. Try to figure out what the REAL problem is.

pmdd relationship stories and advice

This is a good time to suggest she take some time out for herself, maybe a hot bath, or a cup of tea and a good book, or whatever soothes her soul. Let her know you support her need to have a little time to pamper herself in whatever way makes her the happiest. But beware of sending her out on a shopping spree. Retail therapy will only make things worse when the mood has passed and the bills come in.

pmdd relationship stories and advice

Don't take it personally. During an episode of PMDD, you can count on her emotions getting the best of her, and she'll probably question your relationship. She might question you.