Radio and coach jones relationship help

Life Lessons The Movie “Radio” Taught Me – The Ascent

radio and coach jones relationship help

Learn more about Radio and coach Harold Jones from the movie. us to focus more on the development of the relationship between the two central characters. Please read about our charities and help us if you can. by Coach Jones and Radio of a relationship in a one year time frame." Radio and. Coach Jones is still active in Radio's life. They both support the Salvation Army and you can find them on several Saturdays during the year at the local Sam's.

radio and coach jones relationship help

Although the movie only the Coach has fought against all odds to integrate Radio in the society, that work requires a union of various links such as family, educators and society as a whole. The family needs to understand the disability of their child and seek ways to defend the rights and needs of it acting differently to the mother acted Radio initially, i.

Radio / James "Radio" Kennedy

Radio developed and modified in many ways lives and thoughts. He represents many disabled people that with much struggle, had their lives transformed. Leadership lessons from Radio movie: Coach Jones cares for Radio, shows him and his family respect, establishes trust, and indeed has integrity. He is committed enough to his purpose to stand up to his community and show by example how others should be treated.

Radio - James Robert Kennedy - Reel Faces at ChasingtheFrog

Coach Jones took the risk when he tried to be friended Radio in a day and age that was facing desegregation, little acceptance of african americans, and heightened fears about people with disabilities, it was a risk-ay thing to take one. He stands up for what he believes. Radio was a great leader when he deals with all the people around him with love, regardless their tough treatment of them for him as the beginning.

He also made it clear to his players and the community that he would not tolerate any discrimination. Kudos to people like Coach Jones!

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Encourage people and celebrate the differences among us all. Before seeing this movie, I may not have been the kindest individual and I still am not, but I think back to the way Radio felt whenever the football players were cruel to him and I try and do everything in my power to never make anyone feel that way.

radio and coach jones relationship help

Fight for the underdogs Stand up and fight for the underdogs. Be a champion for the people that have the hardest battles to fight.

Your encouragement and support may be what gets them over the hump. Without the support of Coach Jones, Radio would have never been able to come to school and learn. He saw an underdog and chose to support him.

radio and coach jones relationship help

He sees continuing to help Radio as the important thing to do.