Rayleigh and luffy relationship advice

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rayleigh and luffy relationship advice

Luffy's answer to Rayleigh when he's asked how he intends to conquer If the relationship had been revealed explicitly, Wikipedia and Wikia. Rayleigh's relationship with most of the Roger Pirates is unknown. Ever since Rayleigh had heard about Luffy from Shanks, he had wanted to meet him face to . The fourteenth season of the One Piece anime series was produced by Toei Animation, and directed by Hiroaki Miyamoto. The season began broadcasting in Japan on Fuji Television on July 18, and ended on September 25, The season focuses on Monkey D. Luffy as he tries to save his brother Rayleigh gives back Luffy's straw hat and befriends the Snake Princess and.

Dragon apparently cares for his son's life because he saved him in Loguetown. However, unlike Garp, Dragon seems to be in favor of Luffy's decision to become a pirate. It has not been mentioned about how Luffy feels toward Dragon and his ideals, but he is fine with people knowing that he is Dragon's son while acknowledging the revolutionary as his father.

When his connection to Dragon was made worldwide at Marineford, Luffy was unfazed by it but because of his family ties, he has been marked as a deadly element of the future. Though comically surprised, Luffy casually remarked that Dragon does not look like him before admitting to being more worried about Sabo than his father after hearing about the Blackbeard Pirates ' attack on the Revolutionary Army's base.

Ace Ace speaking his last words in Luffy's arms. The two were not related by blood and Luffy is aware that Ace's father was Gol D. When they first met, Ace was initially hostile to Luffy, even spitting at him before they were introduced to each other. Though Ace was aloof towards him, Luffy constantly tried to make Ace his friend, following him everywhere and trying to make up.

Eventually, after learning that Luffy was also alone after saving him from PorchemyAce finally befriended Luffy. They grew up together and fought every day, with Ace always winning even though Luffy had eaten a Devil Fruit. Luffy displayed no grudge against Ace for always winning, but proclaimed during the war in Marineford that he will eventually surpass Ace one day. Ace originally had little faith in Luffy's abilities until he saw Luffy use Haoshoku Haki and was amazed by his brother's potential.

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Ace was protective of Luffy from Garp's harsh training and treatment even going as far as to insult Garp to stop hurting Luffy. As for Luffy, this protective streak is reciprocated, leading to him embarking on a rescue mission to save Ace from Impel Down after hearing of Ace's capture and subsequent imprisonment there.

While they are extremely loving brothers to each other, Luffy always made Ace angry and worried by doing reckless things. As such, Ace readily believed Boa Hancock when she told him that Luffy had broken into the prison. Even near his death, Ace grew angry with Luffy's reckless infiltration of Impel Down, while the endangered Luffy was worried about Ace's safety as well. Luffy's devotion and love for his brother were shown to the extremes when he fought at the war at Marineford, stating that he would save Ace even if it kills him.

Though many were heartbroken when Ace died, none took it harder than Luffy, who was so devastated that he suffered a mental collapse and became unresponsive to his surroundings, and would have been killed by Akainu if others had not defended him. When Luffy woke up, all he could do was scream in agony and cry and wish it was all a nightmare, and that he would wake up soon.

The loss of his brother also had a crucial impact on Luffy, leading him to think that he was not worthy of becoming the Pirate King for the first time in his life.

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He only came out of his depression after Jinbe made him realize that Ace had entrusted Luffy's safety to his crew. After the two year timeskip, Luffy has fully gotten over his grief as he was able to talk about Ace's death freely, although his hatred for the man who killed his brother apparently still remains. Nonetheless, Luffy accepts Ace's fate, but also finds comfort in the fact that Ace truly believed he could become the Pirate King.

During the tournament for Ace's Devil Fruit, Luffy has shown that he doesn't like it when Ace's death is made fun of. Garp A typical moment of Garp punching Luffy. Though the two of them get along fine, Luffy is terrified of his grandfather Garp [29] due to the extreme training Garp put him through in his younger years to make him a strong Marineas well as Garp's tendency to punch Luffy to discipline him. Garp had high expectations for Luffy, but to Garp's dismay, Luffy did not share his grandfather's plans for his future.

Luffy was also ignorant of his grandfather's reputation until his crew informed him that his grandfather once fought the Pirate King Gol D. Garp is familiar with Luffy's personality, saying that Luffy is not the type of person to brag about defeating someone, arguing that Kuma did not need to kill Luffy to keep Moriah's defeat a secret. Garp was not too surprised to see Luffy use Haoshoku Haki even stating he inherited it after all. When Luffy came close to the platform, Garp stood in his way in the name of his Marine duties.

rayleigh and luffy relationship advice

Luffy was hesitant to go through with attacking his grandfather and told him to move but saw no other choice. However, in the end, Garp chose family over his duties as he allowed Luffy to hit him and reach the execution platform to save Ace.

Curly Dadan "Dadan, I hate mountain bandits The mountain banditCurly Dadanis Luffy and Ace's foster mother. She had been blackmailed by Garp into taking care of him, and she did not seem pleased with having Luffy as her surrogate son due to being already occupied with the troublesome Ace. Luffy, in turn, did not seem to like the Dadan Family anymore than they liked him due to his run-in with the bandit Higuma. However, as time passed, they came to care for each other, with Dadan coming in to save Luffy from Bluejamand Luffy worrying for Dadan's safety.

Before leaving her, Luffy annoyed her by saying that he hates bandits but makes her cry tears of joy when he states that he likes her. After the death of Ace, Dadan was deeply concerned with how Luffy must be grieving but swore to keep cheering him on. After Luffy's return from his two-year absence, Dadan and her fellow bandits were overjoyed and they were proud of him after he defeated Doflamingo.

Sabo Overjoyed by the revelation that his brother was alive after 12 years of thinking he was dead, Luffy tearfully clings to Sabo. Like Ace, Sabo was initially annoyed with Luffy when they first met. At first, Sabo wanted to kill Luffy for discovering his and Ace's plans. Luffy replies that he doesn't really intend to conquer it, only that the person with the most freedom in the ocean would be the pirate king which brings a smile to Rayleigh's and Shakky's faces.

Rayleigh then tells the crew he'll have their ship coated in three days which until then the crew will have to avoid trouble. Rayleigh then appears after the Straw Hats are confronted by Sentomaru and a Pacifistasaving Roronoa Zoro from certain death by Admiral Kizaru [8] by blocking Kizaru's kick.

rayleigh and luffy relationship advice

Kizaru greets the "Dark King" while Rayleigh tells him not to pluck the fine sprouts i. When Kizaru moves to chase the escaping Zoro, Usopp and Brook with " Yata no Kagami ", Rayleigh draws a sword and cuts the beam of light, stopping Kizaru in his tracks.

rayleigh and luffy relationship advice

The two quickly engage in a sword fight, Kizaru using a sword of light, where Rayleigh manages to draw blood by cutting Kizaru's cheek. Despite fighting evenly with Kizaru, he is unable to prevent the Straw Hats from being overpowered by PX-1 and Sentomaru.

After Bartholomew Kuma arrives and transports Zoro far away with his powers, he tells Rayleigh something he is unwilling to believe—that he is an officer of the revolutionary army and that he wishes to let the Straw Hats escape—then teleports the rest of the crew to distant islands.

After the War Edit Rayleigh shedding a tear for Whitebeard's death. While Whitebeard's death was airing at Sabaody, Rayleigh, who had escaped Kizaru's arrest, was watching from afar while drinking, remarking that Whitebeard was finally dead with a smile on his face and a teardrop in his eye. After the war, Rayleigh set off on a ship to Amazon Lily.

However before he could even reach to the Calm Belt, his ship sank in a storm and thus forced him to swim the rest of the way to the island. He killed several Sea Kings when he was getting closer to the shore of the island, something which surprised and almost frightened the Heart Pirates who were watching from the shore. When he got to the shore, he remembered Trafalgar Law from the Sabaody Archipelago, and told them he thought Luffy was on the island.

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Rayleigh reunites with Sandersonia, Marigold, and Nyon. He then sees Luffy and Jinbe coming toward him. When Luffy asked about his crew, Rayleigh said he doubted they were all back yet. After telling Luffy that Law said to take it easy for another two weeks, he proceeded to see Nyon, Boa Hancock, and her sisters, whom he had met 13 years ago and knew rather well; he had protected them when they had escaped from the Celestial Dragons.

He gave the women a message from Shakky. He then reassured them that the Marines would not even think to look for Luffy on The Isle of Women, and that he was completely safe there. Rayleigh then remembers what Kuma whispered to him back on the archipelago. He explains that Kuma told him the general direction in which he sent Luffy, which happened to lead right to Amazon Lily. After going back through the events of the war with Shakky, she was able to determine that Boa Hancock was hiding Luffy on her home island, that she was doing so out of love for Luffy, and also as a means of hiding him from the Marines.

Rayleigh then commented that a woman's intuition was a truly frightening thing. He then said he would get to the main reason he came to find Luffy. Rayleigh asks him if he wanted to return to Sabaody, to which Luffy replies yes. Rayleigh then reminded him of what happened there before, saying that gathering his crew there again would lead to the same result as before. He then starts to propose an idea he has to Luffy, giving him the choice of rejecting it if he so chooses.

He infiltrated Marineford with Luffy and Jinbe and took part in stealing a Marine ship and circling Marineford once with it. He then is seen on the Kuja Pirates' ship with two Kuja pirates pulling on his cheek since he is a man.

He then tells Luffy that his crew most likely got the meaning of his message, due to its abnormal nature. He then said that he had a hunch that the others would understand the message. Rayleigh demonstrating Busoshoku Haki to Luffy on an attacking elephant. He and Luffy then went to Rusukaina for special training.

Rayleigh tells Hancock that none of the Kujas are allowed on the island during the training and tells her that if she is worried then she should pray for Luffy. Once the Kuja Pirates are gone, Rayleigh begins Luffy's training by mentioning that the island was once inhabited, but the chaotic climate changes and the ferocious nature of the wildlife eventually killed all the natives.

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As a wild elephant comes charging at them, Rayleigh explains the basic concepts of Haki, using the elephant as a demonstration for them. Rayleigh tells Luffy that there are three kinds of Haki: He uses Kenbunshoku Haki to dodge the elephant's attack and then use Busoshoku Haki to repel the elephant.

The two then began training on the island.