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The RCS Back Office Operating Manual is separated into two main sections, the EXPLANATION OF THE RELATION BETWEEN DEPARTMENTS, JOBS. BASEatm V6 April 11, Retail Commerce Server (RCS) Labs .. 15 Posera POSitouch / Restaurant Data Concepts Postilion (S1 Corporation) RTP ONE January 15, Integrated POS and customer relationship. Whether you are an independent restaurant or a national chain, Table Service, Quick Service, Fast Casual, Bar or Nightclub, the POSitouch Point of Sale (POS) .

Any and all representations or warranties, including any and all representations and warranties made by the payment application vendor, are disclaimed by Visa. The information provided herein is subject to change by Visa, with or without notice. Although Visa makes good faith efforts to provide accurate and complete information, merchants, or anyone else utilizing the information set forth on the following List of Validated Payment Applications remain responsible for confirming the accuracy of the information set forth below, including but not limited to, confirming with the appropriate payment application vendor that the version of the application identified below is in compliance with PABP.

Use of any one or more of the applications below i does not guarantee or ensure compliance with the PCI DSS; and ii does not satisfy any Acquirers obligation to perform their own evaluation and due diligence, to ensure the PCI DSS compliance of their merchants and agents.

Wahlburgers invests in new POS for great performance

Attestations that are from days late are noted in yellow and reports that are from days late are noted in red. Entities with reports over 90 days past due will be removed from this list. If there are no, Visa will require a letter signed by an Officer of the software company indicating no changes to the payment application and continued adherence to the Payment Application Best Practices.

Processors Middleware payment application. Large retailers, processors Point of sale software for the food service industry Payment solution for the cellular phone platform 3.

Allied Electronics Amano Cincinnati Authentic 3. It is a translator between merchant and processor systems April 15, PSC Add on feature for other card processing applications by the vendor, that allows customers to store cardholder information long term 4. As a credit card authorization system, the application can process all authorization and settlement transactions related to the acquiring bank CWDirect NET Payment component for web based applications 1.

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CyberSource Payment Manager 6. Xpay March 31, VeriSign Xpay is an authorization software system that can be integrated with any POS system, web site or call center Xsettlement 2. The industry could do with a refresh to its default communication standard. Along with text messages, RCS will also allow for higher quality picture messaging up to 10MB in size, group chats, location sharing, and even video calls by default.

Unlike SMS, the new technology can be integrated with contact apps to see who else supports the service, as well as for sharing contacts and groups. The aim is to provide a consistent interoperable messaging service across mobile device and networks. Plus Apple already has its popular iMessage service. The Universal Profile is a specification which outlines a set of Advanced Calling and Messaging features and how communication services are to be built to support these features.

Participation in the Universal Profile is not necessary to support Advanced Messaging, instead it is designed to expedite the roll out and ensure compatibility.

Wahlburgers invests in new POS for great performance - Retail Control Solutions

The J2 is powerful enough to run a secondary screen with ease, and clients such as Wahlburgers are using this configuration in its simplest form to show guests what they are purchasing and in its most sophisticated form to run advertising and targeted promotions.

Wahlburgers has achieved excellent results from using the new POSitouch software. Wahlburgers naturally wants to limit server time at the terminals and maximize the time that can be spent on service.

POSitouch boasts the fewest touches in the industry; that adds up to a lot of time and servers are liberated to spend time with guests. Every night the system consolidates information from all the stores to the cloud so that regional and headquarters management, together with the executive team, gain real-time access to trading data for business visibility.

The new J2 and POSitouch solution that RCS provides and supports is creating real value for Wahlburgers and delivering the reliability, functionality and service quality that the business set out to gain.

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