Sailor neptune and uranus relationship advice

How the American Release of Sailor Moon Closeted Its LGBT Characters

sailor neptune and uranus relationship advice

Sailor Moon is one of the most beloved cartoon shows of the 90s, but it as Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus, were in a romantic relationship. This suggests that we simply do not know if Uranus and Neptune were lovers in their past life. That other relationships from the past (between. Everyone and anyone who watches Sailor Moon, no matter what the season, knows that Amara (Sailor Uranus) and Michelle (Sailor Neptune).

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So, flirting is just a game and they know it. Again, in the case of Crystal, these two girls might be more flirty when they interact with Usagi and her boyfriend Mamoru.

That would spice things up a little! The contrast is especially prominent in the first version of the anime, where our five girls are childish practically most of the time.

Introducing the Outer Senshi to the story helped to give the female cast more balance.

sailor neptune and uranus relationship advice

Also, this pair tend to keep themselves in their private little world. It might look at first sight as a protective shield, away from the fame of their civilian lives.

But once we discovered they also were Sailor Senshi, we found out that what they ultimately wanted is to protect their Princess Sailor Moon without hurting her or the others.

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In episode 98, Haruka even states that they made the promise of fulfilling their mission as Sailor Senshi even if one of them dies. These girls take matters on their own hands!

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Final Thoughts Naoko Takeuchi gave us some of the most unforgettable characters in the shoujo anime world, as her girls are more than pretty faces in Sailor uniforms. By giving defined personalities, depth and complex relationships to Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune, she created the most wonderful couple ever!

Always imitated, never equaled. Which are your favorite Haruka and Michiru moments? Which are your expectations for our couple in Sailor Moon Crystal S3? We welcome all our comments! Swift as a coursing river, with all the force of a great typhoon, with all the strength of a raging fire, mysterious as the dark side of the Moon. In some interpretations of this story arc, the Sailor Starlights remain female while on Earth but cross-dress as men for the same reasons they transform gender in other versions.

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This apparently upset Naoko Takeuchi, who despised this transformation -- she intended that only naturally born females could become Sailor Scouts. How many times has a franchise been overhauled, only to leave fans disappointed and in the heat of nerd rage? This almost happened to Sailor Moon a few times. Gina Davis was even brought on board as a producer and actress to play the wicked Queen Beryl.

We are envisioning a Beetlejuice version of Sailor Moon -- shudders -- and are so happy the project was scrapped! Renaissance-Atlantic handled the adaptations of Super Sentai into Power Rangers for Saban Entertainment, hence the nickname for this never to be show. The concepts seemed strong -- seeking to show diversity through the cast by adjusting some of the characters to be mixed race, and even making Sailor Mercury wheelchair bound -- but were so poorly produced, the concept was literally laughed into oblivion.

sailor neptune and uranus relationship advice

Her age, history, and even how she conceived Sailor Moon are all a bit off when you examine them up close. Gods and Goddesses can get away with such things. But, what if Queen Serenity had been a fairy instead?

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That is how she was originally imagined by Naoko Takeuchi. Besides featuring great portrayals of female friendship, Sailor Moon is also known for introducing one of the first and most prominent queer couples to appear in Japanese media at the time.

sailor neptune and uranus relationship advice

The pair weren't introduced to the series until Season 3, known as Sailor Moon S, but they were immediate fan favorites. When DIC bought the rights to air Sailor Moon in America, the English dubs provided made significant changes to the series, some of which were to make things less confusing for kids who wouldn't understand certain cultural references, but many of which were to make the show a lot less outrageously queer than it is in the subtitled version.

One of the more awkward tonal shifts was the idea to explain the close relationship between Neptune and Uranus by claiming that they were cousins rather than lovers, in order to avoid offending American audiences.

sailor neptune and uranus relationship advice

Sailor Moon S was a lot darker than the rest of the series had been up to that point. While Uranus exhibits many non-binary traits, Takeuchi refers to her as definitively female. For her part, Haruka flirts with just about every female character on the show at one point or another, while Michiru only seems to flirt with anyone to make Haruka jealous.