Seras victoria and alucard relationship test

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Alucard (アーカード, Ākādo) is the main protagonist of the Hellsing anime and As stated by Hirano the relationship between Seras and Alucard is complicated. After he tests his opponents and finds them worthy, he is comforted to see that. Explore Богдан Васильев's board "Alucard (girlycard)" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Hellsing alucard, Seras victoria and Hellsing cosplay. Being freed from Alucard, Integra's death and funeral. . The man cut off the connection and sat back in his seat, a glass of wine in hand.

As Seras lost her parents at a young age, her fondness and love for Alucard could be similar to a daughter's love for her father. Hirano said that their feeling of the love could be something closer to the ties of the familiship. We cannot just say it's father and daughter. At times Seras seems nervous and uneasy around Alucard, mainly due to his constant berating about her being a pathetic vampire during the early days of Seras' vampire life.

She also strongly objects to Alucard's unnecessary cruelty towards human beings, while she does not partake in the slaughter of the SWAT team, she aides Alucard in his combat with Tubalcain Alhambra and later attempts to fight Alexander Anderson though her attack is comically cut short. As the series progresses, her shy and nervous behavior towards Alucard loosen up a bit once she becomes a full-fledged vampire and he addresses her by name. During Alucard's fight with Anderson, Seras comes to his rescue in a desperate attempt to save him.

After stopping the strike by Anderson, Seras' alarmed calls bring Alucard back from torpor. The last visage in his dream was Seras' face, ending the flashback and chapter with the words: There is a voice calling out. Your voice sounds fine regardless; like fragments of shattered melody Go and conquer, Seras. In the end, Seras is the only one who has undying faith of his return. In both versions of Hellsing, Alucard and Integra share a complex but strict "master and servant" relationship.

Integra has been connected to him since her father's death. Arthur Hellsing named her the new head of the Hellsing Organization, a decision that drove his jealous brother to try and kill her. Using the air ducts, Integra snuck into the dungeons of the Hellsing estate's sub-levels recalling that her father said that she would find her "salvation" there, should she find herself in the face of death at the hands of her enemies and found Alucard's corpse Hellsing's "greatest legacy" according to Arthur in one of the rooms.

Shortly upon discovering him, Richard finds her and shoots her. The bullet grazed her arm and the blood from her injury fell onto the corpse, awakening Alucard.

He kills all the men in the room and severs Richard's arm before pledging his allegiance to his new master. After protecting her from Richard's final attempt to kill her, Alucard allows Integra to kill her uncle herself. In the television series, Alucard offered Integra to be a vampire shortly after his awakening, but only when she bravely defied him did he consider her worthy of his respect and servitude and fit to be the head of the Hellsing family.

Alucard claimed that Integra "Hasn't changed, she is still so childish Over the years, Alucard and Walter help her grow and mature into the leader and master she becomes. As such, Integra is the only person whom Alucard will obey. We have had reports of some of the lower class vampires being destroyed around the world. The reports are of humans killing them with improved weapons designed to kill vampires. Did they smell different from traditionally turned ones?

Seras and Alucard's eyes widened and they exchanged a look. Your mission report did say that new enemy was working on something more than just improved freak vampires.

It could be that these new weapons could be it. In his blood memories I saw that the people who did that to him was working on something else, but the memories did not show me what it was.

It could be that the new weapons your scouts encountered, are the same weapons mentioned in the freaks memories. We will crush them and bathe in their blood. It made most of the vampires stiffen but Seras just smirked. That was her former master alright.

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Always excited with the chance of a fight. She thought they were going to talk about what had been going on while he was enslaved to the Hellsing family? You did not need to hear it. You came in at the end of the meeting. Lucy looked back and bared her fangs at Seras and glared. Seras did the same and hissed. She is no threat. You could take her down. That crown suits you. Seras turned toward him and smiled," Thank you for letting me us it. I some things I need to do tonight. A warm feeling enveloped his chest as he said it and smiled.

He vanished in a swirl of darkness, going to his study. You have done well.

seras victoria and alucard relationship test

He was the leader of Infinity. His name, Alex Cross. The room was bear and only lit by torches along the walls. A single throne-like chair sat at the back of the room. The Infinity symbol with two swords crossing each other was on a banner behind him.

seras victoria and alucard relationship test

The symbol was black with the banner being white. He had started the group when his wife and children were killed by vampires in their home on the boarder of England. He had been twenty-five at the time, that had been ten years ago.

Now at the age of thirty- five he finally had enough resources and money to kill all vampires. His destiny was to kill all of the vampire's race and he was going to do it. He came from a long line of vampire hunters. He was going to continue what his ancestors set out to do hundreds of years ago.

The Vatican was backing him up on some of the research and donating money. He had an army of men, both fake vampires and humans. The weapons he had developed were bullets that contained a liquid substance that could kill a vampire. He also had body army suits being made. It happened three days ago. Her secret vampire has been freed from the Hellsing line with the death of it last true heir.

I want all the preparations done within three months. The messenger left him alone. His time had come. He was going to destroy the vampire race. The major blow would be with the death of the Vampire King. Seras found herself in the grand ballroom about two hours after the meeting. She made her way over to the piano and sat down. Her fingers lightly moved over the keys as she decided on what to play.

Finally she sat up straight and began to play a new one she leaned a few months ago.

seras victoria and alucard relationship test

She fell in love with it when she watched the anime Naruto. It was Itachi Uchiha's theme song. She actually cried when she heard it and understood his background.

He was her favorite character from the show. The song was a little fast paced but she decided to make it slow.

Her fingers drifted across the keys. She lost herself within the song but did notice when another presence entered the room. She continued to play as Alucard sat down on the piano bench. He watched her as she concentrated on the piano keys. He saw a piece of her hair move in front of her face and he impulsively brought his hand up and moved it back behind her ear.

His knuckle brushing her temple and cheek with a soft touch. She stopped playing as the song came to an end. She turned to him and smiled, "How was that? She blushed and hit him on the shoulder lightly. She looked around the ball room and a small glare came over her face. When my father was king he would have a few to keep my mother happy but that was it.

She had her hands clasped together under her chin as she gazed at him. Her eyes were shinning with emotion. She looked like a little girl asking for a pony for her birthday. How could he say no to that?

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Alright" he answered with a sigh. She tightened her hold around his neck and reached up to kiss him on the cheek. Before he could do anything she let go and ran out of the room screaming how it was going to be the best dance in the history of dances.

Alucard watched her go and smirked. She was going to be the death of him. Mike started to laugh, "Oh you have got to be kidding me! Dragons are not real!

An iron door was at the end of the tunnel and it had a dragon carved into it. Red eyes stared at them. Freezing them with fear. Both men moved toward the door and Jack grabbed the handle.

seras victoria and alucard relationship test

The door slid open with a groan of protest. The humans moved into the room. The room was carved out of rock and at the end of the room was a throne like chair. A figure sat in the chair, unmoving. It had taken them two hours to find this place. They were somewhere in Romania in the mountains.

After hours of going through all the twists and turns, even some hidden traps, they had finally found what they were looking for. Jack stood over the figure. His flashlight illuminating the figure. The body had grey hair that fell over its face and a pale complexion. The person was dressed in a black full body suit, with a cape hanging off its shoulders.

Jack moved to pick up its head and gazed at the shrunken in face. It was a woman in her early twenties. She looked very thin but other than that it looked as if she had died a few hours before. He did not see her eyes flutter or her nose twitch at the smell of fresh blood. Just an unfortunate soul. Suddenly a gust of air moved through the room and the door slam shut. Jack fell on his back and scrambled to get up. He could not see or hear a thing. After about twenty seconds the air died away and he stood up.

His partner was nowhere to be found. His gun and flashlight laid on the floor. The woman was gone. What did you do!? A solid mass collided into him and Jack skidded across the floor.

He looked up and froze.