Simba and mufasa relationship tips

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simba and mufasa relationship tips

As the movie progresses you see that not only are Simba and Nala friends, they become lovers. “Lion King” shows the progression of love of a real relationship. Simba with his father Mufasa. Simba and his father had a strong father-son relationship. Simba looked up to Mufasa in every way, and after being chased by the. When Mufasa tells Simba to look at the stars and tells him that the life can be compared to the way God wants a relationship with each of us.

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Scar told everyone that Simba was dead so that he himself could take the place of king of the Pride Land. Nala goes out looking for help after there is no food left at home after Scar takes over. She runs into Simba and their hearts leap.

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This is what real love does to people. It is an excellent example of lovers knowing each other better than anyone else. The parts that they sing together prove that they know each other better than anyone else does.

simba and mufasa relationship tips

She can also see the king inside Simba. This is what people that are in love are able to do. Throughout this scene of Simba and Nala reuniting there is a lot of innocent flirting.

simba and mufasa relationship tips

They push and shove each other into the water. Nala kisses Simba on the cheek and then she jokes around with him.

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When people go out to restaurants, it is easy to spot those around you who are in love or on the verge of such. The hyenas' expectancy in all 3 areas was high because they believed Scar's promises, however as it emerged that there would be no food rewards for any level of effort, the hyenas became increasingly unmotivated.

This proves to be true at the end of the film when they rebel and destroy Scar because he has not delivered the rewards that he promised. The fact that he also betrays them by blaming them for his failure to rule the Pride Lands affectively demonstrates that they cannot trust him. There is a hierarchy within the groups of hyenas with the female hyena Shenzi being the leader of the trio. Shenzi is the smartest and most confident of the three as she is the first to follow Scar's orders and then to attack him at the end when they overhear him blaming them.

Shenzi's behaviour is that of a Participation Manager as she has no positional power but is the most intelligent and dominant of the group. All decisions are shared with Banzai and Ed, with a high level of teamwork and communication.

simba and mufasa relationship tips

The hyenas have a shared interest and their motivation for working as a team is survival with the goal of obtaining food. Banzai and Ed are dependent on Shenzi due to their lack of intelligence and competence as they would probably be unable to obtain food without Shenzi's help.

Zazu is a red-billed hornbill who acts as majordomo to Mufasa. He is very proud of his position of responsibility and conducts himself in a dignified manner. Zazu's role appears to be that of manager of the Pride Lands.

Organisations need both effective management and leadershipship in order to function successfully Kotter a.

simba and mufasa relationship tips

When Zazu questions Scar about his absence from Simba's presentation and when he is charged with caring for the cubs, his authority and responsibility are clearly demonstrated which are advocated as key principles of management theory Fayol cited in Mullins Zazu is able to ensure the maintenance of order and consistency in the Pride Lands by providing Mufasa with the morning report, imparting information necessary for the safety of the Pride and their territory.

Management can be expressed as "implementing the vision and direction provided by leaders, coordinating and staffing organization and handling day-to-day problems House cited in Lunenbergp. Zazu's commitment to Mufasa's leadership is demonstrated during the song "I Just Can't Wait to be King" Lion King when he challenges Simba about his immature perception of the roles and responsibilities of becoming king and questions the future prosperity of the Pride Lands under Simba's impending rule.

She approved of Kovu and Kiara's relationship, and roared alongside her daughter after Kovu and Kiara's marriage ceremony.

Kion Nala appeared to have a close relationship with her son Kion, unlike Simba, Nala accepted that it was time for Kion to lead the Lion Guard, and showed immense pride in him when he defeated Janja. She often gives Kion the maternal support and affection he needs. Romance Simba Simba and Nala.


When the two were born, their parents agreed that they would marry each other upon reaching adulthood. As cubs, Simba and Nala were best friends and frequently played together. After being informed of their betrothal by Zazu, the two agreed that marrying wouldn't be right, and after escaping Zazu, Simba took Nala to the Elephant Graveyard, which he had heard about from his uncle Scar.