Simpsons officer and a gentleman ending relationship

simpsons officer and a gentleman ending relationship

To compile this list, I sought feedback from both hardcore Simpsons fans and . Marge puts a stop to the relationship when she realizes that Homer is the love of her life. a scene out of An Officer and a Gentleman: "I'm going to the back seat of my car, In the final scene, Lisa's and Bart's teams square off. Here is a countdown of ten endings of episodes of The Simpsons that likely had you Lisa's wedding, it was a historic episode in Lisa and Homer's relationship. It pays homage to An Officer and a Gentlemen and it became a the fan favorite. The Simpsons' film parodies seen side-by-side with their references . An Officer and a Gentleman (). One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

The orchestra librarian would walk out before each work, place the score on the stand, and make sure it was shut, showing just the cover.

simpsons officer and a gentleman ending relationship

Ozawa was my first and most enduring classical music hero. To this day I want to grow up to be him. And then, Carole King. But for many years before that album, she was a songwriter working in the Brill Building on Broadway in New York, churning out hits for solo acts and vocal groups of the 50s and 60s.

Another great page in my musical lesson book and another vinyl album nearly worn to dust. When the street in the intro fades to the Simpson house in this episode, the shot is different than the shot used in " Bart the General ".

Life on the Fast Lane

In "Bart the General", the Simpson house shot was the infamous three-quarter front view, while in this episode Life on the Fast Lanethe Simpson house shot is a front view instead. Marge turns 34 years old in this episode She used to be 33 years old for the first eight episodes of Season 1 and of the whole showand has been 34 since this episode.

simpsons officer and a gentleman ending relationship

Goofs If Marge is 34, this would mean she gave birth to Bartnow 10, when she was This is inconsistent with most flashbacks to Homer and Marge's earlier lives. When Marge is seen twice putting on bowling shoes, she is putting them on her bare feet.

Life on the Fast Lane/References

In real life, you need to wear socks with bowling shoes in order to prevent the spread of foot fungus. Realizing that Homer only bought the ball so that he could use it himself, she is determined to learn how to bowl to spite him and heads to Barney's Bowl-a-Rama. Marge has difficulty until she meets a French bowling instructor named Jacques, who offers to give her lessons.

simpsons officer and a gentleman ending relationship

When he asks about the name inscribed on her ball, she tells him that Homer is actually the ball's name, neglecting to mention that she is married. Homer is faintly aware that something is wrong, but is unsure what is happening.

simpsons officer and a gentleman ending relationship

After passing several bowling lessons, Jacques and Marge agree to meet each other for brunch. Their brunch goes well until they run into Helen Lovejoywho seems delighted to not find Marge with Homer. After deflecting Helen's interest by pretending to discuss bowling theory, Jacques asks Marge to meet him the next day away from the gossips of the world at his apartment, causing Marge to faint.

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In her dream, she imagines a romantic fantasy where she dances with Jacques in his luxurious, bowling-themed apartment. When she comes to, she accepts the invitation.

simpsons officer and a gentleman ending relationship

At home, Homer finds the personalized bowling glove given to Marge by Jacques and realizes he may be losing her.