Storage wars mary and moe relationship questions

15 Things You Didn't Know About Storage Wars' Mary Padian

storage wars mary and moe relationship questions

Mary Padian is an American reality star who is the part of the popular reality Prigoff, a cast of the popular reality television series Storage Wars Texas. . Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. The eleventh season of the reality show, Storage Wars is all set to air on Currently, the reality star Mary Padian is dating her boyfriend, Dylan. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. 3 days ago HomeBusinesswomanMary Padian Bio, Net Worth, Height, Weight, Boyfriend, Dating, Affair & Married Ethnicity, Nationality, Fact, Birthday & Career. Mary Padian is recognized for her shows on the Storage Wars franchise on A&E Networks. Furthermore, she has appeared as a guest star on.

Mary could totally pull off a career as a model if she ever decided to give up the thrift store life-- or an actress, thanks to her vlogging experience. The couple tell conflicting stories of how they ended up together, both pinning the relationship on the other.

They both agree that there was no attraction when they first met. She showed off her speed while auditioning for American Idol last year. This wunderkind is also a talented musician and keeps a collection of instruments. Where does she find time for it all? Even as a child, Emily had a love of performing and joined every possible music-related school function that she could.

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She took up singing and performing in musical theater. So, it only makes sense that she also got caught up in the item planting controversy. She is a mixed descendant since her father is Irish and her mother is Lebanese.

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She has Grand Father and Grand Mother in her family. A post shared by Mary Padian marypadian on Aug 25, at Her large family clearly explains her desire to go back to Texas after being away for quite a long time.

A post shared by Mary Padian marypadian on Dec 2, at 3: A post shared by Mary Padian marypadian on Dec 4, at After her graduation, she secured an internship with D magazine and later proceeded to Architectural Designs as an Assistant Editor.

It was while she was in Architectural Designs that she discovered her passion in finding abandoned collections.

storage wars mary and moe relationship questions

In after her mentor retired, Mary Padian decided to go back to Texas and open her own collection shop. It was then that she met Moe Prigoff who used to bring her collections from storage auctions. Apparently, he's younger than Mary, but we don't know much about this mysterious man named Dylan. From her expertise as a buyer and reseller on Storage Wars, she's created an online shop of her very own. The shop, aptly named Mary's Finds, offers a collection of vintage and refurbished collector's items.

Many of the items were found in storage lockers during the filming of the hit show. The shop boasts trinkets, toys, appraised items, and a large collection of Coca-Cola merchandise. Due to her large fan base, she also offers autographed photos of herself. Might as well make money off of the fame and add to her fortune, right? This junkyard queen definitely has what it takes to promote herself and boost her career. The side project has proved quite successful for the young entrepreneur.

After her schooling was completed, she took on an internship at D magazine. During this time, she really delved into her artistic side, rummaging through old junk and starting to learn the ropes of appraising and selling vintage items.

However, she soon tired of the big city life and missed her rural Texan roots. Inshe moved back to Texas, and that's when she kicked off her entrepreneurial career with the opening of the Mary's Finds shop.

This is where she met Moe Prigoffwho gave her a tutorial in storage unit auctions. Moe, who was already a part of Storage Wars, really helped her get her foot in the door.

Not long after, she made a guest appearance on the show. She has a younger brother named Luke and a shocking 42 first cousins!

storage wars mary and moe relationship questions

Her huge family is one of the main reasons that she really didn't make it in the big city. This Dallas beauty needed to be closer to her roots to feel anchored and secure.