Tekken jin and xiaoyu relationship goals

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tekken jin and xiaoyu relationship goals

Jin, Hwoarang and Asuka were in the gym of the stadium. . However, he was even more popular in Tekken People #relationship goals. For Street Fighter X Tekken on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board Hwoarang pretty much despises jin and its his life goal to be strong enough to beat That doesn't show a Xiaoyu and Hwao relationship, at all. Jin Kazama is a fictional character and main protagonist of the Tekken fighting game series While Jin and Xiaoyu appeared to have developed a close relationship, Satō did not want to explore a romantical one in the movie. . Jin's ultimate goal in awakening such a monster is to fight it in a suicidal battle and both save.

Beating Tag Tournament as Jin results in a sequence where he tries to kill Kazuya but his body then starts shaking. He returned in the sequel Project X Zone 2 with Kazuya as his partner. The Motion Picture as a child. The Dark History of Mishima. Blood Vengeancean alternate retelling of events between Tekken 5 and Tekken 6. In the film, Jin once again seeks to defeat Heihachi and Kazuya fighting both of them in the climax.

With help from Alisa BosconovitchJin emerges as the winner and leaves hoping his high school friend Ling Xiaoyu defeats him in the next tournament. This version of Jin differs significantly, wherein he was never raised by Heihachi and his mother was killed during a crackdown on insurgents by the Tekken Corporation.

In addition, though he is still the illegitimate son of Kazuya, and he speaks with an English accent given that Foo is English. He enters the Iron Fist tournament to take revenge on Heihachi for his mother's death, but during the tournament, he learns that it was Kazuya who was responsible for the crackdown.

He progresses through the tournament, falling in love with Christie Monteiro and forming alliances with Steve FoxRaven and even Heihachi himself when Kazuya overthrows him. Eventually, Jin makes it to the final, beating Yoshimitsu and even Bryan Furyand defeats his father in battle, yet refuses to kill him for the sake of their blood relation.

Jin also appears in the short film Tekken X Street Fighter: Challenger, portrayed by Ken Leung. Jin has been featured in action figures from both his Tekken 3 and Tekken 4 appearances. In Gamest 's Heroes Collection, Jin was voted as the staff's 31st favorite character sharing the spot with three Street Fighter characters, Charlieand Yang.

Reader's Choice", Jin was one of the video game characters voted to be featured in a live-action movie with the site commenting his role in the Tekken series noting that it could be the "focal point" of any film. The staff from site did not choose as a result of the poor quality from films based on fighting games. I am so sorry Wang San. I am so sorry Ling San. Xiaoyu gently put her other hand on his shoulder to comfort him.

You were creating negative energy to awaken azazel so that you can eliminate the devil gene. By defeating azazel, you have not only removed the devil gene from the world…you have also destroyed a very evil creature. We understand your reasons for your evil deeds Kazama.

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However, that doesn't take away the hurt that you cause Xiaoyu. I can't change the past, but now that I'm back…I am going to redeem myself. I am going to be the best husband and father. I am going to be the best person I can be.


I am going to be a man of honor and dignity. Jun Kazama raised me right. Kazuya Mishima is my father…Heihachi Mishima is my grandfather…but that doesn't mean anything! Jun Kazama is who raised me.

tekken jin and xiaoyu relationship goals

I am my mother's son. I am nothing like Kazuya and Heihachi. Let me prove it to you. Please give me another chance Wang San…Ling San. Xiaoyu really loves you. When you were being a bad husband to her, we kept telling her to divorce you, but she refused. She had faith in you, saying that you would change. She never lost faith in you Jin. For Xiaoyu and Chun Jin's sakes…we will have faith you in Jin.

We will give you another chance. But I'm warning you…hurt Xiaoyu again and we won't give you another chance ever again. He went up to Xiaoyu's parents and Wang and kneeled respectfully before them. I don't deserve your forgiveness…but thank you so much. I won't let you guys down, I swear. Did…did you just call me son? He gave Wang and Xiaoyu's parents a hug. Xiaoyu stood and watched. She was so happy that she had tears in her eyes. She couldn't believe that this was actually happening.

She had always wanted her family to accept Jin and after many years…her wish had finally come true. Later that day… Kazuya Mishima's Mansion 10pm Kazuya was in his living room. He was sitting down on a very comfortable, leather, recliner chair. He was wearing designer, grey silk pajamas, bedroom slippers and a designer velvet robe. He held a glass of red wine in his hand. He was smoking a cigar while classical music played on the stereo.

She was wearing a short, sexy, lace black nightgown. On top of the nightgown she wore a red, velvet robe and she was barefoot. She put down her glass of red wine on the side table.

She laid down on the sofa next to Kazuya's chair.

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You needed a break. He put the cigar back in his mouth. We'll conquer the world together. He stretched out his hand towards her. Anna smiled and took his hand. They held hands and looked into each other's eyes. Just then, a security guard ran into the living room. The security guard was panting from running.

Kazuya and Anna glared at the security guard. They were pissed off at him for interrupting their relaxing evening. He knew that Kazuya was pissed at him for disturbing him. He insists that he must see you. This is what you're bothering me about? I don't give a shit if he wants to see me. Tell him to get the fuck out.

And if he still won't leave What the fuck do I pay you idiot guards for if you can't do your fucking jobs?! And that's why I came to warn you. He's on his way…" Before the guard could finish talking, Heihachi barged past the guard, knocking him to the floor. I need to talk to you! No amount of security will stop Heihachi Mishima from getting his way!

Meanwhile, the security guard got up and quickly ran out of the room. But there is one thing we can agree on…we hate Jin.

We want to make his life miserable and I have a plan to do just that. But we need to work together for this plan to work. Do your own plan by yourself. Just hear me out. She sat up on the sofa. Heihachi turned to Anna and smirked at her. He turned to Kazuya and smirked at him. I'm Kazuya's personal bodyguard and right hand woman. Don't be hating on Kazuya because he's getting some and you're not. Like you can even get it up old man. Kazuya and Anna chuckled.

I want to take the Mishima Zaibatsu from Jin and Xiaoyu. The Zaibatsu belongs to me. I've been trying to take the Zaibatsu back, but none of my plans have worked. We'll tell Jin and Xiaoyu that we won't return their little brat unless they hand back the Zaibatsu to me. But imagine how much more powerful your company would be if you had shares in the Zaibatsu. G-Corp is already worth billions of dollars. If you have a percentage with the Zaibatsu, you could add billions more to your company.

You could have extra money to fund G-Corp's research, weaponry and technology. He was paying serious attention to what Heihachi was saying. Heihachi was making a lot of sense. The Zaibatsu was once a feared, ruthless organization. Nobody fucked with the Zaibatsu. Now Xiaoyu has turned my company into a fucking goody two shoes, charity organization. I know that we fucking hate each other Kazuya…but imagine if the Zaibatsu and G-Corp worked together.

  • Jin Kazama
  • Jin Kazama

Imagine how our companies would dominate the world. You and I would be the most powerful, most feared and richest men in the world. We would be like gods! So are you in…or not?

Twenty five percent is all you're getting. If you're only offering me twenty five percent…then I won't assist you with your plan. Seventy five percent is just too steep my boy. You're right…fifty percent is fair, okay? Let's do fifty percent. What's the magic word? Heihachi gritted his teeth.

He was so angry that he was asking Kazuya for help, but he couldn't do this plan on his own. Heihachi was so pissed that he was swallowing his pride for his shithead son. We'll do fifty percent.

I'll help you with this plan. I was planning on kidnapping his daughter to lure Jin to me. Then I would have defeated Jin, shown my superiority to him and gotten my revenge. But with your plan Heihachi…the stakes are higher. I hate to admit it…but you have a pretty good plan Heihachi. I didn't think an idiot like you could think of such a smart scheme.

We'll kidnap Chun Jin tomorrow. What are you waiting for you little shit? Let's do this plan now! Trust me, I know what I'm doing. So you better be patient and wait until I say the time is right.

How do you kill a guy like Jin who survives being shot in the head? Or Kaz, who returns from being in a volcano and survives being thrown off a cliff as a child? Or Heihachi, who's as old as hell but still survives a cliff, too.

A distraction technique lol. You could say that the guys fighting with their shirts off is the same thing. Face it, they're not going to wear a potato sack, something loose and flowing just gets in the way of combat. You need something sleek to have freedom of movement. Not to mention that Christie would never win because she's an amateur anyway, hadn't Eddy only been training her for a couple of months at best? And she didn't enter the Tournament to win.

She was looking for Eddy. Same as Anna was only in the tournament to stop her sister from being a killer or getting herself killed. Also, I always thought that Jun was the one who 'defeated' devil with her holy power and compassionate nature, and Kazuya, minus his Devil power, got his ass kicked by Heihachi. Jun would never have been interested in running the Mishima Zaibatsu anyway. If Jun beat Devil, Which we know she did for a fact at least once, while she was pregnant who is the most powerful out of the Mishima's, that means Jun is stronger than them all.

She's a young girl with a good heart, but she's never come across as lacking intelligence, to me. Not to mention that in her T3 ending she kicks Heihachi's ass. She's at the Mishima Polytechnical College, so she can't be stupid.

It says she dislikes Math, but that doesn't make her stupid. She has a crush on Jin and wants to help people T4 and T5 story so how does that make her ditzy? When you make claims that you can't back up, it's too easy to take them apart. Only Julia and Michelle dont fit the bill.

Other than the fact they lose. Julia was in the tournament in T3 to find Michelle, who had been kidnapped by Heihachi. In T4, she wanted to reforest her home, and in her ending it shows that she had been duped into creating Genocell, which had a duality of being used to manipulate the Devil gene.

She successfully wiped out that data, so it's not like she accomplished nothing. She wasn't there for the win. Michelle I can't really answer for, other than she was in it for revenge and was ill prepared, and the Mishimas have first dibs in the revenge department because their reasons are stronger.

She's strong, but her style has too many weaknesses. Kuni is greedy, and has a really crap knife. Yoshimitsu has a sword.

It's pretty obvious who was gonna win, although Kunimitsu was well improved in TTT. Though I personally half-believe that Yoshi killed her. Asuka Kazama seems to be a strong contender, and I wouldn't be surprised if she beat T5. Anyways, the whole 'Tekken is sexist' thing doesn't have anything to do with believing that rape is a part of the story. This is all possibility.

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For all we know, maybe Jun slept with every guy in the game. Of coarse, that defies everything Pervs in Namco but do we know she didn't? It's highly unlikely and I find that idea somewhat rediculous. It seems to contrast with the 'purity' of her character to a certain degree and is quite a cheapening notion.

Rape is degrading too. Why would Namco create a female character full of purity, for the sheer purpose of degrading her? Seems a bit sick, to me.

I prefer to think that Jin is a child born of something special and consentual, if Kazuya was going to rape someone, why not Anna? She dresses more provocatively than Jun. It makes no sense.

tekken jin and xiaoyu relationship goals

Maybe in reality, Jin is Heihachis son. We were just made to believe it was Kazuyas. It's been confirmed that Jin is Kazuya's son. If he was Heihachi's, why would they do that?

More importantly, why would he have the Devil gene? Not to mention that the T3 Arcade intro wouldn't make sense. Thats pretty funny and yes, devil gene proves he is Kazuyas son but obviously, it defies everything. And your point is? So it is safe to say, they were either in love or she was raped. It's simply a matter of looking at the facts and events, and making up your own mind. If Jun could beat Devil Kazuya then why can't she win the tournament?