Varys and tyrion relationship problems

Varys risks his life to help Tyrion across the Narrow Sea. Illyrio, who hosts Viserys and Daenerys at his home, arranges Dany's marriage, and fills have no problem undermining her once again when Tywin suggests outing. But do you think Varys actually considers Tyrion his friend, .. Duty/loyalty is possible, we don't really know anything about what kind of relationships he . a problem to Varys' machinations, Varys would have few issues with. Tyrion prefers to focus on the problem at hand, remarking, "One Game at a time, .. Varys, however, shows no desire for any relationships on a sexual or loving.

Even his murder of Shae can be interpreted as self-defense, since her first reaction upon seeing him was to try and kill him with a knife. A verbatim adaptation of Book! Not only is he decidedly less attractive, with his mismatched eyes, lack of a nose after the Battle of Blackwater Bay and Penguin-like walk, but his thoughts and actions make him more of a darker and viler character than the usually affable version played by Dinklage.

I see the logic behind the way Tyrion was adapted. If anything, it was an improvement. And it also helps Tyrion to stand out from the lion pride, so to speak. Otherwise, the Lannister family would be entirely composed of evildoers.

In the TV show, the sibling relationship between Tyrion and Jaime soured after the former killed their father with a crossbow. In A Storm of Swords, after helping Tyrion escape from his cell, Jaime confesses to him that Tysha was no whore, and that she had been truly in love with him.

'Game of Thrones': George R.R. Martin explains that murderous finale scene

When confronting Tywin in the privy, Tyrion demands to know where Tysha was sent. His dad then offers one of the book series most infamous lines: The whole ordeal breaks Book! Instead of traveling to Essos with Varys, he joins a small cast of new characters none of which made it to the screen adaptationamong them Griff Jon Connington and Young Griff Aegon, a character I mentioned in a previous FTMD article.

Some story elements from the novel were kept, though, such as when Tyrion gets kidnapped by Jorah in Volantis, and the attack of the Stone Men.

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Connington was the one who got infected with the Greyscale after saving Book! Except there was a time, not so long ago, when Baelish did not stand alone atop a pedestal of secrets. No, there was another. Varys, master of whisperers, the Spider himself, still lives.

But where does he fit in to a streamlined season 7, and an even shorter season 8? Debates have raged over which of the two competitors was the true victor in these little games, and surely any scene where the two would argue over their independent philosophies is a fan-favourite. In many ways, Littefinger and Varys were two sides of the same coin. They share a similarity: In a world dominated by bicep, sword and beard, we have two specimens who offer nothing whatsoever in that arena.


Petyr is lithe, slim and by himself, only ever killed a distraught woman. Varys, a eunuch, has never taken a step towards physical force, and in the books his femininity is much more pronounced, mainly through his titters. Both were outside the norm from the beginning, yet both had dragged themselves into positions of power, when really they had no business doing so. Varys, from the streets of the Free Cities, Petyr from the barren Fingers.

They even found each other on the same Small Council, and Season 1 did a fantastic job of displaying the different choice each represented as they pulled and played and promised to Ned Stark. As the seasons and books progressed, more defined lines were steadily added to these characters. Some of the mystery was removed in season 4, when we found Petyr Baelish truly was the monster he hinted at, with his killing of Joffrey and then Lysa, all while essentially kidnapping Sansa Stark.

Fast-forwarding to where we stand now, and that assumption still stands. Baelish, though still experiencing great personal success, only became more villainous as he ventured north.

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Eventually, just as the show attempted to persuade us all of his greatest victory in the splitting of the Starks, Arya and Sansa showed it was not to be so. Where Petyr went north into the snows, Varys escaped east into the sun and then back again. Unfortunately, as the series has progressed, the Varys we know and love has suffered. In season 7, the narrative bled down to three main storylines: The same cannot be said for Season 7.

Even though these conversations are not numerous, they are telling, and each do something for the character that is Varys. While the logistics and timing of this conversation are slightly suspect, given that Varys has already delivered Tyrion, helped with the Sons of the Harpy, the Tyrells and the Sand Snakes; it did stoke enough flame in the fandom to cast Varys under suspicion. Was he a double-agent? Was this where his super-spy skills had disappeared to?

varys and tyrion relationship problems

Was this why Daenerys was failing at every turn? As it turns out, no, to all three. Thankfully, the question was not the true value in this conversation, but the answer. This is a man who risked life and limb, for multiple decades, all to help out what were essentially strangers. Because he cares for the realm. Indeed, Daenerys built her success on the freeing of slaves and the love of the smallfolk.

varys and tyrion relationship problems

And yet, no-one…no-one in the show is more dedicated to the people and the realm than Varys. This is a man who knew he was despised by all whatever he did, knew the upper class and the machismo of men would view him as a lesser being, allowed himself to serve people we have to assume he despised and all with the risk that at any second he could be caught and then subjected to the most horrible of deaths.

Not only did he do all this, but he was good at it. No one detected, no one suspected, and Daenerys and Viserys did survive. Dany did return to Westeros with the largest possible army.

varys and tyrion relationship problems

He did destabilize the realm in the hopes of helping the people. The more important factor? He serves the realm. If that means going against her, so be it.

Varys tells a different queen how it is.