What is a yin and yang relationship

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what is a yin and yang relationship

Day and night are not static entities. Sometimes changes in the relationship between Yin and Yang can be dramatic where one aspect can just transform into the. Yin and Yang - Balance in Relationships - Complete and complement partner to live a happy life. Yin Yang is the ancient, Chinese symbol for balance. It depicts the strong attraction and complementary nature of opposites. Just as magnate and metal attract.

An excess or shortage of a quality or action defies balance in a relationship, such as too much self-centeredness, or not enough compassion and understanding. Humans are flawed, but can be strengthened and enhanced when joined together. How Are Yin and Yang Expressed In Relationships All individuals have facets of Yin and Yang energy intertwined with their personalities and Taoism believes that the happiest are those who can successfully navigate and learn from Yin and Yang theory.

Some aspects of Yin and Yang are exhibited more strongly within certain individuals than in others. Chinese philosophy believes that the universe will ultimately balance out positive and negative forces, while individuals simultaneously strive for balance within themselves.

A partner dominant in the Yin facet would portray qualities of intuition, emotion, calmness, and composure, while a Yang dominant partner would depict characteristics of courage, adventure, determination, and ambition. In a relationship, the Yin dominant partner would express themselves primarily through open communication and would not be afraid to show their emotions.

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Verbal communication would not be as comfortable to a Yang partner, who would be more likely to depict their feelings in actions and goal directed endeavors. The Yin dominant partner would portray a sense of intuition, calmness, and peace, while the Yang dominant partner would exude fury, extraversion, boldness, and dominance. The Yin dominant partner would represent purity, while the Yang dominant partner would portray excitement and adventure.

Once an individual can identify whether they are more Yin dominant or Yang dominant, they can effectively evaluate compatibility with their partners and the balance within their relationships. A lack of balance signifies difficulty and the potential demise of a relationship. Two Yang dominant individuals would likely have difficulties communicating from the heart. They would act without thinking, lacking the introspection and patience to fully assess situations.

They would have difficulty to acquiesce or step down from a challenge, as neither would want to lose. Ultimately, they would constantly compete for dominance within the relationship, thus fostering an environment of conflict and fury. Excessive Yang energy results in rigidity and a dictatorial environment. Contrarily, two Yin dominant individuals would talk, assess, and consider, without ever being able to firmly take action.

They would portray a passivity and introversion that would limit their confidence and ability to proceed forward with their decisions. Their union would become boring, as neither partner would be comfortable enough to challenge the other. Too much Yin energy culminates in a loss of limits and direction. A relationship with a Yin dominant and a Yang dominant personality would balance talking with action, intuition with impulsivity, peace with adventure, and timidity with dominance.

Partners are aware of strengths and weaknesses within themselves and within their relationships, with a strong commitment to growth and improvement.

what is a yin and yang relationship

It is often the case that partners are strong and adept in the very areas where their partners are weak, satisfying the notion that the whole is stronger than the parts. Do Opposites Really Attract? Scientists have extensively studied and researched whether similarities or differences between partners can predict the overall success of a relationship.

Yin Meets Yang

They conclude that compatibility is key, as change is difficult, unlikely, and unpredictable. Chinese philosophy and Yin Yang theory disagree with compatibility theories, as it is believed that balance and harmony can only be achieved when opposing forces are present.

what is a yin and yang relationship

Other theorists believe that relationships with opposition create tension, thus giving rise to the type of passion and intensity to sustain long-lasting relationships. Yin Yang theory acknowledges that some similarities and commonalities need to exist to foster stability. Yin Yang theory stipulates that similarities exist in the shape and arrangement of forces in the universe.

In relationships, this can be interpreted as communication, which can present in various forms. The only constant in life is change, which will undoubtedly bring about positive and negative outcomes. If the scale of life becomes too negative, or too positive, we become unbalanced. A negative outlook breeds darkness and depression, while an excessively positive outlook is unrealistic and ignores the negative.

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Like life, love is in constant flux and needs to re-calibrate simultaneously with individual change. Chinese philosophy encourages individuals to decipher positive and negative forces within them to achieve harmony and balance. Taoism teaches that one must learn from Yin and the Yang to prevent a fight with the universe, or a fight within them. Yin Yang theory depicts that flawed opposites can become a unified whole when joined together.

The Meaning of Yin and Yang In Relationships: Which one are you?

Taoism highlights the importance of maintaining individuality, concurrently forming the relationship, and asserts the notion that the whole is always superior to its parts. Individuals benefit when they accept their own Yin Yang energy, while having respect for opposing energies. This acceptance is necessary for satisfying relationships and a fulfilling existence. How To Find Balance In Your Relationship Finding balance in relationships is attainable if both partners are dedicated, committed, and willing to put in the work.

what is a yin and yang relationship

It is important for individuals to assess and understand where imbalances in their relationship originate and occur. Additionally, individuals need to be introspective and honest with themselves regarding the level of balance or imbalance within themselves. Life affects each person a different way.

You could have ten people in the same room all who have had identical life experiences and each of them feels a different way. Sure, they can relate, but all do not think alike. The way I see, if you have someone who is almost completely like you at some point in time there is no balance. When you have what I call a yin yang relationship, you can have harmony. I have discovered that the only reason one relationship can work is because they are able to complement each other.

Yes, two people in a relationship can fight just like a couple does, but by the end of it if they are able to see the other side of the coin, they can grow and realize that both were seeing in the same direction but with a different perspective. Perhaps, this appears to work from the outside, but realistically when you are not together, you both feel like a part of you is missing.

It becomes difficult to function normally. The more you develop this kind of a relationship, the more you become dependent on that person which makes you a handicap. This can feel crushing and heart breaking and can result in extreme dysfunction when either you become unhappy without the other, spend time apart, etc.

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I feel it is far more important to pursue an understanding of the balance of yin and yang within oneself, for no other reason than self-improvement.

That way, when you find someone you want to support, you will already have beautiful and fully represented feelings to offer them, and will know who it is appropriate to hold out for. Finding someone you feel is right for you can be amazing when you feel a lack, but this is certainly not the best way to achieve balance, as being desperate for something is a horrible feeling with which to enter a relationship and relying on another person for balance can make you seem needy and be disastrous, unreliable, or unsatisfying.

When you understand the energies at work within your own thoughts, actions, lifestyle patterns, or body as an individual, you are far more powerful and more prepared to offer something good to others around you. Regardless of the feeling that a partner may complete you, or how much you yearn to feel one with energies opposite to your own, finding real stability and power requires an understanding of balance within oneself.