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Soldiers and Department of the Army Civilians at all levels. Juan J Ortiz Jr https: It is Army policy-— 1 To eliminate accidents, deaths, and occupational illnesses by applying RM strategies towards achieving a goal ofsignificant annual reductions in all accidents and occupational injuries and illnesses, with the ultimate goal of zeroaccidents, no occupational injuries or illnesses, and compliance with Army SOH standards and policies.

MATDEVs; acquisi-tion managers; and equipment, process, and facility designers will— 1 Initiate and tailor a System Safety Program according to this regulation, DA Pam —16, and MIL—STD—Efor all Army materiel, systems, software, equipment, facilities, and processes such as, but not limited to, in-housedevelopment, commercial off-the-shelf COTSnondevelopmental item NDIGovernment furnished equipment GFEand so forth regardless of the acquisition process utilized for example, evolutionary, spiral development, andso forth.

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Legal zr may consult with safety personnel for their expertise when necessaryexcept when investigating the same accident. Additional Resources, page D. Damage or injury as a direct result of action by an enemy force is not an Army accident. Personnel assigned to perform the SOH CP—12 functions will meet the requirements for these positionsestablished by the Office of Personnel Management and CP—12 level certification requirements established for theposition.

Initial notification and reporting of Army accidentsPersons involved in, or aware of, an Army accident will report it immediately to the commander or supervisor directlyresponsible for the operation, materiel, or persons involved. See table 2—1 for SOH occupational series and titles. The following principles will be effectively integrated into all Army plans, programs, decision processes,operations, and activities: Reports will be provided directly to the commander involved and will contain observations,comments, and recommendations for improvements or changes to specific ammunition operations or processes toenhance safety.


Field safety and health experience in at process, chemical agent demilitarization, construction or oil and gas industry.

AR Pages 1 – 50 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

The senior commander or managementofficial of the installation or activity will certify and sign the OSHA Form annually. Penalties for vi- invited to send comments and suggestedand Health Act of as implemented in olating any of these paragraphs include improvements on DA Form Recom-Executive Order ; Title 29, Code of the full range of statutory and regulatory mended Changes to Publications andFederal Regulation ; and Department sanctions, both criminal and Blank Forms directly to Director ofof Defense Instructions Director of Army Safety.

The safety accident investigation has priority over a legal accident investigation. Check your email and click on the link to start receiving your job alerts. The safety office will be funded and fully resourced to execute all responsibilities and functions designated in thisregulation to assure safety program effectiveness.

Explosive Safety Deployment Information. Injuries resulting from altercations, attack, or assault, unless incurred in the performance of official duties forexample, military police.

AR 385-64 U.S. Army Explosives Safety Program

The DAS is the proponent for all Army safety publications and is authorized to approveexceptions and waivers to all Army safety publications that are consistent with controlling law and regulations. A, safety profes-sionals, Soldiers, DA Civilians, and Army leadership at all levels are encouraged to constantly advance safety practicesand RM by applying new technology, innovative best practices, and improved RM tools. The purpose of accountability in this regulation is to address the organization best able to affect correctiveactions.

Safety office organizational structure a. When requesting a downgrade change that is, Class A to Class B supporting documentation such as an actualcost of damages or estimated cost of damages is required.

Explosive Safety Resources

Nonreportable eventsThe following events are not reportable through safety channels: Must be a US or naturalized citizen able to obtain and maintain PCAPP site access Must be computer literate in common software applications and able to operate general office equipment Familiar with OSHA General Industry and Construction Standards Familiar with environmental equipment Possess strong organization skills with the ability to coordinate and prioritize projects.


This process is also true for other types of accidents for example, fire, marine, and explosives see DA Pam — Tactical Explosives Safety Ag. The Army Headquarters that negotiates the contract for theequipment is the convening authority. Although nonprivileged at acquired by a safety accident investigator will be made availableto the legal accident investigation, the latter is conducted independently and apart from safety accident investigations.

The following accidents will be investigated according to DA Pam —40 by a board consisting of a minimumof three members: In addition, 835-65 flightsurgeon if not available, an Army medical officer may be appointed is required to be a board member zr anaccident involves— 1 Personnel injuries. Army Explosives Safety Test Management Program to validate, establish, ormodify explosives safety requirements promoting research, development, promulgation, and application of explosivessafety technology.

Army Safety Management A Diagram2—4. The safety organization will execute the tasks and functions that address all aspects of safety-on the job; off thejob; military and DA Civilian operations; integration of RM; and be consistent with other critical elements contained intable 1—1 as required to meet mission requirements safety function and task are prescribed in DA Pam —10, app J.

Chapter 3Accident Investigation and Reporting3—1. CAI board members deployed into a combat zone for Army accident investigation purposes will be attached for alladministrative and logistical support to the highest level of the ACOM having responsibility for theater.

Changes to accident reports and request for extension of submission time limits a. Perform basic systems safety tasks. Suicide or attempted suicide, homicide, or intentionally self-inflicted injuries. For all other accidents, submit the original copy of the report to Commander, U. Army Corps of Engineers and the xr of colonel or the civilian equiv- voir, VA —