Sure he can act (and direct), but can he write? Readers and critics remained undecided after the publication of Hawke’s first novel, The Hottest. Complete summary of Ethan Hawke’s Ash Wednesday. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Ash Wednesday. From the actor, director, and writer Ethan Hawke: a piercing novel of love, marriage, and renewal. Jimmy is AWOL from the army, but—with characteristic.

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So overall, it might be worth reading just for that. Make Kristy shorter than Uma, give her a different colour hair. Sep 01, Romany rated it liked it. The problem is that eccentric people are always interesting — but for arbitrary reasons. What would you say are your broader ambitions as a novelist?

Review: Fiction: Ash Wednesday by Ethan Hawke | The Sunday Times

The climax happens on, of course, Ash Wednesday. A very American answer is for him to send his characters on a road trip. Jan 10, Tara added it. Enter Christy, the woman Jimmy dumps prior to finding out she’s pregnant.

I will eventually wednesdqy this book and highlight three quarters of it. Christy is cool and dispassionate but at the same time neurotic. Jul 23, Pages.

The problem is that the two characters at the center of this book — the fledgling couple Jimmy and Christy — are flaky or eccentric if you prefer a term with a positive connotation. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices.


Ash Wednesday: Ethan Hawke: Bloomsbury Publishing

The only problem is that, though all those characters are likeable guys with interesting ideas, they might not be the tautest of storytellers. Lists with This Book. Whether you find Ash Wednesday depressing or uplifting may depend on how little you’re prepared to settle for in a man, but this book is sharply and poignantly written, and makes for an intense one-sitting read. There is also the T.

Losses, Journeys, and Ascensions: Have to say that I really felt like he was writing about himself and Uma. Steve sat down next to me. The Best Books of Beware crushes in both senses on his city author tour.

And that impulse creates a performer. An educational reading indeed, either spiritually or rationally speaking.

One bad choice after another. As Jimmy and Christy travel to Texas they make choices, grow, and question their lives. It was the best time you ever had in your life. Also by Ethan Hawke. Has anything in particular inspired you to write fiction? Generally I did like this novel a lot, but more for the moments it contained than for the piece overall. Growing up can be frightening, one minute we feel fancy-free and ready to take on the world, and the next school is done, work sucks, and the complaints come rolling in that no-one ever told us it was gonna be this tough.

Tell me, how many Hollywood actors can write novels?

And, also like Sarah and William, Jimmy and Christy, for the most part, are believable and engaging characters. College dreamers, coffee shop posers, the feckless. Refresh and try again. When I set out to write these voices I tried to write by focusing on different aspects of my own character.


Ash Wednesday by Ethan Hawke

His exchange with the mother of a dead Private leaves him emotionally wounded and physically stunned, laying the groundwork for his role in the story. From the actor, director, and writer Ethan Hawke: If there is a single thing you set out to achieve in your writing, how would you describe it?

Sometimes, he even pulls out a line worthy of highlighter-pen-book-damage, such as this one from Christy:. The rest is pretense. With his angst, Jimmy is half-Cauldfeld and with his Catholic wedneday, half-preacher. This mistake is unforgivable so he loses one star. Because, you know, maybe we cross the line when we realize we’re in love, the real kind.

You might be impatient for them to do so, but this is them doing it in the only way they know how, and Ethan Hawke has conveyed that nicely. While the quarrelsome lovers drive from place to place down endless ad-lined highways, the real journey happens in their conversation. These are the books nawke have moved me.