PDF | The preliminary phytochemical analysis of Ephedra alata indicated the presence of cardiac glycosides, reducing sugars, flavonoids. Descriptions and articles about the Ephedra, scientifically known as Ephedra alata in the Encyclopedia of Life. Includes Overview; Distribution; Ecology; Hab. Two new flavonol glucosides have been identified in Ephedra alata, namely, herbacetin 8-methyl ether 3-O- glucosideO-rutinoside and herbacetin.

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Up to our knowledge, this is the first investigation for. Gams, an d T.

In our results, afla. Prolonged storage periods were accompanied with decrease in vigor index ranged between slight and significant reduction depending upon the nature of storage containers. Antioxidant activity and total phenolic content of aqueous and methanolic extracts of Jordanian plants: Scientific evidence suggests that utilizing diets rich in antioxidants reduce the risk epheedra chronic diseases including cancer and heart malfunction Prakash et al.

American Journal of Plant Sciences, 1, doi: Total Flavonoid Content The determination of total flavonoids was performed according to the colorimetric assay of Kim et al. Materials and Methods 2.

Data in our investi- gation Epheera 6 a-d shows that prolongation of stor- age periods was accompanied with gradual deterioration in the biochemical aspects of seed alxta as lipids, ash, total nitrogen, and fiber contents.

Ephedra is among Palestinian medicinal plants alats are traditionally used in folkloric medicine for treating many diseases. Cupric reducing antioxidant power, DPPH: The overlaid UV-Vis spectra of the main peaks are depicted at ephedta right corner.

Calibration curve of each individual standard was also prepared at three concentration levels namely 50, and ppm. Quantitative estimation of aflatoxins were carried spectrophotometrically [24] using standard aflatoxins Sigma as reference. AJPS nized seed coat testa followed by endosperm and em- bryo, respectively Table 2.


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Another peak at a retention time of DPPH assay is based on the ability of the stable free radical 2,2-diphenylpicrylhydrazyl to react with hydrogen donors including phenolics. The decrease in vigor index was significant with polyethylene storage container followed by tin cans, papers bags and cloth bags respectively Table 4 d.

Conclusions The antioxidant activities, total phenolics content and total flavonoids content of Ephedra alata grown in Palestine were determined and presented.

In the same connection, the polyethylene as impermeable storage container followed by tin cans, paper bags and cloth bags, respectively caused significant alteration in concentration of both O 2 and CO 2which are the main cause of deterioration of agricultural products [18]. Traditional Complementary and Alternative Medicines. Seed altaa containers play an important and considerable role in the production of healthy and vital seeds [21, 25; 27].

Advances in Biological Research. The plant was air-dried in the dark at room temperature for five days, then milled to alatx powdered plant material, and then stored in fridge until extraction. Ephedra alata grows widely in Palestine.

Ephedra alata Decne. — The Plant List

All chemicals and reagents were of analytical grade. Total Flavonoid Content TFC The results of ferric chloride colorimetric test for determining flavonoids content are presented in Table 1. Downloaded on 05 September The moisture content MC is expressed as percentage of the wet weight. All the samples were filtered with a 0. Absorbance at nm was read with reference to a reagent blank containing distilled water which was also incubated at 37 C for up to 1 hour instead of 4 min, which was the original time applied in FRAP assay.


To enumerate seedborne fungi in different seed parts, surface disinfected seeds were soaked in sterile water for four hours and then dissected aseptically into different parts coat, endosperm, and embryo. These plants are used for dye by grinding the plant portion, and placing the ground plant portions, with the desired dyed material in boiling water for 1—3 days.

The reducing properties are associated with the presence of compounds which exert their action by breaking the free radical chain by donating a hydrogen atom.

However, preparative HPLC collection of pure flavonoids from Ephedra plant along with NMR experiments would assist in the exact determination of their structure. BoxJerusalem, Palestine. EpicoccumPythiumRhizoctoniaRhizopusSclerotium.

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Servili M, Montedoro G. Treatment means were compared using the protected least significant difference LSD analysis according to Daniel [14].

The fungal colonies developing around the seeds incubated on both agar plates and filter papers were examined and the fungi were identified micro- scopically [15] and the level of incidence were recorded. Similarly, in our study both polyethylene bags and tin cans caused no any significant alteration in SMC compared with the initial SMChowever cloth and paper bags caused significant decrement in SMC Table 3.

Trichoderma were rare in their occurrence Table 1.

These will be considered in the forthcoming in.