HackMaster GameMaster’s Guide [David Kenzer, Steve Johansson, Jolly Blackburn, Brian Jelke, Henry Argetsinger, Barbara Blackburn, Jerimy Grafenstein. This book gives GameMasters all they need to know to delve into the wonderful, adventurous world of the HackMaster role-playing game. It is all about killing. It’s almost impossible to do justice to the HackMaster GameMaster’s Guide, even to describe it is simply as a 1st Edition Dungeon Master’s Guide on steroids.

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Of course, swinging a weapon and employing it in combat are two different things entirely.

Kenzer & Company

Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. One could say it’s black as the heart of the GM, and one would be right. Detailed rules on how a GM should handle quirks and flaws. And that s just at the game.

HACKMASTER Part 2, One Gamemaster’s Guide to rule them all!

On the other hand that rock might protect you from a fireball sent dead on but if it is cast at the side of that rock it provides little to no protection. You roll results using a d system, which is easily done on a phone app, or by using ten-sided dice for the roll.

There are also charts and tables for random encounters for just about every terrain type. Write a customer review. It is more the lack of the stylized embossing on the front cover that sets it apart from the other two books.

Hackmaster HackMaster GameMaster Guide

Armed with this book you are a formidable individual with whom all must reckon. Alexa Actionable Gamejaster for the Web. The Table of Contents and the index are very useful. Beyond Rexes and Raptors: Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.


Be honest now, because I know a lot of you I include myself in this number are guilty. Hacckmaster know space was a premium but just reading snippets made me pull out my 3.

The GM is also provided a few tips for nackmaster certain quirks and flaws. Group honor and fame are also discussed in decent detail. This section, however, covers what happens outside the bloody encounters. Yes, that is right…arrows do not shoot feet in a straight line. A quality weapon or armor piece can very well exceed the usefulness of a magical counterpart. The chapter covers the use of:. Each flowchart utilizes a specific weapon type. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. Some NPC reaction tables, clunky and with too many random modifiers IMO but still serviceable at least compared to the crit rules.

Customers who viewed famemaster item also viewed. This is the part where Hackmaster and really Kalamar shine for me.

I will go on record as gamemadter as of yet, I do not think I have read a how-to GM guide that has so inspired me to run a game as this one has.

The GameMastering advice section starts gently discussing what it is to be gamejaster gamemaster versus a player. This can be anything from plot hook events, extra gamemastr, or multiple boons. The layout of the book is well done. In addition, you must constantly work at mastering the rules of the game and honing your skills.

They are correct it takes less than a second to swing said weapon. Hackmaster Hacklopedia of Beasts. Appendix 1 adds more layers to the NPC information and potential.

But there’s more than that. The author even provides a moon schedule and its effects on those of lycanthropic nature.

How to manage the alignment shifts, how to keep track of them as well. It allows a player to still take part and helps to put a band-aid on the loss of a favorite character. The font is a bit small, but the small font certainly lets them pack in lots of material into those pages, and boy, is it ever packed in.

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Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, MANY of the results also result in permanent stat damage via muscle strain which seems super lame to me. Range attacks, for instance, both physical and magical can be affected gamemasetr cover or concealment.

It is nice to have limits with clear explanation, and for skills such as Glean Information especially so.

These chapters outline everything hackmaxter clothing to spices and even perfumes. Magic Items Appendix One: The gods are real forces and intractably interwoven into the daily lives of citizens but overall the world of Kalamar feels very gray.

It is all about killing and breaking things in this over- the-top RPG of mad sorcerers, armies of orcs and wicked weapons. You are going to wait till that blow counts and make it happen.

The real gems though are in the discussion of tough table types, something I am personally a fan of. Thursday, 14th April, The dice-penetration mechanic is truly a lot of fun, creating those once-in-a-lifetime lucky shots that we read about in our favorite fantasy novels, where the little Halfling deals hackmasetr death blow to the dark lord of evilness.

I will admit to being a campaign setting junky. I hope my poor example gives some context to why weapon speeds are the way they are in Hackmaster. The biggest chunk of the combat section covers fumble tables and hakmaster tables.