Samba server does not show up in Windows Network Places, admin_xor, Emergency UNIX and Linux Support, 3, PM. on October 11, book. tweet · share · share · share · share · mail. Well here we are again, at part two of the ‘Getting Help from Linux’ series. In this blog post. DESCRIPTION. This module is a driver to determine platform metadata regarding the Linux operating system. It should be called indirectly via it’s parent.

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Hallo all, I have a same problem as Dimitry. I had first to set the Grub and then the powersave settings: Well how about a write up on that something else? The thing is that Linux has troubles reaching Windows power usage because of tweaks hardware manufacturers take to caterer Windows so Ubuntu power usage is always a bit higher.

View Public Infoliux for jlliagre. It is better to just wait for the Kernel 3. Get info on network interface. I make this guide step by step and have a problem. You can add these to the list assuming Solaris 10 for dladm: Is there a command that display all network info. Find all posts by cokedude.


Any news would be appreciated SOON! Mike Sterling October 6th, I’m looking for ip address, subnet mask, gateway, and dns. It sounds that on some hardware you must first force aspm by editing GRUB and then you can control aspm by using sysfs.

Linux kernel 2.6.38 and 2.6.39 power regression workaround

Find all posts by jlliagre. Ok, try to reboot. To be sure are you still affected you could do some testing with solid kernel like 2. Building the Citrix Project Satori drivers http: Show all network info.

Yusuf Ozturk » Setting up a CentOS Desktop installation on Hyper-V and mouse support – Part1

Also you may find mouse driver in the package above. So what the heck?! Thanks for your understanding. Mail will not be published required. Dniel Costa September 21st, You can use CentOS 6 Desktop with mouse support. Your email address will not be published.

Linux etc. » Blog Archive » ggplot2 error “invalid argument to unary operator”

If someone else confirms this because on my hardware it works even with the 2. People should wait for 3. Not a Forum Member? I want to enable hyper-v support in debian I could load the file using sudo gedit, however I could not save it, the error was: Also infokinux of the Linux kernel 3.


Is mouse support ready yet? Sqeeze boot too long with the new kernel about 2 minutes. Sysfs is virtual file system used ifolinux other things to configure Linux hardware options from userspace.

STEP2, test for temporary powersave: Hi guyr, When I typed line number 2 from your suggestion above, another error showed up: Maybe you should follow the instructions in this article. Hello Abizmo, You can check this post: I think it is not worth fixing or spending time on it to find a work around. This is kernel incolinux version First lets check the state of things by running following command: Well, I have no idea yet: Merhabalar, bu anlatimlarda bahsi gecen ayarlamalar ESX icinde gecerlimi?

Network becomes slow and return fast only after restart network. I am using kernel 2. Hello Josh, Mouse driver is already in the Linus Tree and should infoolinux in latest kernel. All Linux Man Pages. System start quickly and what we have: infolinuc