Journey of the Universe has ratings and 31 reviews. Bryan said: I found this book very irritating, and did not enjoy reading it. I was curious, so I. In Journey of the Universe Brian Thomas Swimme and Mary Evelyn Tucker tell the epic story of the universe from an inspired new perspective, weaving the. PDF | On Nov 1, , Julianne Lutz Warren and others published Brian Swimme and Mary Evelyn Tucker: Journey of the Universe.

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Journey of the Universe

I think it lost me about the juorney it started talking about the desires and passions of spiders. The film and the DVD series will be released in Review quote “The book is simply written and easy to read-more like Kipling’s Just So Stories than Being and Time-and you may or may not be convinced by Swimme and Tucker’s interpretations of modern cosmology and evolutionary history.

Edit Cast Credited cast: Retrieved from ” https: Therefore that swkmme extends throughout the universe I oof as my body and that which directs the universe I consider as my nature.

It is designed to help shape the intellectual, moral and spiritual leadership of its students. What’s on his Watchlist? Is there a great work required of us? How do we connect with the intricate web of life on Earth? The point of this book is to, firstly, cultivate a better understanding of how the term ‘nature’ applies to everything that is present in the universe and how human beings are just another part of that natural system – we univetse both a lucky product and increasingly we are becoming care takers of this natural system.

I am afraid this may prove Ishmaelian. It didn’t always manage to hold my attention; there were several times where I would get lost in thought or After reading some reviews of this book before I borrowed it, I was prepared to be slightly put off by gushing prose and “preciousness”, however, aside from the author’s overuse of the word “luscious”, which, to be fair, was probably only used twice, but it felt like a dozenI was really pleased by this book.


About halfway through the book, I watched the documentary of the same name and the book benefitted from the visual complement. For more information, please consult the website, journeyoftheuniverse. In Journey of the Universe Brian Thomas Swimme and Mary Evelyn Tucker tell the epic story of the universe from an inspired new perspective, weaving the findings of modern science together with enduring wisdom found in the humanistic traditions of the West, China, India, and indigenous peoples.

The book is the actual script for the movie. This thoroughly enjoyable read helped me to appreciate how this evolution worked and still works–through cooperation, not competition. While it’s hard to review this book in relation to other more dense deep-dives of environmental history, this is a tremendously important text as a guiding cosmological map in our atomized and modern world. Kind of a watered down version of Swimme’s “The Universe Story.

There was a rather moving moment towards the end of the book when, after having gone through the journey of the universe and demonstrated the role which everything had on earth until humans began to shape it to their liking, Swimme muses on what is next for us now that we have a greater perception of time and our effect on the world: Swimme tells the story of the evolution of the universe and attempts to pull us into a universe of meaning, where there is not only connectivity, but directionality as well.

I know some people on the humanities side who find this somehow offensive, but I am sympathetic to this view. On that note though, this book isn’t mean to be a textbook on Intro to Astrophysics or Evolutionary Biology, hence the simplicity.

Journey of the Universe () – IMDb

Where is it going? Fabulous overview of the universe and all, dare I say it? Hardcoverpages. Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options.


We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. Journey of the Universe 6. I seimme just not trusting the Okay I am afraid now that I see the book’s reviews’ stellar star numbers. What roles do we play in Earth’s history?

There were a few interesting tidbits of information, but most of the book was so caught up in flowery, unnecessary language that it actually didn’t really say very much.

The phytoplankton in the oceans fill the air with oxygen and thus enable every animal to breathe. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Jan 18, Teresa rated it it was amazing Shelves: This little book presents a kind of cosmology: This book argues that paradigm in and of itself is limiting to a vision of univegse world buoyed by wonder.

This page was last edited on 28 Decemberat Edit Details Official Sites: I was curious, so I looked at others’ reviews of it, and found some absolutely gushing ones, especially on Amazon.

Ultimately, Journey of the Universe is a very convincing and heart felt plea to be ecologically conscious human beings who do our utmost to change our patterns of behaviour and systems of operation in order to live in harmony with nature, to fully appreciate that nature and to be an essential part of that nature.

Aug 19, Kristine Brancolini rated it really liked it. For more information, thhe consult the website, journeyoftheuniverse. On page 31 I was ranting at ithe text’s ‘preciousness’.

Swimme and Tucker got together on this little beauty to help me understand that the journey of the Universe is one of constant evolution to a higher state, the essence of which was contained in the first few microseconds of its birth, called by Fred Hoyle, a “Big Bang”.