Optimization Guide: User Logon Understanding and Optimizing the Logon Process for XenApp and XenDesktop. i. WHITE PAPER | Logon Optimization. Table of. WHITE PAPER | Logon Optimization i. Optimization Guide: User Logon. Understanding and Optimizing the Logon Process for XenApp and XenDesktop. Citrix CTX How to hide the domain from Director Logon Page: Citrix XenDesktop and Windows 10 Optimisation Script – “Optimise Windows 10 in.

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I might be wrong and it might restart regardless of registration state. Thanks — this is great. I am doing the same thing but what I am seeing is when I load the default profile hive the settings are all registered. What are your thoughts on this? There should be no firewall issues. They are good starting points.

The Citrix Telemetry Service seems to cause problems. Have you Citrix Director configured?

By disabling this delay we can start the applications immediately, not an issue if you have only a few. There should only be x number equal to x number of shortcuts.

XenApp/XenDesktop – Carl Stalhood

Gurpreet Kaur is marketing lead for the Citrix Ready program and has experience in marketing and back-end operations and in managing the Citrix Ready partner ecosystem. George Spiers November 15, Citrix License Management Service Version Interactive Session times are a lot lower than when we started these optimisations, over a 40 reduction!


The machine is restarted between each logon so as to mimic a first-time session logon post restart to VDA where no profile is cached. This is controlled by the VDA and happens regardless of the method you use to connect and logon.

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Each Basic Availability Group has its own Listener. The core script that does the actual work.

Repeat these steps on the second Controller. Remember that each logon here is on a non-persistent machine.

This script ensures that certain Citrix services are up and running, and then updates those services in the correct order on all Controllers in the site. To read more visit https: George Spiers July 7, This part of the login process takes the majority of the time, but then there is a few seconds of a black screen.

Best practices for logon time optimization explained by George Spiers. When administrators in the Help Desk role log optimizatioh Director, all they see is this. Lkgon know in v2. Andrew Morgan — New Free Tool: If the rebooted DDC is not the elected one, it will not xnd any functionality. Type quotes ” at the end of the thumbprint. Many of the logon friendly optimisations and best practices out there today are straight forward and optimizatin sense and help to get you started: I did follow Autologon tip though when my autologon user logoff it do trigger restart of my non persistent Windows desktops.


If you prefer a release with a longer support cycle, see Director 7.

When logging in to the server with RDS, I do not have to wait for this. Then save and close the file. Hey, do you mean published Citrix apps or applications within a shared desktop i. MCS should then snd identity disks which allow the VMs to receive different unique identities.