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Last summer, one of my brothers brought a girl home after only a few months of dating. We, his six siblings, were like, “Dude, really?. This qualitative study aimed to investigate 1) parents' ADHD-related were met post-diagnosis; and 4) parents' views about strategies to meet their . are such and such, talk me through it'– I don't believe they do” (FG2, M1). This was met with total silence until Martha burst out laughing, "Sirius .. I won't mention the teacher because my parents taught me not to.

This finding is consistent with previous studies which reveal that members of the public are not well informed about ADHD or its medicines and that the information that they do have is generally negative. The primary source of information for the parents was the diagnosing HCP, including GPs, pediatricians, and child psychologists, which is consistent with the findings of previous research.

Verbal information from some HCPs was viewed to be too brief, incomprehensive, and at times, contradicted with information issued by other HCPs. It is interesting to note that despite HCPs being a common source of information for the parents in this study, they were not necessarily perceived to provide relevant information.

These findings are in contrast to those of previous work, where HCPs were deemed to be both the most commonly accessed and most easy to understand information source. Thus, the fact that HCPs are a popular source of information for parents does not discount from the fact that their approach to information delivery may require improvement. This finding is corroborated by previous studies of other chronic conditions which reveal low parental satisfaction with the quality of information issued by HCPs, 3637 and an inability of some HCPs to adequately communicate information.

However, parents often receive inaccurate information, insufficient or excessive information, and information that is not in line with their specific concerns. This is consistent with the findings of a previous study which highlights that while parents may use the Internet to find information, they do not necessarily trust this information.

The specific information needs as expressed by the parents in this study provide avenues for future research. Parents strongly supported the idea of having access to information to which they could more easily relate, for example real-life experiences of other families in the same situation. This finding is in line with previous work concerning parents of children with ADHD 30 and learning disabilities.

This interest in the experiences and firsthand knowledge of other parents also reinforces the notion that parents expect information provision to be a continuous, personalized process rather than a one-off event. The use of QPLs is a relatively novel approach devised to assist patients in shared decision-making processes with their HCPs.

QPLs contain a structured list of questions that patients may choose to ask their physician about their illness and its treatment, and have been shown to enhance physician—patient communication. Importantly, QPLs allow patients to have control over the information they receive from the clinician ie, they can direct the focus of information provision.

Furthermore, a recent meta-analysis comparing decision support tools concluded that QPLs are at least as effective, far cheaper, and more acceptable as decision aids. Importantly, this list of questions would ensure that parents are obtaining their information from a reliable source while at the same time allowing parents to access information that is relevant to the needs of their child at a specific point in time.

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Limitations The findings of this investigation should be viewed in light of certain limitations. Firstly, the qualitative nature of this study means that no specific hypotheses were formulated and tested. Considering that this area of investigation remains underreported and not well understood, especially from an Australian perspective, this qualitative approach in many ways was the most rigorous and appropriate way to establish insights into this topic.

Therefore, although this qualitative investigation may not be generalizable to the entire population, the rich data collected can be used as the basis of future quantitative investigations. For example, the findings of this exploratory study can be used to develop interventions targeted at parents of children with ADHD to promote access to information and address issues surrounding suboptimal adherence to therapy.

Care was taken by the focus group facilitator to ensure that each parent was able to contribute to the same extent as other potentially more vocal parents during the discussions.

The parents involved in this study were recruited from metropolitan Sydney areas only, which may affect the generalizability of the study findings to other populations.

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Although the findings of this qualitative study are not necessarily intended to be generalized to the entire population, there was a strong level of agreement between the findings of the present study and those conducted previously, supporting their relevance to this area of the literature. Most parents in this study obtained information from multiple sources, including verbal information from HCPs and written information as found in books and on the Internet.

The parents highlighted that there are flaws with each source and that they often felt unsupported and isolated as a consequence of not being able to access appropriate information for their purposes.

The novel concept of a QPL for ADHD was a well-received parental suggestion, with parents expressing that it would help them obtain relevant information from a reliable source that could be updated with time.

The development and testing of this tool is the next phase of this research. It is essential that future research focuses on providing parents with alternative avenues to access relevant and reliable information and support in order to empower parents to make the best decision for their child. Acknowledgments The authors would like to thank all of the parents involved in this study.

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Ginny couldn't believe it, "Luna you're going to get in trouble before we even get to Hogwarts. I can guarantee he won't be mentioning this to anyone, never mind a teacher.

After their leader had been so easily dispatched by a girl they were allowed to carefully remove him from the compartment floor, with Hermione closing the door behind them.

Harry gently took Luna's bruised hand and began to cast healing charms on it, "Harry, am I a bad person for enjoying inflicting pain on another? That boy's trouble and will meet a sticky end. Hermione pulled a face, "Ew Harry that's a gross image! Eating pieces of that arsehole would be enough to turn anyone into a committed vegetarian. Of all the shocks she'd received today, the biggest one was when Harry was healing Luna's hand.

The spells he was using must have interfered with the concealment charm because Ginny clearly saw the wedding ring on Luna's finger. She looked at the two girls cuddling into Harry and she had to know, "You're married!

To both of them? Harry wasn't in the slightest embarrassed though, "Ginny, Luna told us you have six brothers so you may not understand this, until Danni came along we three were all from families with one child.

I will happily admit I love my little sis to bits. Hermione tried to explain their family unit, "We have two mothers, a godfather and a sister.

It may seem strange to outsiders but so does the three of us being married. It works for us so we don't care about anyone else.

Nym Tonks is in seventh year and she's a brilliant laugh, dead clever too. Who needed a public address system when you had Hagrid. They'd no sooner disembarked the boats than Harry spotted Hagrid 'whispering' to a stern looking woman that matched his godfather's description of McGonagall, his gesturing in Harry's direction ended any doubts on the topic of their discussions.

She fixed him with her steely gaze, "Mr Potter, it's not customary to show up a year late with no warning, what have you got to say for yourself? I understand it's not customary to have children locked in cupboards but that's what the headmaster of this place arranged for me so I'm not too bothered about his paperwork issues. I just don't believe that lovely woman would not report what she saw, her many cats lived a better life than I did.

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I look forward to your classes and know I'll enjoy them. The brat now had three years with Black and Albus hadn't been able to find hide nor hair of them, to make matters worse his every move was being watched and scrutinised.

His disenchantment with the proceedings were shattered by Minerva shouting, "Lord Harry Potter. Black's influence was there for all to see as he placed the sorting hat on his head. All sound and movement in the hall had ceased as they waited on the hat's decision, when the hat spoke nobody was sure what had just happened, "NEXT! Her list had been magically updated so she checked the name below Harry's and almost choked as she read it out, "Lady Hermione Potter. She took Harry's hand before linking her other with Hermione.

Their delayed applause was initiated by Nym's loud whoop of joy, before being more than compensated for by its sheer volume and sincerity, it was thunderous. The rest of the sorting was overshadowed though all three Potters applauded loudly as Ginny made Gryffindor. It was a visibly shaken Dumbledore who stood to deliver his welcoming speech, little did he know there was a lot more to come.

He'd barely made the podium when the whole hall's attention was again captivated by the Potters, Harry stood and helped both his wives to their feet before the trio headed towards the doors leading out of the great hall.

Professor McGonagall is it still the case that timetables are handed out tomorrow morning?

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Please be aware we shall be attending Hogwarts as part time students and not boarding, taking only Transfiguration, Charms and Herbology.

We intend to continue our non-magical education. I won't mention the teacher because my parents taught me not to speak ill of the dead. Hermione continued, "Non magical astronomy far outstrips its magical counterpart with even a telescope in space sending back images you wouldn't believe. Luna glanced towards Professor Kettleburn, "A care of magical creatures professor with more limbs missing than he has remaining hardly inspires confidence in the knowledge of his subject. We already have a private tutor and Ginny you're welcome to join us.

We would be quite happy to share copies of this official information with anyone who wants it. In the non magical world information like this is published openly to allow parents to choose the best schools for their children, the ministry publishes the figures on a notice board deep within the ministry building for a week before removing them, thus fulfilling their legal obligations. The plan was to get him off balance and keep him that way, his visible flinch at the mention of Rita's name confirmed their plan was working.

Hermione answered in her most officious and annoying voice, "Transport is only an issue if we request aid from the ministry or school, we are doing neither. Also, since this will not be our main education establishment, as we're only taking three classes and not boarding, that information is not required.

Oh you're so clever Mr Dumbledore. He was coldly answered by Harry, "I would ask you to show the Lady Potter respect and also tell you to keep that nose out of things that don't concern you, my family has suffered enough with your nose poking into things that were none of your business.

Tell me Snape, was that particular incident brought up at your closed doors death eater trial? I would be prepared to bet my vaults it wasn't, your actions that night cost me my parents. I also have in my possession an orb from the department of mysteries, I'm sure you know which one.

Luna had been concentrating on predicting an attack, she saw the curse coming before Snape had even drawn his wand and their bond assured all three saw it in plenty of time. The instant it was fired the Potters had already moved and with their wands in hand, a disarming spell, levicorpus and a spell only Luna could have come up with left Snape wandless, dangling in the air by his ankle and displaying his colourful 'my little pony' underwear for the entire hall to see, she'd thankfully tagged on a silencing charm as well which was making Snape even more infuriated.

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A sharp yelp was heard behind them before a reassuring voice offered an explanation, "Don't worry guys, I got your rear covered. Just my creepy cousin Draco trying to curse you in the back, like father, like son I suppose. The other students were in awe of this display, three firsties had just destroyed Snape. The thought of private tuition was now running rife, especially since their new defence professor dived below the teachers table at the first spell cast and had yet to re-appear.

If we're not home soon then Cas will get cross with us and that is something definitely to be avoided, so goodnight one and all. You're welcome to eat here and then we can retire to my office and discuss this matter in a civilised manner with no more talk of this part-time nonsense.

This really was a crock of shit that they intended to give a right good disinfecting to. He couldn't help but be in awe of the marauders, with his dad involved too they really must have been something in their Hogwarts years.