Glorior belli meet us at the southern sign rar

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glorior belli meet us at the southern sign rar

In spite of a discography full of quality releases, Glorior Belli is largely with albums like Meet Us At The Southern Sign and Manifesting The. south germany would be awsome, east is a bit far, as iam from south west germany i'll see you bastards on the nyktalgia portions of the tour (3 gigs I .. It's not up to us to take decisions for each date of the opening bands. .. For the rest: Glorior Belli was OK, a good surprise, with 2/3 excellent songs. Joyless - Wild Signs of The Endtimes, ru . Bathtub Shitter - Angels save us [7"EP], ru . Glorior Belli - Meet Vs At The Sovthern Sign [LP], ru Árnica | Défilé Des Âmes | Svarrogh - South European Folk Compendium, ru .

Awesome title — check. Skip that for now. Good guitar playing — check. Old school style, from Asphyx to Zemial, memorized?

glorior belli meet us at the southern sign rar

The style is roughly that of early Amorphis hybridized with later Cemetary, in that it uses melodic lead overlays on top of rushing power chord riffs and builds up to a promenade riff that trots out the inner melodicity in explicit form. The most notable feature of these new Amebix tracks is that they sound like Lemmy Kilmister vocalizing over mid-paced speed metal, like Prong fused with Slayer, which aims for the theatrical impact of the bigger NWOBHM bands.

Galloping muted riffs, chromatic shifts to end each bar, and short bursts of lyrics achieve this goal, aided by periodic keyboards and slower, ballad-like choruses which evolve into progressive-ish transitions. Most interesting is that these effects are applied to three older songs, making them eerie as familiar sounds coalesce from a more technical and dominating assault.

Look for an interesting conclusion as Amebix retrofits itself in this style for their new tour. On their second effort, nothing has changed, although technique is even more refined. The very block-cut basic riffs, the very obvious song direction, the vocals synchronized in rhythm to the chords of the riff, creating a cadenced shout effect like being part of a mob about to start a pogrom against smart people.

Against all science, this recording may lower your IQ. Kill it with fire. I know intelligent people like this CD and I respect their opinion. The instrumentation is great. The CD itself confuses boredom with a somber mood, and uses that as its artistic guide, producing somnolent drone or dirge material that has no animating spark or cause or worldview that makes it in any way viable, much less unique.

Instead, it packs away its riffs and brings them out from the obscurity like a punch — or, staying on topic, a shark attack. Banishment — Cleansing the Infirm Fast brutal death metal, like later Malevolent Creation fused with Deeds of Flesh, and not bad for that. Vocalist makes the unfortunate choice to have his voice too closely follow the root notes the guitar is playing, which makes it sound like the whole band is a guitar effect.

Catchy, but not particularly enlightening. Zemial — In Monumentum Opens with one of the dumbest hard rock riffs ever, which pauses right on the bounce expectation as if it were anticipating the ears of a retard.

It tries for evil but manages Marilyn Manson, the garage version that the hip kids like and everyone else is like whatever yo.

Depravity — Silence of the Centuries Finnish mid-paced melodic death metal; imagine Demigod periodically zooming into mid-period Therion and you have this interesting fusion between heavy metal and death metal.

Unfortunately, a lot like Edge of Sanity, it strays too far onto the rock side of things, not understanding the geometrical language of riffs that made death metal song structures so hard to do right. Unburied — Slut Decapitator Blockhead brutal gore with a penchant for blast mania, but no real direction to these songs. Bounce, bounce, breakdown, blast, bounce, bounce, breakdown, stop.

I understand the title: If you decapitate yourself with a slut, you no longer can hear this noise. Storming Darkness — Sin-thesis This is so much better than most of what crosses my desk I had hope despite the silly album name. But not good enough. Repetition of melodic metal themes and a type of subtle breakdown that occurs internally to a pounding bass-snare will not do it.

Nor will even the harmonically more advanced, well-played chorus passages and transitions. Edges of Suffocation-styled palm muted blast picked death metal and double-time speed metal like later Hypocrisy intervene, but the standard is straightforward ripping death metal. Songs integrate additional riffs but remain mostly verse-chorus with transposition of early patterns into promenade riffs leading to conclusions.

Like most material of this type, the constant battering becomes tiring and not exciting over repeated listens. Although this is most well-known for having members of Behemoth in the band, this album can stand on its own but is not distinctive enough for metal history to notice.

Anal Vomit — Demoniac Flagellations Love the titles, forgot the music already.

Leaves Eyes – Sign of The Dragonhead

Standard grind with frenetic death metal touches, like Angelcorpse recording hurriedly in a lean-to studio outside a jail. Urizen — Autocratopolis Being avantgarde is easy.

And we had such high hopes from the name. In black metal, it is the same. These musicians are talented, and clearly they know their black metal, but without understanding the transcendent goal that compelled early musicians to render their vision in scratchily distorted power chords, the new bands are always outsiders looking in and then making their version.

Yet like an architect who knows only how to copy facades and put them on the same boxy Soviet-era architecture, Dark Fury churn through Burzum riffs, Venomish riffs, Darkthrone trudges, and so forth, but never pull the whole thing together because there is no core to the music.

It is pure aesthetics and as a result, directionless in the same way good wallpaper is: Metal like this causes metalheads to listen to Katy Perry. I really would like to like this but it is impossible. Production and keyboard composition are excellent. Over time, the album develops more of its melodic side, but it likes to keep that to a few variations on a theme and a contrasting chorus that uses half of the same notes.

Better than those which followed in this style, As Night Conquers Day is both exceedingly well-executed and, because it aims for a hybrid between things popular for their unchallenging nature, a lowest common denominator assault of so many catchy things that they all equalize and you get one big unmemorable stream of noise.

mortuusinsomnis Glorior Belli - The Apostates

Cult of Luna — Eternal Kingdom If you apply punk rhythms to two-note power chord riffing, then add indie rock fills and metal vocals, you have Cult of Luna. This is a very average album dressed up as something significant and, while it executes that vision well, it leaves no lasting power or vision of life beneath the obvious, trite and controlled. Cold Northern Vengeance — Domination and Servitude If Maudlin of the Well had been fascinated by the black metal aesthetic, and decided to combine the quirkiness of bands like Spear of Longinus with about every metal variation of genres that have influenced metal, you would get this atmospheric and technical take on black metal.

Like projects from time immemorial that have tried to throw diverse influences together and get a clear voice, it never quite gels, but that keeps its space open.

glorior belli meet us at the southern sign rar

Like Maudlin of the Well, this is probably not for everyday listening, but will garner the appreciation of musicians. What it achieves that is most impressive is breaking the jazz-omelette barrier and making a metal-like, dark and ancient mood within so much modern musicianship. Ecnephias — Haereticus More vamping pseudo-Gothic keyboard-infused bouncy black metal. We also had a great time with Dagon and Incubus.

Painful but how could has it been anyother way? Marseille can go fuck off. My pictures should also be made available soon, this week end probably. All hailz to our brothers of pain. The place didn't look like a concert club, but it was allright Too bad that the second guitar cabinet was missing. Not the best way to begin the tour I don't remember the opening bands, but Inquisition was definitely killer, like the 10 days after Those stairs are really something!

Zarathustra was a hell of a band, pretty killer performance. Inquisition best performance this night, to my opinion. I'm satisfied with Merrimack show this night as well The club was full of crowd The public was present.

Too bad Horna did shorten their show, for unknown reasons. Cirith Gorgor was not my thing. We Merrimack did a good show I think, and once again Inquisition ruled.

THis kind of bill should have definitely brought more people. I think it was the last time Mr. Spazjdel was organizing a concert there, and it was a good way to end his collaboration witht he Frontline They were really amazing this night, though, they didn't fit very well to the bill.

After their appearance, the soundman was fired and punched badly by the same wayand another guy took care of the console Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult was fucking amazing Lot of blood of Chaos I definitely have to check their releases. Vorkreist was killer as always One of the three best dates for me, with Bitterfeld and Berlin.

Didn't see Vorkriest nor Aes Dana, but I think it was one of our best shows.

GLORIOR BELLI - Sundown (Official Album Stream)

Inquisition played in front of very few people compared to the other bands, which is sad I guess that people had to leave to catch their metro. Inquisition didn't really enjoy this date because of guitar problems. Eternal thanks to the organisers! What a shitty date!

glorior belli meet us at the southern sign rar

The south scene is definitely unexistent.