Meet the orphans on road season 1 episode 2

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meet the orphans on road season 1 episode 2

Waterloo Road (–). / 1 user Season 1 | Episode 2. Previous · All Episodes () Episode cast overview, first billed only: Rhea Bailey. The following is a list of episodes for the television show Little House on the Prairie, an American Western drama about a family living on a farm in Walnut Grove, Minnesota from the s to the s. The show is an adaptation of Laura Ingalls Wilder's series of Little House Expanded episodes (90 minutes to 2 hours) have been indicated as such;. Don Omar - Meet The Orphans On The Road - Season 2 Episode 1 [Miami & New Orleans] · Meet the Orphans: On the Road, Season 1.

Was that a sweat or were you crying? Have I seen you on the telly? Yeah, Blockbusters,I got a gold run. I have to say, I have never seen anyone sweat so much in my entire life.

meet the orphans on road season 1 episode 2

And I've been in a sauna with Pavarotti! I mean I know politicians and hot air are supposed to go together, but I've never actually seen one vaporise! Can I get you two fellows a drink? I'll have some orange juice, yeah.

meet the orphans on road season 1 episode 2

Yeah, I'll have a pint of "Fuck right off and die, you miserable fucking tosser". Do they do that in here? He's a wee bit disappointed. We'll get you on Newsround next time. You reflected badly on me, and I don't like that. Oh, come on, Jamie. Look, why don't I get you a drink, and I'll-- Jamie: I'm not pretending to hate you here, I actually fucking hate you!

I'm not playing a fucking game! Jamie walks off Malcolm: He trained as a priest, you know. I'd confess everything to him. Ollie's girlfriend has stolen his policy idea Malcolm: You should have dumped that mad bitch ages ago.

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I would've done, she is mad! She's a mental woman! But you two kept telling me to go out with her and stay going out with her, in case I found anything out! Oh, and what did you find out?

That you've been leaking intelligence to them?! You're the fucking shittest James Bond ever! You're David fucking Niven! The story isn't me, Glenn, okay? Nobody is interested in me and I would be pleased if you would remember that, okay?

You sure you don't want Hugh and me to come back? We could give you some cover. Hugh is not coming back. It would look like we're panicking and we're not panicking. So you want me to interrupt my holiday, in a panic, so Hugh doesn't have to interrupt his holiday and look like he's panicking? You get back here! I wanna see you popping a bollock for me! Jamie walks in to Malcolm's office showing a newspaper; the headline on the front page reads "Silly Tucker" Jamie: Have you seen this?

No, I haven't seen that. I'm the senior press guy for the government of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. No, I don't read the newspapers. That's fucking news to me!

What are we doing? Fuck all, we're not doing nothing because I am not the story here! Well, you kind of are the story, Malc. I mean, they spelt your name right and everything. Malcolm, you're bullying me and Don't you ever, ever call me a bully. I'm so much worse than that. Don't you work for somebody famous? It's, er, Peter Onion, isn't it? I always forget, were you the forced abortion or the love child?

Little House on the Prairie – Episode Guide – Season 7

Or the one who asphyxiated himself with a kiwi? Just the love child. I was the quiet one. Like John Deacon in Queen. Your meltdown was witnessed by 1. That's more people than saw Al Jolson in his entire career. And that's Al fucking Jolson! He loves Al Jolson. And then I'll plug some speakers up your arse and put it on shuffle with my fucking fist!

And every time I hear something that I don't like, which will be every time that something comes on, I will skip to the next track to Swain by crushing YOUR balls!

To Phil I will be so not sorry to not ever have to talk to you again, you massive floppy blonde tit. I hope your blog gets done for libel and you get knobbed in prison by men. To Emma And it is over, you self-serving, crypto-fascist, horse-loving, posh, weekend at daddy's, vacuous nothing!

Spinners and Losers[ edit ] Angela: So go on, tell me: Ollie in the men's toilets: No one's gonna stand against Tom now, surely, it's going to be unopposed. Starts using the urinal They'll be rebranding him as we speak, I would imagine: Er no, that's the flush of the automatic urinals, it's a gentlemen's lavatory. I don't want to talk to you while you're holding your penis. Well, that's not what you used to say, Angela.

Er, yes it is. No, well — actually it is precisely what you used to say. Has anybody seen Jamie? Why, have you lost him? Oh, don't tell me he's gone feral, 'cause he was fucking terrifying when you had him on the leash!

Easy for you to say, he threatened to shove an iPod up my cock! But you get that a lot, though, don't you? You don't think he's got a chance, do you? Nah, he's just a droid, isn't he? He's just — makes robotic noises and gestures Malcolm: Hey hey hey, don't let him hear you doing that sort of stuff. What happens if he does stand a chance, eh?

He'll fuck you harder than Ron Jeremyand with less warmth. Are you a horse?

meet the orphans on road season 1 episode 2

Are you a fucking horse? Okay, no, I'm not a horse. You've got a pretty fucking horsey face Okay, leaving the wife aside for a second— Jamie: You are not a fucking horse. You are no horse, and you're not a stalking horse.

And we are going to ram you up Tom's arse so hard that he has to shit out of his lying mouth. It's not a very nice image. Right, Ollie's our source on this, is he? Yeah, I know you don't rate him. You can say that again; Ollie Reeder is, to quote Bobby Kennedy, a complete fucking spasmoloid. Plus you know how Geoff Holhurst photographs: Just something solid, all right? Otherwise our front page is gonna be an interview with Janet Street-Porter on why she hasn't been asked to be Prime Minister and a giant fucking Sudoku.

Well look, I'd love to stop and chat to you, but you know, I'd rather have type 2 diabetes. Yes, fuck you, Malcolm. Yeah, Happy New Year. Jamie to Malcolm and Nick Hanway: Well I'm sorry to burst into your little fucking boutique, but you've got a fight on your hands.

That's all I'm saying. I'm backing a rival candidate, to Malcolm so fuck you, to Nick and fuck you and your Nutter coronation 'cause it ain't happening. So you're backing Dan Miller, are you? No, I'm not backing Dan Miller! Don't you fucking ever ask me a question again! Oh aye, Fatty, yeah, wee Spider-Man pyjamas, fucking idiot. From now on, it's a proper fight: He can barely even walk properly. He looks like he shat himself the whole time.

You are going to bury this Watford arseache tonight, OK? I want pages four and five to be a timeline of the last few years in British politics with me at the centre, looking fucking indispensable, and fucking benign. Look, I just have to say at this point that I do find him just a little bit frightening. Relax, he has never hit anyone. Or at least, anyone he has hit has never had the balls to take it to a superior. Robyn still looks terrified It's a fucking joke.

It's a joke, OK? The man is a professional, you will be fine. We still have no word on Dan Miller. I mean, he's gone dark, he's not answering his phone — Malcolm: Maybe he's in a hotel with his own huddle. Ring around, try and find him. What, ring every hotel in London and ask if Dan Miller's booked in? Although he could be using an assumed name.

So you want me to ring round every hotel in London, and ask if anyone, of any name, has booked in? Well it will keep you busy, you know, you need to keep the mind active at your age. OK, the line is: Nobody gives a shit if you got shafted by Malcolm. I will never ever forgive him for what he did to me. Jesus, this isn't EastEnders! We're all in the same plague pit, Cliff, there's no clean hands.

What's that sort of droning noise in the background there? What, kind of boring, kind of low, sort of droning, boring, kind of miserable, whining, boring kind of, sort of boring noise going on? Yeah, well you've got it wrong, yeah? Was the Cillit Bang guy not available? Oh fuck off, Cliff.

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You're a busted flush! You're not gonna be any Prime Minister, you're not gonna be anything, so fuck off! That's your thing, isn't it? Everything has to be in absolutes, everything has to be black and white. You know, "I love you -fuck off! I know that, I'm looking at fifteen of them right now! You've got this bullshit Watford story covered, yeah? You and I will have a little discussion later.

I think Watford will get bumped by the fact that we're about to hand the nuclear codes to a guy who, every now and then, loses it so bad he needs satnav to find his own nipples. What are you talking about?

Well, I just thought it was fair to let everyone know about the Tom rumours, you know. How the guy that's about to become Prime Minister chugs antidepressants like they're fucking Smints. How the Black Dog humps his leg and shits in his duvet every four months; I think that will bump the Watford walkout.

Episode #1.2

You've gone fucking psycho son, fucking psycho! Why don't I get something in? A man cannot live on Jaffa Cakes alone, obviously. I need you over there with a fucking blowtorch, right now! They don't have a plan. Perhaps you should give them one. Yes, fantastic actually, Malcolm, because obviously I have a very suitable one tattooed on the underside of my scrotum, so-- Malcolm: You're using all the minutes on my "Talk until you get head cancer" tariff!

What do you think? To be honest, I was really hoping that was going to be shit, because I'm tired, and I'd quite like to hit someone. I'm not leaving it to you. You couldn't organise a bum-rape in a barracks.

What the fuck is wrong with these people? I mean, what is this, potential leader speed dating? Right, who is standing? Adam Kenyon to another journalist working on a Ballentine story: Well, ditch that for a starter, get rid of her, I can't stand her fucking face.

You know, I think you should eat something. Eat something, that'd be right, wouldn't it? You know what, our coverage so far has either been wrong or guesswork, which was wrong. So all we have now is a story-shaped hole! Seriously, your blood sugar's low. Makes you very irritable. No, what makes me very irritable, Angela, is having no fucking stories and having to fill an entire newspaper with just fucking prepositions!

Malcolm On the phone to Adam Kenyon: If you do think about running with this pill story, I'll personally fucking eviscerate you, right? I mean, I don't have your education, I don't know what that means. But I'll start by ripping your cock off and I'll busk it from there. I'm just gonna go make some nuisance calls, I'll see you in about half a — Stop fucking blinking! Or I will take your optic nerve and strangle you with it.

You look after him, Ollie, OK? He's a very important man. Cock like a caber. What's the news, just — Angela Heaney: Just tell me what the fucking news is and I'll put it on the front page. It's not like we're The Independentwe can't just stick a headline saying 'Cruelty' and then stick a picture of a dolphin or a whale underneath it. I mean, that's just fucking cheating, that's rubbish. Well, what I'm hearing is Ben Swain. Right, I literally don't know who he is. I'm not being stupid or anything, but I physically don't know who Ben Swain is.

The Special Boat Service or whatever it's fucking called, and this could be a massive coup. Ben Swain is what I'm hearing. So what does that mean? Well, it means that the rats are now returning to a very buoyant ship So that's lovely, isn't it? What does that mean for me, then? I guess that means that you're standing in the chamber of the House of Commons with your big flaccid dick hanging out with a "Vote for me" sticker on the end.

B-but you said I had a chance! About half an hour ago you said I was in with a shot!!

Meet the Orphans On the Road Season 1 Episode 1

Well half an hour ago you were in with a shot! This is half an hour hence! We've fucking time-travelled, yes? We're in a weird and wonderful world where everything is different!

Maybe, outside, the polar ice caps have melted, maybe there's fucking robots knocking about and Davina McCall's the new Pope! Maybe, you can download rice! I want you, right now, to think about your future, okay?

Think about what you are doing! Get yourself back on the train to fucking Tomsville, yeah? That's the English equivalent of sport, isn't it? No actual physical contact, just glaring. What we're having here is a secret conversation, and I'm hoping that this time you can keep the fucking secret, because normally you're about as secure as a hymen in a South London comprehensive.

That's offensive on a number of levels, in a very concise way. Jamie to Terri and Robyn: Hey, Desperate Housewives, have you found out who's leaking it yet? He just told me — Jamie: No, no, no, wait, Julius? To sharpen writing skills and increase cultural awareness in her classroom, Laura arranges for her students to correspond with children from other areas. Albert connects immediately with his pen pal, but as it turns out, they are both going to unhealthy lengths to impress each other in their letters.

Most people did not have a picture of themselves and almost never had copies made of the one picture they might have had. However, women in that time were generally barred from teaching after marriage. In fact, the real Laura Ingalls Wilder never taught school again after marrying Almanzo on August 25, This TV series depicted many married women teaching: Miss Beadletoo, kept teaching for a while after she was married and pregnant.

The real Laura Ingalls Wilder would have been 26 years old. Season 7, Episode 9 — The In-laws Description: Charles and Almanzo expand their business by delivering goods to Sleepy Eye. After arguing about the quickest way to get there, they decide to make it a race, which produces interesting results. Since the wager is to see who can get to Sleepy Eye the fastest, it seems that Charles won since he arrived first.

He may not have gotten there by noon, but he did beat Almanzo. Why Charles had to buy Almanzo supper, then, is a mystery. Everyone is thrilled for him, but Mary becomes concerned when he decides to abandon his teaching career and pursue another lifelong dream. Meanwhile, Harriet is determined to lose a few pounds after her son-law makes some negative comments about her weight. When Harriet is in the pantry at the restaurant, she picks a doughnut up from a serving platter and puts her tongue on it before deciding against eating it.

But instead of throwing it away, she puts it back on the plate of doughnuts in the pantry where it will inevitably be served to a customer. As his heart swells with hope for a law career, Adam heads to Minneapolis for the big exam, but nothing seems to go his way once he arrives there. Will achieving his dream prove to be more than he can handle after all? Back in Walnut Grove, Harriet struggles with her diet, and Nels believes that a visit from her thin, beautiful cousin Miriam will motivate her to stick with it.

When Mary puts an emotional plea forward to the professor, it is very weak. If she had said that Adam was unable to attend due to circumstances beyond his control, such as the mugging and the illness, it would have been a better case. In the final scene, Harriet tells Miriam that they will be having Waldorf Salad for lunch. A female activist arrives in Walnut Grove to encourage the men to share equal property rights with their wives.

After getting into a huge fight about it with her husband, Harriet Oleson goes to live at the hotel. In the scene where all the men have gathered in the church, you see Mr. Foster holding his twin girls. Apparently, there is a stain on one of the dresses, so someone tells Mr. Foster that hot water will take the stain right out. Actually though, cold water removes stains whereas hot water only sets them. Charles wishes her a good morning. Laura asks Charles to meet Caroline at the church at 2: Charles immediately quits in the middle of milking because he wants to get cleaned up.

If Charles plans to meet Caroline at 2: In the scene where the Olesons, Nellie, Percival, and his parents are getting ready to sit down to dinner at the restaurant, Benjamin says: Michael Landon, being Jewish himself, should have known that and changed the script to have them eat something else, like chicken. According to Jewish tradition, a new father does not have contact with the wife for months, depending on whether the baby is a boy or girl.

In this episode, we see Percival and Nellie snuggling and kissing shortly after the birth. Season 7, Episode 14 — The Nephews Description: While Almanzo is eager to start a family with Laura, she is not ready to give up her teaching career just yet.

This proves to be an unfortunate mistake. In this episode, Royal has two sons and no daughters. Notice the scene where the boys are throwing food at dinner, and Laura grabs them and takes them upstairs. Former boxer Joe Kagan moves to Sleepy Eye and offers his assistance with the maintenance of the blind school while Adam and Houston are out of town.

Joe is clearly in love with Hester Sue, but she refuses to get involved. Later, when she is unable to get through to a struggling student, Hester Sue questions her teaching abilities and ends up making some foolish choices. At the wedding, Hertzell, his best man, and the organist are all wearing suits from the early s. When Hester Sue finds Joe Kagan painting her bedroom, she walks out without closing the door. Yet we hear the door slam. Season 7, Episode 16 — Goodbye, Mrs. Laura resigns from her teaching position when she is forced to integrate French and art appreciation into the curriculum.

Oleson takes over the position and begins to alter the classroom instruction, while Laura struggles to accept her role as a full-time housewife. The students, meanwhile, are frustrated with their new teacher and hatch a plan to get things back to normal.

At the beginning of this episode, Laura is teaching the students about New York City. She is describing the five separate boroughs and mentions that the Brooklyn Bridge is still under construction. Assuming this episode takes place in either orboth of these descriptions are inaccurate.

Albert is usually a top student, yet he makes a very poor showing in this episode.