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meet the robinsons frog voice rio

Epic (stylized as epic) is a American 3D computer-animated action- adventure film based The film stars the voices of Colin Farrell, Josh Hutcherson , Amanda Seyfried, Christoph Waltz, When they reach the Boggan land Ronin distracts the Boggans while M.K. and Nod .. Ice Age (–); Rio (– present). Images of the voice actors who play the voice of Frankie in Meet the Robinsons ( Movie) He looks like the frog in 'Hoodwinked'. Reply. Why Is This One Of Your. Voice. Aurian Redson with my umbrella, you don't.'" Source Frankie is a minor character from Disney Meet the Robinsons". At dinner, Frankie is seen singing with the other musical frogs on the chandelier above the dinner table. During the .

Eventually, Ronin arrives for her and the pair fly off on his hummingbird mount. They are then attacked by Mandrake and his son Dagda.

meet the robinsons frog voice rio

Dagda is killed by Ronin, but the former shoots Tara beforehand. Before she can leave, Bomba's dog Ozzy runs into the woods. While looking for Ozzy, M. Dying, Tara gives her the pod and uses her magic to shrink her. Ronin discovers that Nod has entered a race against other creatures and bugs on birds.

Nod goes back on a deal with a tough toad named Bufo to throw the race. Before Bufo and his two henchmen can feed Nod to a snake, Ronin intervenes and orders them to leave.

A reluctant Nod joins him, M. He then leads them down to the scroll library, where M.

meet the robinsons frog voice rio

When Ronin leaves, Nod takes M. Meanwhile, Mandrake has had the Boggans bring Bufo to him, finding out the location of the pod. Mandrake goes to Nim Galuu's place to steal the pod, which, if it blooms in darkness, will help Mandrake destroy the forest.

meet the robinsons frog voice rio

He takes the pod and kidnaps Mub and Grub. Ronin scolds Nod for not being there to protect the pod. To get into Boggan territory undiscovered, M. Bomba sees that he has visitors and captures M.

When they reach the Boggan land Ronin distracts the Boggans while M. Mandrake discovers them and orders the Boggans to stop them. The Clone Wars the movie. His larger-than-life persona helps. To his credit, these roles have helped him build a fair reputation as a voice actor. And then subverted with his role as Mace Windu on the Star Wars: Former child star Andrew Lawrence was the voice of T. Detweiler from season two onward.

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Eerily enough, at the time, T. Jason Marsden replaced him when hitting puberty. Also, Cee Lo Green.

meet the robinsons frog voice rio

Also the rest have Brian Stepanek and Alexa Vega. Mark Hamill has actually become more recognized for being a voice actor than he has for being Luke Skywalker in Star Wars. He moved onto voice acting in the first place because he was failing as an on-screen actor. He's earned particular recognition for his role as The Joker in various media.

Early episodes of Captain Planet had such big names as Meg RyanMartin SheenStingand Jeff Goldblum in various villainous roles and Whoopi Goldberg as Gaia, although by the second and third seasons, these had been replaced by professional voice actors. Also of note is that Tom Cruise was attached to voice Captain Planet, but it didn't work out.

While the English dub cast of Mass Effect: Anastasia was headlined by Meg Ryan voicing the titular heroine. As this trope was in its infancy this being the midsRyan was reluctant to do the movie. However animators created a sequence of Anya with some of Ryan's dialogue from Sleepless in Seattle dubbed over - and she immediately signed on after seeing it. Friendship Is Magic has quite a few notable examples: The two-part Season 2 premiere guest-stars none other than John de Lancie of Star Trek fame as the premiere's villain Discord, who is essentially Q as a dragon Although to his credit, he already had plenty of voice acting experience on cartoon shows before starring as Discord.

Besides, if you're going to introduce a villain who's basically an expy of Qwho better to cast?

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Like John, he also did quite a bit of voice acting before hand. Season 5 featured a guest spot by Broadway star Lena Hall playing a famous pony pop star. After she mentioned "friendship is magic!

The episode "Stranger Than Fanfiction" has Patton Oswalt voicing a character, though he has done plenty of voice acting. The quality of the performances varies wildly — it's fairly easy to tell who's had prior voiceover experience and who hasn't — and no one's work escapes the Hong Kong Dub.

Rooster Teeth tends to avert this when it comes to Red vs. Blueas the cast consists of members of the Rooster Teeth staff, or lesser-known voice actors such as Shannon McCormick whom anime fans might recognize as Koroudo Akabane.

In fact, when this was played straight with the announcement that Elijah Wood was cast for the role of Sigma, the general reaction was quite a bit of surprise and praise. The voice acting in question is something to behold. On Saturday SupercadeSoupy Salesthe voice of Donkey Kongwas credited separately from the rest of the voice cast.

Fairly common in Young Justice. The most prominent examples are Jesse Mc CartneyLacey Chabert and Alyson Stoner as Dick Grayson, Zatanna Zatara, and Barbara Gordon respectively - and even then it's downplayed as voice acting seems to be a secondary career for them. And there are even more examples of this trope in that show. Subverted with Mae Whitman. Though Whitman does plenty of live action roles, she has made a second career as a voice actor appearing in shows like Johnny BravoAvatar: The Last Airbender and American Dragon: Jake Longas well as the Tinkerbell movies.

Especially Beyonce, but the entire cast of Epic counts to varying degrees. Peter Cullen a professional voice actor who never does anime is The Narrator. Garfield and Friends had five of these, all but the first and last limited to the last couple seasons. Worth noting that Morris was a character actor who split his time between on-screen work and voice work, having acted in Hanna-Barbera cartoons for many years prior to Garfield.

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