Shorely blue big flirt scarf tying


shorely blue big flirt scarf tying

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Marinette scoots closer to him to get a better look at the book, but instead of reading, she's staring at Adrien's profile. His blond hair, his green eyes, and his perfect everything.

Adrien notices her staring and looks over at her, making Marinette quickly turn away to read the book with reddening cheeks. Adrien only smiles and re-averts his attention to the textbook laid out on the desk.

When he reaches over to flip the page, a strong scent hits Marinette in the face. She blinks for a couple of seconds, wondering just where that smell came from. Marinette drops the thought and continues reading. After reading the page on the left, her eyes move to the right, but the words are too far for her to see. She nervously scoots closer to Adrien, and when she does, the same smell from earlier hits her once again, making her wrinkle her nose.

NWT Lilly Pulitzer Scarf

The scent is familiar, but she just can't place a finger on it. It's mixed with Gabriel Agreste's Eau de parfum as well, so the strong blend is both nauseating and distracting. She quickly scans the last paragraph and responds, "Yeah. We can start answering the questions. Her mom is planning on making cheese fondue with tonight's possible leftover baguettes but she knows it's because her dad wouldn't stop bugging her about making some.

She asks the salesclerk for a medium-sized, round block of Camembert. Once it's handed to her, Alya grimaces and plugs her nose. Marinette stays silent when she gets a whiff of the block, and her eyes widen upon realizing why its smell was so familiar. She smelled it on Adrien. Marinette quickly picks it up and laughs nervously. I just—you know, I just can't imagine not having sweets a lot of the time?

With one last thank you, Adrien walks out of the bakery and into the busy streets of Paris. Once he's out of view, Marinette dumps the cheese on the counter and runs into her room, her heart beating loudly in her chest.

She paces back and forth in her room, breathing heavily. Do you think he could—? It could just be a coincidence that Adrien just so happened to smell like Camembert cheese, like the color sky blue, and love sweets—just like Chat Noir.

The thought doesn't leave her mind, and before she knows it, she's sitting next to Chat Noir after a long day of school, night patrolling and suspicions. She doesn't bring it up, and they're classified it as coincidences for now.

The thought that Adrien could be Chat Noir lingers in her mind, making her face grow hot because if Chat does turn out to be Adrien, then he's been flirting with me and I've been rejecting him every single time?! I'd play for you sometime. A gust of wind suddenly hits them, making them both quiver at the cold. The weather last night was perfectly fine—not too cold and not too hot. Too bad it couldn't stay that way. She lies, "My suit is enough to keep me warm. Of course, we'll see if it stays this way when the snow starts falling.

If there's one thing she hates about being class president, it's having to sometimes stay after school to finish up the class reports. Nino's suggestion for being able to listen to music in the library still stands, and Max would like to be able to choose his seat it isn't fun sitting behind Ivan or Kim all the time—it makes it hard for him to see the blackboard. Marinette is on her way to the teacher's office to hand in her report, when the sound of a piano playing catches her attention.

She tries to keep walking towards the office, but she finds herself turning on her heel to follow the sound of the melody. Before she knows it, she's standing in front of the music room, where the piano playing could be heard from the other side. Marinette places her ear on the door and leans against it, only to fall over and make it swing wide open.

While she's sprawled across the floor, she hears the person stop playing the piano and she wishes that she could just stay down forever. When he helps her back up to her feet, she asks, "Wh-what are you doing here? She eyes the black piano behind him. The piano, the joke—this can't just be a mere coincidence now. I'll see you tomorrow. There's no way that Adrien is Chat Noir. Adrien Agreste is reserved and modest and mature.

Chat Noir is flirty and overly-confident and makes a pun whenever he's given the chance. Aside from kindness, he's nothing like the black cat superhero she fights crimes with every day. Ladybug tells herself to forget about it because she's probably just over-thinking things. When night comes, Ladybug makes her way to the top of the Eiffel Tower to wait for her partner. She's looking up at the sky to admire the bright stars, when a cold gust of wind rushes past her.

Ladybug hugs herself, almost regretting not bringing a muffler or bonnet. Ladybug turns to look at him. A blue scarf hangs around Chat Noir's neck, and it looks a little too much like the scarf she made Adrien for his birthday. She was already a bit suspicious as is because with every fact Chat Noir tells her about himself, she sees it in Adrien—the Camembert cheese, the color sky blue, the love for sweets, the piano, and even that stupid boyfriend material joke.

It was so obvious—the answer was staring at her right in the face and yet she still denies it. Of course, Adrien surely isn't the only one who could be carrying those facts, but he's the only one who could have that sky blue scarf.

Because of this, he almost always forgets to get me a birthday gift. But he got this for me last year. I was so happy.

shorely blue big flirt scarf tying

Her eyes are wide, and there's a buzzing in her ears. His story sounds too familiar—there's no way this could be a mere coincidence. Ladybug immediately stands up. And we still have to play our game! She whips her yoyo out, ready to swing off in to the night. Adrien left the second class finished because he had a photoshoot to get to. Marinette would normally be upset by this, but with the possibility of him being Chat Noir haunting her thoughts, she's glad to have some time away from him.

Especially since he was wearing his blue scarf today. I'd rather wear baseball caps than bonnets. And sometimes, it doesn't even keep me warm. An obviously akumatized victim walks out of the school with a menacing look in their eyes. The villain has cold blue skin, wavy snow-white hair draping over one shoulder, and a crown made of ice.

Marinette focuses her attention on the gloves—the akuma must be in there. The light spreads throughout the entire city, and strong gusts of wind and a flurry of snow envelops Paris.

Alya and Nino obey her, and watch in horror as the student behind them gets frozen. They each get up on their feet and run off to hide, but the Snow Queen traps them between large blocks of ice. Alya, Nino and Marinette close their eyes, ready to be frozen, but the blow never comes.

They each open their eyes to see Chat Noir standing in front of them, and he appears to have stopped the attack with a twirl of his staff. Marinette stays frozen in place when her eyes land on the blue scarf wrapped around Chat Noir's neck. The trio all run off to hide, but Marinette sneakily slips away to transform.

She wraps her yoyo around one of Snow Queen's hands, preventing the villain from throwing an attack at her partner. Ladybug lands next to Chat Noir, whose ears perk up at the sight of her. The Snow Queen chooses to focus on Ladybug and throws a flurry of snowballs in her direction, of which Ladybug deflects with a spin of her yoyo. Chat Noir quietly sneaks up behind the akumatized victim, ready to make a surprise attack, when the Snow Queen catches a reflection of him from one of the ice blocks she formed.

She swiftly turns around and glares at him as an enormous snowflake forms in her hand. The snowflake's braches are sharp like knives, and the villain throws it in Chat Noir's direction with as much force as she can exert. The snowflake spins like a buzzsaw, and the superhero performs a backflip to dodge it. He managed to get out of the way before the snowflake cut him, but his scarf didn't.

shorely blue big flirt scarf tying

Chat Noir's eyes widen in horror as his blue scarf falls to the ground, now cut in two. Ladybug's mouth falls open at the damage done to his most precious item, and for a moment, the whole world is silent. Because for the first time ever, Chat Noir isn't smiling. Ladybug grips her yoyo tightly.

A hand mirror falls into her hands, and the Snow Queen roars with laughter at the sight of it. Ladybug immediately scans her surroundings. She memorizes the ladybug-printed pattern and gets straight into action. She has to defeat the akumatized victim as fast as possible because she hates seeing Chat Noir this way. Ladybug secures the mirror onto a nearby pine tree, and she makes sure it looks hidden so that the Snow Queen wouldn't see it.

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She jumps in front of the tree and makes the Snow Queen's crown fall off her head. The Snow Queen growls and stretches her hand out, shooting a beam of light in Ladybug's direction.

Ladybug dodges the attack and performs a flip in the air, making the villain shoot another beam at her. The light hits the mirror hidden in the tree's branches, and the Snow Queen's eyes widen when the beam shoots back in her direction.

The Snow Queen is frozen in place instead, and Ladybug lands right next to her. She slips the victim's gloves off and rips them in half, and a black butterfly flies out of the akumatized item. Ladybug catches the butterfly with her compact and purifies it, releasing a white butterfly instead.

Magic dust flies all around the city of Paris, making all the snow and ice disappear. Ladybug sees Chat Noir holding his torn scarf in his hands, waiting for it to be fixed… but it never happens.

Ladybug approaches her partner. Shaking his head, Chat Noir leaps out of the scene with his scarf in hand, and Ladybug watches his figure disappear in the distance. Her earrings give makes a warning beep, and Ladybug flees before she transforms back into Marinette.

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His face is buried in his hands, and she knows very well why. Ladybug quietly makes her way to the Eiffel Tower and takes a seat next to her partner. Chat Noir notices her presence, but he doesn't greet her like he normally would. Even though it's just for one night, Ladybug misses his goofy smile.

She smiles at him. Ladybug places a hand over one of his. She enters class to find Adrien sitting in his usual spot, and while his fall jacket is hanging on the back support of his chair, there's no sky blue muffler in sight. Nino and Alya are in deep conversation with him, the topic mostly being about his scarf.

Marinette greets them all a good morning, to which they all greet back with a smile. She slowly walks up the stairs to get to her seat, and she listens intently to her friends' conversation. Marinette remains quiet because what a coincidence that Adrien decided not to wear his scarf the day after Chat Noir got his ripped in half. Today's much colder than yesterday," Alya laughs. You should be wearing it. I felt pretty warm when I exited my house earlier.

Papyrus dresses in his "secret style" and hides a special gift under his hat for the protagonist. Ultimately, Papyrus decides that the protagonist cares too much about him for their own good, [20] and sends them back on their way with his phone number, which the protagonist can call at any time to hear his opinions about the room that they are in. When the protagonist makes their way into Waterfall, Papyrus attempts to sway Undyne from killing them; Undyne refuses to yield, however, and Papyrus finds himself obligated to help her.

Papyrus is loyal to both Undyne and the protagonist by employing a ruse that backfires regardless of what the protagonist does. Backtracking to Undyne's house during the chase leads to the protagonist discovering Papyrus already waiting outside her house. Flowey guides him to call all the protagonist's friends to New Home. Papyrus defends the protagonist from Flowey's bullets and states his faith in the protagonist. Later on, Asgore is shown trimming a hedge in the shape of Papyrus's face, something that Papyrus wished would happen once he became a famous royal guardsman.

The protagonist can then spare or kill Papyrus. If the protagonist kills him, he states he still believes in the protagonist and thinks that they can become a better person. He turns the protagonist down if they choose to date, as he realizes he does not feel the same way about them. Notably, Papyrus hangs out with the protagonist even if they had been on a Genocide Route up until sparing him. The protagonist remains friends with him throughout the game and gains the ability to call him on the cell phone almost anywhere.

Sans Sans and Papyrus often appear together when presenting puzzles to the protagonist Sans is Papyrus's brother, and though Papyrus often chastises him for being lazy and detests his many skeleton puns dropped throughout the game, the two of them care about each other a lot. Papyrus often cleans up after Sans and prompted him to get a job as a sentry. Together, they made Papyrus's battle body as well as his cardboard sentry station in Snowdin Forest.

After Papyrus asked to join the Royal Guard, Undyne gave him cooking lessons, and they bonded. Because Undyne does not have the heart to tell Papyrus that she will never let him join the Royal Guard, Papyrus continues trying to impress her by capturing a human.

Sometimes Undyne grosses Papyrus out, [41] but Papyrus looks up to her as a role model. Papyrus is also oblivious at times when Undyne is angry at him, [42] though he is keen enough to know to present befriending the protagonist as a challenge to her.

Flowey Papyrus sees Flowey as a good friend because Flowey offers him predictions, flattery, advice, and encouragement. Papyrus also borrows some of Flowey's dialogue characteristics, [43] and Flowey guides Papyrus to call the protagonist's friends to interrupt Asgore 's battle with the protagonist.

Papyrus's pose is likely to be a reference to ancient Egyptian drawings which resemble his stance. Ancient Egyptians wrote primarily on papyrus, a type of paper. Papyrus's name alludes the typeface in which he speaks in, Papyrus. This is a reference to Helveticawhich is a webcomic about a skeleton named after a font. Toby Fox has "deconfirmed" a claim that Papyrus was inspired by Octopimp.

He is the only character whose dialogue does not begin with an asterisk.

shorely blue big flirt scarf tying

He is also the only character always to speak in capitals Mettaton stops talking in capitals when he becomes Mettaton EX. Attempting to leave the electricity maze in Snowdin Forest causes Papyrus to tell the protagonist not to be rude since he made the puzzle just for them. Backing away again causes Papyrus to ask if the protagonist treats their mother the same way when she makes them puzzles.

Papyrus speaking without his font or icon There is a glitch where Papyrus speaks without using his font. Before the befriending event with Undyne, if the protagonist confirms the hangout from either side of Papyrus, speaks to the Mad Dummythen walks up to Papyrus from behind, this glitch occurs.

Papyrus speaks in his font after Undyne answers the door, however. Papyrus following the protagonist as they walk in and out of the kitchen If the protagonist walks in and out of Papyrus's kitchen before their date, he runs back and forth across the living room and offers differing dialogue based on how many times he did this. When first seeing Undyne in Waterfall, when Papyrus comes in to give Undyne his report, if he was killed and the player moved left, they would still see Papyrus's sprite.

shorely blue big flirt scarf tying

This bug was fixed in the v1. Phone calls with Papyrus reveal the following information: It is "a dream of [his].