The crew meet zoe rat

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the crew meet zoe rat

(There is fabulous music and ballyhoo as the crew enters one by one.) PREZ: The helmswoman of the Brass Rat, Zoe! ZOE: We made it! I told you guys I didn't . () Jackie Skarvellis in The Rats Are Coming! .. A wacky bride takes her new husband home to meet her even nuttier relatives and he soon discovers that . Posted By Pile Rats 10 months ago. Copy Link. Hailing from Mandurah in WA and now based in Melbourne, Zoe A'dore has followed up Staygo & Zoe A'dore - Bury It Skegss, Wafia, WAAX and more: Meet the Aussies flying our flag at SXSW '19 Part of the WOMPP crew and already got some big supports coming up.

But eventually we got it in the bag! Has it been fun working with David, too? I was thrilled when he told me he was very happy to have me on board. He's lovely and very, very funny.

It's really nice to be on set with him. He is very mischievous. He doesn't have to try very hard to make me corpse. I'm useless - I just start laughing. David is very naughty. He's so talented, but great to be around. He sets a really relaxed tone. That's the nice thing about Ratburger - there are no egos on set.

Did you also have fun filming your scenes with Talia Barnettwho plays your screen daughter Zoe? She has loads of ideas. She's very normal - there is not a hint of stage school about her. Bless her, she was in all day, every day, and at the end of each day, she was still as bright as she was at the start.

We had a meeting before the shoot to read through the scripts. We got on from day one. It was very important to have a good relationship because that's what our characters have in Ratburger. What makes David such a wonderful children's writer?

He's in the vein of Roald Dahl. Like Dahl, his writing can get dark, but kids love that in stories. It's like horror films - we have to watch them, even though we're frightened by them. We like a bit of scary stuff. Children really connect with David's writing. He never condescends to them. He writes stories that just happen to be books that children like.

They're not specifically written for children - I enjoy them just as much as my daughter. He never talks down to children. He goes to places that some other children's authors wouldn't go. When you're reading it, you think, "What? You can't do that!

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Do you admire David's work ethic? When on earth does he have time to write novels? He can't sleep much. That's great news, Captain Blastoid. But right now, can you tell us about your adventures in Zyzzlvaria? I'd be happy to, President Flash. You see, people think of Zyzzlvaria as a place, and it is.

But it's also a fascinating and improbable physical and mathematical phenomenon which, using a complex chemical process not yet entirely understood, feeds off of high level brain waves. It sucks planets, cities, and even schools into its dark interior, and then grows larger by means of their presence. Many have tried to escape, failed, and formed permanent settlements instead. Hang on a second. Did she say schools? Shhhh, the Captain's telling a story. What sort of places does Zyzzlvaria attract?

Well, it draws places where there is a high average intelligence.

the crew meet zoe rat

But it also thrives on frustration, so it prefers places where those smart people have been working really really hard. President, I really don't like where this is going.

And if our previous adventures are any indication, it also attracts places where I happen to be. Especially if my appearance has been heavily advertised. Would you stop interrupting? You are ruining a perfectly beautiful convention where nothing has yet gone horribly wrong! There is some sort of noise indicating something big is happening.

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Captain, what were those massive vibrations? I have a theory. Captain, the entire Institute seems to have been spontaneously teleported thousands of light years away from our initial location.

The Crew Beat Zoe

No one appears to be injured, Captain, though several of us seem to have developed Space Chlamydia. Blood alcohol concentration is steady at 0.

the crew meet zoe rat

Also the ship seems to be fine. This can all mean only one thing. President Flash, I'm afraid we've all been teleported right into the heart of Zyzzlvaria. This is a disaster! Not to mention the sort of possibility I would think my right hand man would have foreseen and warned me about.

Opening Script

This is no problem! I have a brilliant plan! What's my brilliant plan? Well, Captain, after our last misadventure in Zyzzlvaria, I took the liberty of creating an ingenious device I call the Covertly Operational Inversion Node. The Cobra Opera Whatzit? You couldn't come up with a shorter, catchier name? With all due respect, Captain, can we skip ahead to what the thing does? It's relatively simple; when the Node is activated, a timer counts down—5, 4, 3, 2, That's the combination to my luggage!

Thus anything inside Zyzzlvaria is transported outward. Harold, I don't mean to pry, but wouldn't any person or object near the center be grotesquely distorted and enlarged after the inversion? Dude, we've been teleported into space and yet we can all still breathe. Let's try not to overanalyze.

the crew meet zoe rat

The Covertly Operational Inversion Node. You seriously need to come up with a nickname for that thing. We'll rendezvous with everyone on Zyzzlvaria Alpha and then activate the device. Ummm, not to be ungrateful, but I believe your crew is contractually obligated to host a number of events at this convention. We are currently trapped in Zyzzlvaria. Do you not realize the gravity of this situation? Well, we did already pay you We'll prerecord ourselves as holographic projections and hold the events in the Immunity Zone.

All the events will proceed as planned as if nothing is wrong. All right, we'll see everyone in Zyzzlvaria Alpha! Thanks for coming to ZyzzlCon, and sorry about this whole teleportation thing. Can't be helped, really. We love you, Cambridge! The crew departs with pomp and circumstance. To Zyzzlvaria Alpha we go!

One Dead Rat

Vice President, lead the way. I don't know where Zyzzlvaria Alpha is. I thought you did. Why would you think I would know where a planet I've never heard of is?

Well, given that your primary concern was making sure events didn't get canceled, I kind of assumed you had a handle on the "Where the hell are we going?