The marauders meet next generation fanfiction

The Marauders and the Marauders? Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction

the marauders meet next generation fanfiction

A incident brings the marauders, their friends and some kids from Harry's James was sitting on the armchair next to Lily's, and the redhead. Next Generation / Next Gen / Next-Gen / Nextgen go to the Marauders Era, all because of Edward Cullen. Wait. WHAT! This isn't a crossover. Next Gen goes back to Marauders or their parents time. accidentally break a Time-turner, which make them go to and meet their idols: The Marauders.

But will the family get back? And Scorpius tagged along?

Will the house go crazy with so many people hidden there? Roxie has a plan? Things are slowly changing, can it turn back? Not that big of a deal K - English - Humor - Chapters: But will they tell about the future? But more importantly, how will everyone react? In the Yule Ball is held again but the Potters, the Weasleys, a Lupin and a Malfoy find themselves inencountering some very familiar people and seeing them in a new light.

II Wedding Day Woes by leafhouse reviews Victoire was convinced she would go insane before she had the chance to marry Teddy.

Her assumptions are proved correct when she somehow ends up 26 years in the past at her parents' wedding.

Troublesome, as they end up in Harry's 3rd year in which Sirius is a wanted man, and so are they. Will secrets be revealed?

the marauders meet next generation fanfiction

DH compliant, time travel Harry Potter - Rated: Only by Felix is Lucky reviews Only at Hogwarts would there be a rip in time. And only the next generation of Weasleys and Potters would find it. Fred and George had even as many freckles, literally. Roxanne's hair was almost as dark as Angelina's and had a little less freckles. But otherwise, they were exactly alike.

The Marauders and the First Book Chapter 1: Prologue, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction

They thought alike, had same facial expressions and just like their father and dead uncle they were pranksters. My blonde hair is from my mother.

the marauders meet next generation fanfiction

But the question is how to go back 46 years. Are you going back to She stared at her older brother. I know that you are like me. You can't go to the Dark Side. Don't give us The Stare. Do you hear me? I've only practiced to scare you with the feared McGonagall-stare. It wasn't as easy to have prejudices now when Albus was friend with Scorpius Malfoy. Me and Dominique are leaving. Dominique looked at her brother. Victoire will kill us otherwise. Sometimes Victoire's worse than us and Teddy, and sometimes she's like mum.

Can't believe we are siblings. How are we going back in time? After a noisy hour they went in. James turned to his mother. Something is going on. Fred and Roxanne grinned identically. Louis just looked confused.

What do you think with? Now we can go back to Something in his eyes got Roxanne to think.

the marauders meet next generation fanfiction

How do we get back? Is it even legal? It was a class we had together, and we were at the top of it. As we walked down the hall, there were five people. Two of them looked like Potter ugh but one had green eyes, and the other didn't have glasses, one was a red-haired girl, with almond eyes like mine. Except her eyes were brown. There was a striking boy with neon-turquoise hair, and it looked natural.

The last was a Malfoy. How did I know? Well, he had the same cold grey eyes, and the same white-blond hair.

It was always creepy. But, wasn't Lucius an only child? They were ALL in Gryffindor robes, except for the turquoise haired one, who was much too old for a student. I walked towards them slowly, but Sev held me back. They're just— gone," I said, turning my head.

And the girl screamed. I walked towards Potions with Severus, straining my ears to hear more of the newcomers. It wasn't an uncommon name, but… red-headed with almond-shaped eyes like mine? They were all bickering.