Making ends meet podcast equipment

How to Create a Podcast in Quick Start Guide

making ends meet podcast equipment

Professional podcasting setups can get How much will the equipment itself cost? For podcasters, the low-end interfaces have headphones that meet the following. Oct 12, Podcast recording equipment can be confusing to wade through and . website host because that can easily make your site come to a crawl. Jan 1, Podcasting Gear – a favorite topic but we'll keep it really simple Making a podcast-ready audio file, an mp3 If you take it all in from start to finish, you may not go back and do the . I ran tests with my gear, I chatted with people on social about podcasting, I went to meet up groups specially for podcasters.

Publishing This series was originally written inbut it has proven to be incredibly popular with hundred of thousands of readers. So we've updated the recommendations for This series also formed the basis for the podcasting classes that Jeff created for OSTraining. Choosing the right podcast equipment can be incredibly frustrating and confusing. In this guide, Jeff gives you his honest feedback from a decade of podcasting experience.

He covers microphones, mixers, digital recorders, cables and much more. Options for Podcasting Equipment Many free options do exist for beginner podcaster. For example, you can use your phone and an app like Anchor to record your podcast. However, there are downsides to using free tools: The audio quality might be poor. The company behind the tool may take control of your content in their Terms of Use.

The company may take control of your advertising. For reasons like these, I do not recommend using free options. In the long-run, you need to have control over your podcasting content. There are two primary ways you can record: How you record will also determine your pre-production what you do before recording and post-production what you do after the recording workload. Software-based Podcasting Many people record themselves and their interview guests or co-hosts digitally using software like Audacity, GarageBand, Pamela for Skype, Ecamm, or Zencastr.

It will have pretty good audio quality and be reliable. It mainly comes down to your budget and goals with your podcast. Neither are most cheap headset microphones. These microphones produce too much background noise and low sound quality in general.

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So which one should you buy? First, you need to decide which type of microphone to get. These are the 2 major types of microphones. If you want to start on a budget, get a USB microphone.

There are tons of microphones out there, but here are some of the most popular ones recommended by most top audio bloggers, from cheapest to most expensive. The one caveat is that you need to be very close to it for it to work well, so set it up on a microphone stand for comfort.

This is a mid-range USB microphone that is often recommended for podcasting beginners. For an analog microphone, this one has a reasonably low price at a few hundred dollars.

If you get serious traction, you can upgrade later. Instead, you plug them into an audio interface, which can then send the audio data to your computer. For podcasters, the low-end interfaces will be more than sufficient in most cases. Here are a few popular recommendations. This is a budget audio interface with 2 XLR input slots. This is another budget audio interface in the same price range, also with 2 XLR input slots.

Unless you have a unique podcasting setup, either of the above 2 audio interfaces is simple options that will do a great job. It can also keep saliva off your microphone, which will increase its longevity. There are a few main reasons: Simple earbud headphones are okay, but ideally, you have headphones that meet the following conditions: Comfortable for long periods of time — For obvious reasons, podcasts can be long, and editing can take a long time as well.

They are an affordable, relatively high-quality headphone option that fulfills those 3 main criteria. But all good podcasts need editing, and there are many editing software tools to choose from. Here are the most popular options. This audio is action-filled, narrative, and tells the story of someone doing something in the moment.

You want to be listening for tape that sticks out for various reasons see graphic above.

making ends meet podcast equipment

After you gather your audio, immediately download your audio and save it in a safe place. Name each file in such a way that you can quickly identify each file and what it contains example: Make a note of the time codes of your favorite pieces of audio logging your tape.

making ends meet podcast equipment

Transcribe your audio in a separate document, marking the time codes as you go along. If you have time, you can transcribe the whole thing. You get to be creative and experiment with your storytelling! We suggest you start by making an outline: Print out the transcripts of the tape you logged. What should the listener hear first?

Oftentimes this is your strongest or most scene-driven tape. What do you want the listener to leave with? Is there a natural ending? Is there a narrative thread meaning a natural beginning, middle, and end of the story that you can reinforce? Is there information that you feel is missing? If so, write it on a new piece of paper and put it in the place you think it belongs.

Try it a few different ways to play with the structure. Start us out one place, and take us to another. Describe scenes, introduce speakers, and explain confusing parts. That suit was brought by a white student who claims she was discriminated against.

We get good grades. Jokes like this can be pretty frustrating for Asian teens. For one thing, it makes us sound like a bunch of high-achieving robots. I come here with nothing. My parents never got a formal education.

The dropout rate for Cambodian-American kids like me is actually really high—35 percent.

making ends meet podcast equipment

Hi, can I help you? Uhh, can I get a dozen? A dozen donut holes? For the last 19 years now, my parents own a donut shop in San Francisco. My dad carries flour into the back of our shop in 50 pound bags.

making ends meet podcast equipment

Both of my parents labor over heavy machinery and boiling oil. They work hard at keeping their business afloat, and by extension supporting our family.

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You can figure it out. Have you ever heard about tiger moms?

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Her story was produced by YR.